Jim Boeheim defending player who tripped Zion is ‘utterly ridiculous’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Jim Boeheim Defending Player Who Tripped Zion Is ‘utterly Ridiculous’ – Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Jim Boeheim Defending Player Who Tripped Zion Is ‘utterly Ridiculous’ – Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith takes issue with Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim defending Frank Howard during his postgame news conference against accusations that he purposefully tripped Zion Williamson.

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  1. Orange Bear

    _that convinient store comparison tho_

    • Jameer TheDonProphet

      Alan Nguyen the Asian always gotta correct someone

    • Jay Rock Jinx

      Jameer TheDonProphet That’s not an “Asian” thing. That’s a “I’m not stupid” thing.

    • Judge Dredd

      Jameer TheDonProphet I stay correcting retards and I’m blacker than black gums

    • Ramon Jordan

      That’s something I would expect from R Kelly. “U think I’m gonna trip a guy with the shoes my girl got from her uncle house” Use ur common sense

    • Toni Toni

      Brian Fitzsimmons 😂 it really was a bad one..

  2. It Ain't the Shoes

    “That’s my boy” – Zaza Pachulia

    • ForeverIrish494

      Cross yeah he is, I actually met him when I went to the t-wolves – Pistons game, he’s actually a really nice funny guy, but he just likes yoinking ankles without dribble moves 😂😂

    • ProducedbyVino


    • Lyndell Chambers

      Lmmfao 💀💀💀💀

    • ArnoldwilliamDow

      Could be the funniest post I’ve ever seen!

  3. wzup77ify

    1:00 Stephen A : look at them lil baby sheep showing up I’m gonna turn y’all into pillows when I’m done with y’all

    • BummyDAn

      Seemed like dude almost drooled lol

    • Krissy Hustles

      +BummyDAn lmao!!! Damnit I can’t un-see that now 😂

    • Lmfao he deadass looked asleep with his eyes open

    • TheTruthTeller-Go-CryToMommyIfuCantHandleIt

      +Jon155 I cant wait for the day this man falls from his seat bc of exhaustion. That will be the day

  4. Stevie Thompson


  5. Son-Jay Harrison

    That was an obvious trip attempt. Not because Zion didn’t fall doesn’t mean it wasn’t intentional.

    • King of Neptune

      A trip like that could have ended his college basketball playoff season and his NBA career. Sure, accidents happen but that was definitely intentional.

    • Mario Canon


    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      +It’ss brian more like the Syracuse defender was trying to get Zion on his nuts

    • Jsports 25

      Omg Grayson did it

    • Jsports 25

      Son jay Harrison I am a Syracuse fan and that was sad that he tripped Zion like a baby but Grayson did it against Syracuse in 2017

  6. Nehemiah Howard

    Frank howard played against my boy grayson didnt he

    • BullShark

      Nehemiah Howard no he got lessons from him

    • Eric Miller

      I think guys just fall into the habit it’s so easy once u have a little skill at it

      THen all of a sudden you’re on national TV and everyone is playing it on ESPN lol

      That’s why teh Euros are so dirty. Just easy when no one is watching

    • Ryan Sheffield

      Eric Miller frank has no other history of this though. It’s not comparable to Grayson Allen. One time deal

    • Ryan Sheffield He did a dirty play against Tre Jones the first Duke game. One of the announcers also mentioned him throwing an intentional elbow in another game although I didn’t see that one.

  7. joão paulo gomes

    Waiting that Zaza Pachulia comment! Damn! Already happen!

  8. First Last

    Frank Howard finally made it.
    He’s on ESPN!

    • The Spirit Molecule

      Sad thing is he played a monster game and was draining everything he threw up but that will be completely overshadowed by his trip! It’s all his fault too and he has no one else to blame but himself for that. Theirs no place at all in basketball for cheap shots like that!

    • Tiger Hoods


    • Timothy Mims


    • El Desaparecido


  9. Mathew Campbell

    1:27 quick snooze we all try to take at work! LOL

  10. JRaze EX

    Zaza: “I don’t condone this… If it were me I would have taken him out for rest of season”

  11. Camaron Mazyck

    Boeheim was just defending one of his players. But Frank was running suicides all practice the next day😂

    • trevor s

      +Jameer TheDonProphet what an absolute dumbass…u r a fucking idiot. He doesnt hold his player accountable so that means he doesnt care about killing someone??? That makes absolutely no sense! Taking a life is a lot bigger deal than tripping someone. I cant believe how stupid u r. Someone send this man back to school

    • trevor s

      +David Ostapuk he doesnt believe it was an accident…nobody does. Its quite obvious frank tried to trip him

    • mexicansnohablo

      Judge Dredd I can’t even breathe omfg

    • Jameer TheDonProphet you sound dumb.

    • Johnny W

      That coach is a disgrace. I’d rip him a new hole if I was in the media, for playing me a fool with his blatant lying. A man can so flippantly and obviously lie to your face deserves literally no respect. None given, none taken.

  12. MrEazy7468

    Definitely dirty play. Obvious too!

  13. Joseph Dominguez

    He should’ve just said ,l just tried to slow him down…but not only did he lie,his coach lied too…shameless….

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      Was even worse when the coach tried to defend this act

  14. YHWHrules

    The Funny thing is that Zion just plows through his trip like it was nothing.

    • Vaughan Hogan

      Too big n got a good center of balance its hard to trip him

  15. Jacob S

    when you cant even manage to trip someone lmao

  16. MusicKnowledge1

    He clearly curved his foot to trip him as zion was coming towards him.

  17. James Bollaert

    I am a SU fan. Love this team, but you cannot be doing this stuff. Not good… embarrassing

    • Hayden Evans

      James Bollaert as a lifelong Duke fan, it is extremely embarrassing. Living through the Grayson Allen stuff, there’s nothing I can say about tripping that makes it justified. But time moves on. All is forgiven. Best of luck in the tournament. I’ll be cheering for a fellow ACC team, just not against Duke

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      I am with you James 100%…I like seeing a good game and winning…but I am not all that for winning where intentionally influenced measures are taken to hurt someone …to hell with winning for all that

  18. Bowingbear CEO

    Zion just came off of an injury. Which makes it even worse

  19. agrey832

    That was jealousy. Plain and simple. Zion was giving them *THE BUSINESS* !! 🤣🤣 He was BIG mad 😏

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