Kareem Hunt situation filled with more questions than conclusions – Will Cain | First Take

Kareem Hunt Situation Filled With More Questions Than Conclusions – Will Cain | First Take

RSS - Kareem Hunt Situation Filled With More Questions Than Conclusions – Will Cain | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain goes in depth on the Cleveland Browns signing Kareem Hunt, saying these situations don’t get many conclusions, but they instead bring up more questions. Darren Woodson says what Kareem Hunt did is despicable, but the business of the NFL is talent-driven and Hunt has talent. Max Kellerman praises the Kansas City Chiefs for cutting Kareem Hunt when they did and then brings up Colin Kaepernick and why he can’t get a job in the NFL.

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    If Molly goes on one of those feminist rants imma get a brain aneurysm

  2. Jakob Gustwiller

    So no charges filled by the person or the state and we are investigating what?

    • RetiredGuy Adventures

      +Danigeh Hucood She didn’t decide to fly her racist flag until she was kicked out of the apartment… LOL!

    • lord beef 23

      It’s media job to destroy you even when not guilty

    • Smart Guy

      Nothing she has no case she was underage drinking hell no she doesnt want a investigation she will get more charges than him. She harassed him and provoked the attack

  3. the1kamíkaze

    *You know Molly was waiting for this debate.* LoL

    • #stfuMolly

    • Jethro Auguste

      Facts! She was chomping at the bit for this lolz

    • D!ck Harper

      Molly really think shes more than a moderator, she needs to STFU!!! aint no one watching that show to listen to what she has to say specially with that shrill voice

  4. Nehemiah Howard

    Kareem gonna ball out

  5. Mathew Christopher Flores

    Gold digging whores are the real epidemic. Facts! Molly still needs to apologize to Reuben Foster.

    • Sports with Nick

      Not a surprise, but this is exactly why the NFL is disgusting, but let’s recognize that we as a fanbase needs to look in the mirror first and foremost. Went OFF on this on my channel today.

    • Junior Beckham

      Mathew Christopher Flores apologize for what wtf

    • Kevin Wilson

      She wont. Lol neither will Max bitchass Kellerman

    • Mathew Christopher Flores

      +Noe Hernandez Doesn’t excuse the fact his ex lied about his abuse.

  6. Priscilla Wilcher

    Y’all hoes mad cause he got resign. You get what you deserve. The chick got mad cause he didn’t want to bone her

  7. Life Coach LANDRY

    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, especially when they were NOT guilty of anything in the first place. Stop punishing men. #LifeCoachLANDRY

  8. chosenjuan025

    You know molly and the other feminist salty bout this😂😂😂

  9. Brandon McMillion

    Molly is the death of this show

  10. apetheape9

    That girl and Kareem were both in the wrong, they were both drunk and egging each other on. He didnt abuse her, stop making the girl out to be some fragile thing she can handle herself

    • Playlist iPhone

      Kareem is attracted to drama.
      That’s why he finds himself in these incidents. Why even associate with chics like that?
      That’s on you!
      I have waaay more experience with women than Kareem. If she’s on some bullshit, I bounce immediately so that it never escalates

  11. This was mollys time to shine 💀

  12. Phillip Le

    Unc Sharpe would never back down to Molly like Stephen A would

  13. Can we get a mute option for Molly’s mic

  14. KL Chambers

    No charges filed but we got people expecting the NFL to be the “law”. GTFO! lol. Not like he killed somebody

  15. LaVerite124

    Molly, any updated thoughts on Ruben Foster charges being dropped? Nope

  16. Hamzah Bala

    As a Ravens fan, this worries me. The browns are flourishing Offensively and it’ll only get harder for us.

  17. capricornmagic63

    What the he’ll is Molly talking about? I think she is making a personal crusade out of this issue.

  18. Jordan Nobles

    What is there to investigate? If the police are done investigating what else is the nfl going to find out?

  19. Anderson Wright

    LMFAOOO… what is molly talking bout did Kareem even go to jail?

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