Jim Jones tells his wildest fight stories, teaches Papi how to make it rain | Highly Questionable

Jim Jones Tells His Wildest Fight Stories, Teaches Papi How To Make It Rain | Highly Questionable

RSS - Jim Jones Tells His Wildest Fight Stories, Teaches Papi How To Make It Rain | Highly Questionable Sport News Today

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  1. Banana Messiah

    This man look like he always cryin

  2. batman05655

    I’m surprise he never talked about Max B lmfao

    • kevinseveneleven

      I’d bet Dan doesn’t know who Max is but I know for sure Bomani do, but Bo would be too scared to start up some hostilities with Jimmy lol they in the same age group so if it gets hostile Jimmy might come see him face to face about it

    • batman05655

      +kevinseveneleven nah bomani isnt scared, you have to remember that espn is owned by disney. And im sure he knows that if he said anything about biggaveli jim would snap lol

    • Leon Black

      There’s no reason for him to talk bout max b since max b doing life. Why kick a man whose down

    • batman05655

      +E Leo
      because of the questions that was asked, wasnt directed towards max b but more so to jim jones.

  3. B. Estrict

    Great interview, odd platform.

  4. Daniel Maia

    Shout out to Dan! He’s amazingly ready for these interviews

  5. Jay Poe

    french dont want it with Capo

  6. Killa Cam


  7. Killa Cam


  8. Ky Gems

    “Did she really touch it in Miami tho?”

  9. Bonker Rifical

    he talked tough& reckless about everyone except the Fruit…cause he knows the Gods Don’t Play!!!!!!!

  10. XxBringBackThePastxX

    once again Jimmy we don’t believe you LOL.

  11. Moe Diddy

    But Montana is da stake sauce hhaaaan

  12. Random Grove Street Thug #2

    Jimmy look like he clean stadiums after home games

  13. dinobrown100

    French don’t want no sauce with it lmao!

  14. E.B Jombo

    Is it me or is Jim Jones looking like he in his late 40’s to early 50’s?

  15. john moses

    This is one of them dudes that just lie to impress someone. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he is lying through his fake teeth.

  16. Ginio Lamy

    That boy jimmy got the heart of a lion

  17. tfewell73

    BALLIN! Lmao! That was alright.

  18. Clover Jetz

    Off the rip,ball drop, pop that, don’t panic an what u call that 5 tracks that not many rappers competing with these days French is dope

  19. MANTECKA Yay

    Jim jones ran away from the Big Honue Ra Diggs and kalled the police after getting cornered in k slay club free Ra Diggs we da murda team! Google it

  20. Radio Ruddy

    Always fun to watch & hear from … Jim Jones, his level of sarcasm is like no other.

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