Kevin Durant scores 33 points, fouls out in Warriors’ OT loss vs. Clippers | NBA Highlights

Kevin Durant Scores 33 Points, Fouls Out In Warriors' OT Loss Vs. Clippers | NBA Highlights

RSS - Kevin Durant Scores 33 Points, Fouls Out In Warriors' OT Loss Vs. Clippers | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

Kevin Durant notches a triple-double with 33 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in the Golden State Warriors' 121-116 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. (2:17) Durant is whistled for his sixth personal in overtime and fouls out on a questionable call that KD does not agree with.

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  1. Nehemiah Howard

    KD lookin like an angry asian in that thumbnail

    Anyway thats a tough loss for sure. Kds triple double and klays clutch shots just werent enough tonight

  2. Julio El Chavez

    Draymond cost them the game by thinking he was curry late, call the damn time out stupid.

  3. steve steven

    KD shoulda been the point guard in this game like the last one, Drayman sucks!!!

  4. BigMac N Cheez

    Idk about that last foul call on kd. It was kinda sus tbh

    • BigMac N Cheez if you look closely you see he made contact with his wrists first then slid down into the ball knocking it loose. this one foul probably didn’t hurt, but getting hit their can, but it does alter control. maybe enough for someone with weak ball handing to lose it.

    • BigMac N Cheez also players almost always complain, and commentators are bias and whine as well

    • peraltaman

      KD did that same move for years n got the call

    • Joshua Howard

      BigMac N Cheez It was fair, KD gets that call all the time

  5. Funny how KD fouled out defending against his own rip through move

  6. KDfan pali

    If he didnt foul out they would of won I just hate how his triple double is gona go unnoticed for

  7. Mr Q Ceaz

    I don’t care how great of a player he is, he isn’t a good leader this goes to show you that Steph is the leader of this team

  8. facts check

    Klay deserve 200 million easy 5 years dray 140 million for 8 years 😂😂 bro your a bad team mate!!! KD was screaming for the ball after him & Klay put on a beautiful display with the comeback, then envy appeared he goes by the name Draymond 😂😂this dude is a clown.

  9. An 11-0 run that was predicated on KD making good basketball decisions with the ball. Agreed? With 6:22 left, KD either scored or assisted on 13 of the 16 points that the Warriors produced during their 16-2 closeout of the 4th. He also had 3 boards and a key block during the run.

  10. Killa Kam

    Lol the weakest call😂😂 but it ain’t weak when Harden gets that call or when KD himself gets that call then they ready to blow a refs head off smh. Perfect call by the refs just gotta play better D with 5 fouls.

  11. It ain’t nothing Warriors will bounce back from that game.

  12. Solid win by the clips but I thought the GSW were getting bad calls throughout the game. Great effort by the clips

  13. Golden “Under the table Cheaters” should have bribed the refs like they did in the finals game 1 and vs Houston last games in the series…, so that rules can be bend.
    Also how is possible that a team can afford keep 4 stars together who would get max salary in a heart beat in any other NBA team .NBA is too corrupted at this point .This cheater team should be under investigation already.

  14. Courney Hallcy

    Man that foul call was beyond terrible. But KD gets that call alllllll the time. He literally invented that move. That said KD balled which isn’t news but y’all sure hold him to a different standard than someone else whose name I won’t say

  15. A Friendly Hobo

    Can’t blame the loss on that last call. Game ahould have never been close to begin with.

  16. Michael Jordan

    LeBron could’ve created a legacy with the Clippers. Create his own Mt. Rushmore. Now all I hear is KD and AD are coming to the Lakers. That’s not how you create a legacy. By buying other stars. 🤣

  17. LA Clippers

    Lou Williams, 26 pts
    Montrezl Harrell, 23 pts

    Thanks, CP3. Thanks for ruining Houston’s bench and future for us. 🤣

  18. Somregularguy

    Lol and people actually include KD in the goat conversation, if you play good but can’t lead your team to a win then you shouldn’t even be mentioned in the goat convo

  19. Joshua Howard

    Clippernation baby 🔥🔥💯💯 KD is a choker 🤣🤣

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