Joel Embiid’s outspokenness is a gift and a curse for the 76ers – Jay Williams | Get Up!

Joel Embiid’s Outspokenness Is A Gift And A Curse For The 76ers – Jay Williams | Get Up!

RSS - Joel Embiid’s Outspokenness Is A Gift And A Curse For The 76ers – Jay Williams | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jay Williams breaks down the pros and cons of Joel Embiid’s passion on the court for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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  1. Damn I feel bad

    A 7 2 260 pounder that is about to smash right into you 😱🙏

    • Basketball Enlightenment

      k p that’s why 76ers are sad and won’t get pass 2nd round. Ben Simmons cannot shoot to save his life. Joel Embiid chokes a lot and got locked up by all

    • +Basketball Enlightenment lmao your LLLakers not even making the playoffs and your judging us off three games lmao wait till we figure things out with butler and get our chemistry together things don’t happen that quick buddy sorry

    • +Basketball Enlightenment he just shot to much threes which was a mistake. And he got fouled at the end, if he didn’t shoot that many threes he would of had a better fg percentage

    • Basketball Enlightenment

      k p Im not a lakers fan I like every team bum. And Simmons is a liability. They’ll just leave him open like Lebron did

    • +Basketball Enlightenment so your a bandwagoner? And theyll just space the floor out so the person who is leaving him open will get a three second violation. Since when they leave the paint Simmons will attack

  2. A Real Good Guy

    Hustle Man “Hey you want some bandages chief? If you want them, I got them. If I don’t got them, I’ll get them. And I’ll get them when the getting’s good.”

  3. FanaTikk HT

    He’s just a huge kid that likes to troll.

  4. 1:01 they had the guy join the interview lol wtf

  5. The Cute Shy Asian

    Damn Joel 😂😂

  6. tayler gallagher

    Foh, Let the players say wtf they want, it’s 2019

  7. here before a hundred views and here wit 9 likes with 0 dislikes

  8. Bobby Tsunami

    #MVP21 #PHiLLY #76ERS

  9. Kenneth Bevineau

    All things in life are a gift and a curse; duh!! It’s called dualism. Sin and Righteousness, light and darkness, negative and positive.

  10. William Irvine

    No, he isn’t.

  11. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT

    More players need to be like him but his trolling is on point

  12. The LoboGamer

    Embiid is a smart man. He jumped over a black queen and hurt the white man to show white people how it feels to be targeted and hurt because of the color of your skin. jkjk Sorry for the dark humor (Sensitive people have arrived) . 😂😂

    • based statement

      +Q E it’s people with your mindset that end up trying to do harm to the government when you don’t get your ways because you think people are infringing on your rights. But if it was up to you, we’d all be slaves to big business or the “free market”.

    • Master Of The Craft


    • +based statement you are wrong.
      If you believe in freedom and limited government… Why would you harm others unless they were harming you?
      Its the left leaning nutjobs who are all drugged up and feel victimized that commit those crimes.

      The biggest crimes in humanity has come from central planners and governments who want power from hitler to stalin to mao.

      Free people is the definition of america. You want a society where the government is in control. And if the government is infringing on my right of free speech etc then something is clearly wrong.

      Clearly things are bad today because of government interventions like i mentioned before.

      Did i say black Conservatives have the answers? No.
      Leftists certainly dont.

      And again you dont know what you are talking about.
      Being pro freedom means more businesses so more choice and more competition.
      With all of these dumb laws and regulations… Its harder to set up a business compared to decades past.
      To have cheaper things you need more enterprise not more government. Government doesnt produce wealth!

      And you cant be a slave to businesses or the free market when it is voluntary. No one forces you to buy iphones or nikes.

      Governments are doing more harm than free markets. E. G. Keeping interest rates low via central banks like the fed which discourages savings and makes us want to spend spend spend…

    • Make Humanity Great Again


  13. Darrian Woods

    Love it! He is the new shaq!

    • The Cute Shy Asian

      He makes more free throws than Shaq, so no he isn’t the new Shaq

    • The Cute Shy Asian tf you talking about 😂 stfu he wasn’t talking about his free throws

  14. scott steiner

    stop reaching espn

  15. Manny Manhattan Music

    Only MSG network do a post game interview w the guy that just beat em 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Otherwise there wouldn’t be any interviews…

    • Make Humanity Great Again

      Who were they going to do it with? The most unproductive player on the losing home team?

    • King Nate

      Make Humanity Great Again maybe Mitchell Robinson who had 14 points, 13 rebounds and 4 blocks, 2 of those blocks on Embiid

    • King Nate

      Make Humanity Great Again you cuck

  16. DeMario Thompkins

    The new Dwight eastern conference draymond

  17. norpan506

    I am not sure what he is wearing. I look better in the gym.

  18. Mirmoney Bryant14

    Embiid One Day will be the🐐💯💯

  19. Just Cruz

    Everyone: Refs should be fined for false/non calls.

    NBA: *fines the players*

    • Nicola Ciavatti

      A player doesn’t get fined when he miss a shot. So a ref should not get fined when he miss a call.

  20. Who is regina king. Srry my english is bad

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