Jazz showed strong leadership in response to Russell Westbrook’s fan incident – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Jazz Showed Strong Leadership In Response To Russell Westbrook's Fan Incident - Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Jazz Showed Strong Leadership In Response To Russell Westbrook's Fan Incident - Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose, Frank Vogel and Mike Greenberg react to Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller’s response to the incident between Russell Westbrook and Utah fan Shane Keisel.

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  1. Aayush Mahableshwarkar

    We pretending like a lot of jazz fans don’t think this way ?

    • Nick Jaramillo

      +J P no theres 2%% black pop in Utah 14% Latino 3 5% ASIAN


      What was even said? I want to hear what was so horrible.

    • Rum Have

      When thousands of white people show up and pay alot of money to watch a 2 teams of mostly black men play a game, who get paid better than the entire crowd of people. And 1 or 2 words make you think that racism is an issue???
      This is getting too much attention. IMO

    • Terrance Hamilton

      +Rum Have The fact that white people pay to watch blacks play doesn’t make them NOT racist. It simply implies that they are seeking to be entertained.

    • Nick Jaramillo

      +Rum Have only dummies like you make this a Race issue true FACTS, also nowadays ALOT MORE!!!! white & brown players too

  2. Rubbaband Man

    Play Stupid Games, Get Stupid Prizes!

  3. Mikel Beefcake

    Where can I buy her jersey?!?!

  4. bossaliniem$B tv

    All the players should’ve gave her a hug

  5. Antonio Rivera

    Ms. Miller did a great thing here. Wow

  6. Teddy B

    “No One Wins When Respect Goes Away” FACTS!!!!

  7. Raymond Brewer TRUnkLife

    She seem really sweet … Gave me chills when she spoke … This real leadership right there 💯🙏🏾

    • Andre Johnson

      Over some words between two men, gtfoh, like they really care about getting banned, spend their money elsewhere… Give me a break..

    • +Andre Johnson You seem to care a lot, apparently…

    • The Abstract

      Raymond Brewer TRUnkLife simp

    • Yea she’s doing an impeccable job at horribly reading whatever is on that paper.

  8. vegas23

    BTW well done Jazz on how this was handled! Round of applause!!!

  9. Daman Rai

    Hats off to Utah jazz owners

  10. Big Virgil

    From an OKC fan massive respect to her .

    • Nick Jaramillo

      Shes a HELL OF AN OWNER

    • Toronto Sun

      it sounded like it came from a good place she hit home on equality and said somethings that you may hear a member of the civil rights movement say it was the right thing to do and next time before anybody violates they will think twice but i didnt hear her mention Westbrooks name

    • rufio2201


    • Pepper 526

      How is get on your knees like you use to racist

  11. Way to go Mother. Great speech as an owner. I will be visiting Utah to catch a Jazz game. Utah for Veterans

  12. Ronnie Hall

    Gail, you gotta man. What’s up tho🌹

  13. You think an nfl owner would do this?

  14. I thought she was going to cry. Hurt me little bit. Damn. She didn’t deserve this.

    • Echo Solar

      Agreed, someone else’s fault and she has to man up and take accountability for it. Life sucks mate.

  15. Chavis Atkins

    Heavy respect for clearing the air from the teams standpoint. It is only words but they are in the public eye addressing the issue

  16. Kevin Allen

    Man who could let her down and disappoint her? I’m black and I felt like I did something wrong lol. Thank you for your comments Ms. Miller

    • Kevin Allen

      +Tod Williams I feel what You’re saying bro. But let me ask you, if an ant hated your guts would you care?? No you wouldn’t because that ant is no threat to you and is not on your level. What we’ve gone through is psychological and comes from a place of them feeling fear because they know how great we are. So I know it gets tough but embrace the challenge, but know you come from the richest culture ever and you come from greatness and no racist idiots can hold you back from being great. Much love and respect

    • Tod Williams

      +Nick Jaramillo true

    • NEW YORK

      +Kevin Allen an ant? < that's a poor analogy. Racism hurts your people in every way possible and your pissant example doesn't erase that FACT. take your own advice = YOU take a deep breath.

    • NEW YORK

      +Tod Williams ^5 well said

  17. Nick Beats

    She handled her business. 👍👍

  18. contactpq

    This lady is Boss! An example to leadership everywhere .. shaking and nervous, she did what had to be done

  19. Nick Jaramillo

    THE OPPOSING TEAM IS NOT OUR ENEMIES ” THEY ARE OUR COMPETITION “”” THAT was so priceless as she said that ” I love this great Wise lady Putting bad behavior ppl in their place Bravo””” Gail Miller!!!! 😁😁😁😁

  20. Kenneth Pagaragan

    Nba should make a jersey for her. I would definitely have one.

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