Joel Embiid on referees in loss to Celtics: They ‘f—— suck’ | NBA Sound

Joel Embiid On Referees In Loss To Celtics: They 'f------ Suck' | NBA Sound

RSS - Joel Embiid On Referees In Loss To Celtics: They 'f------ Suck' | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris take the podium following the Philadelphia 76ers' 112-109 home loss to the Boston Celtics. Embiid finished with 23 points and 14 rebounds, but still admits he was "sleep walking" through the first three quarters and takes major responsibility for yet another loss to the Celtics. To conclude the press conference, Embiid signs off with "and the referees f—— suck,' (3:45) as he pleaded for a foul on Al Horford in the waning moments of the game.

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  1. Thats gonna be a fine

  2. Mike Jones

    I love when the Celtics win without Kyrie just to prove the point that he’s not wanted or needed..

  3. Jan-Michael Vincent

    I like watching Embiid interviews he always say how he feel

    • Ronney Augustine

      +Balling Like I’m Tobe A fortnite meme. Yes I know…

    • Balling Like I'm Tobe

      +Ronney Augustine that would explain it lol thanks

    • +Balling Like I’m Tobe It’s a Fortnite movement

      Yeah stupid white kids have their own branding tbh

    • Kdog The Legend

      Modern day Charles Barkley

    • Yeah, and so does the racist, angry man down the street from me yelling about Trump’s “wall.” Doesn’t make it right or admirable. Hitler also always said what he felt, lol. Look, Embiid’s got no class. Nothing to like about that. SMH.

  4. GunsGiftsGalleries

    0:31 Have we ever seen J Cole & Tobias Harris in the same room? I’m Just sayin.

  5. CALLME Eliyang23!

    3:48 your welcome

  6. Make Humanity Great Again


  7. ruber diaz

    Embid’s father is not from Cameroon. He is from the Dominican Republic , and his name is Al Horford

    • The Squadashians


    • The Locker Room

      🤣🤣🤣Hey man! If you like NBA/NFL commentary give us a listen. We just started and we’re growing fast 💨. Please subscribe bro 💯. ruber diaz

    • Danny Barcenas

      Embiid will eat his arse one on one Celtics have to put 2 men on Embiid to win Celtics same team for ages and they won by the skin of their teeth How many points more Embiid coulda made if Horford is to man him alone?

    • ruber diaz

      +Danny Barcenas guess what? basketball is a collective sport, so whether they put one or three men on Embid is irrelevelant as long as the outcome is a victory regardless on whether such victory is by one or a hundred points. And I am not a Celtic fan but I am objective. Philly could not beat Boston in their homecourt and Irving was not even playing. The reality is that even with the new additions,Philly does not match well with the Celtics.



  8. Patrick Ford

    Who cares about a fine with the amount of money they make.

  9. MarshallPo

    Tobias Harris makes music in the off-season under the stage name (J.Cole)

    • Black King

      MarshallPo he also has a show on Comedy Central under the stage name of (Trevor Noah)

    • Balling Like I'm Tobe

      Very talented man

    • The Locker Room

      MarshallPo 🤣🤣🤣Hey man! If you like NBA/NFL commentary give us a listen. We just started and we’re growing fast 💨. Please subscribe bro 💯.

  10. OG Mudbone


  11. Keng Vang

    Horford be keeping Embid in check most of the time.

    • johnthursday2

      I don’t see almost any big in the league being more effective than hortford, at the moment the only thing embeed has over him is his tweeting ability

    • gautam gautamsuresh

      Jamir Bingham thats minor contact mate that happens every dunk

    • gautam gautamsuresh

      Keng Vang agreed he does guard him in a physical way but the Christmas game when the two clashed embiid scored 37 I guess at a good efficiency. Kyrie bway us with his last minute fanatics tho…..either ways I feel like horford is the true heart of the celtics .rather underated center

    • gautam gautamsuresh

      Bway to beat sorry about the error

    • pikachu Reynolds

      21-3 since 2014 and yes horford dominates embiid every time, turns him into a jump shooter, these fools don’t want to admit it.

  12. YouCanCallMeReTro

    Embiid has no class not giving Horford any credit when he shuts him down every game.

    • GodFatherPain

      He dropped 33 on his head last game they played tf you talking about

    • +Nelson’s Rudolph that 17/19 is so flawed. About 6 of those games the Sixers were actually trying to win… the other games, they were in tank mode and wanted to lose. Sorry.

    • Danny Barcenas

      26 points categorically not a shut down plus those crucial uncalled fouls And do you believe He alone can stop Embiid? They are instructed to double team Embiid when he gets closer to the basket Nobody can stop Embiid one on one on the Post See his other games

    • Marco Marc

      Ofcourse you don’t want to emphasize that as a competitor

  13. Ahaqir Ishaq

    The video is almost over and I’m like did I miss it…and right before the vid ends, he says it. I thought the reporters probably baited him but nope, he wanted to get fined.

  14. Youngindy21

    It’s a waste of time to criticize the refs. All the NBA is gonna do is hit you with a big fine. That’s why Spoelstra was hesitant to do it the other night. The NBA knows its refs suck and they don’t care.

    • Just when I thought the NFL refs were trash I return to the NBA with the same trash…

    • TrackStar Media Group

      +Loc T james harden just got 2 frethrows for your comment 😄

  15. Jack park

    I agree that the NBA’s referees are incompetent morons, but that’s not why the 76ers lost the game.

    • How? For 5 mins he talked about how he played terrible, but in the final analysis (literally) he says the refs cost him the game? Gtfoh!

  16. embiid and j cole look devastated

  17. Dave Little

    Schooled by the old dude.

  18. Teddy&Laa Hart

    He even sounds like j cole

  19. Celts with no Kyrie beat the sixers.
    No doubt in my mind the warriors win it all this year. Basketball has become lame I can’t even watch it anymore. It’s so predictable and the players are overpaid and call all the shots anyways. There’s no player team commitments anymore. It’s all about the money

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