Khris Middleton hints at future w/Bucks: ‘Why give up on something that’s been working?’ | The Jump

Khris Middleton Hints At Future W/Bucks: 'Why Give Up On Something That's Been Working?' | The Jump

RSS - Khris Middleton Hints At Future W/Bucks: 'Why Give Up On Something That's Been Working?' | The Jump Sport News Today

Milwaukee Bucks wing and first-time NBA All-Star Khris Middleton joins Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen on The Jump live from Charlotte at the 2019 NBA All-Star Game to discuss Draymond Green's comments about the Golden State Warriors, the development of NBA MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, his own future as 2019 free agency approaches, and more.

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  1. darkness arival

    Hello person scrolling threw the comments i hope you have a great day and achieve your goals🔯😀

  2. 🦌 FEAR THE DEER 🦌

  3. Hassan Haulcy

    He’s so underrated. I’m so happy he’s an all star.

  4. It’s gonna be mayhem this off season

  5. James Harden is Mediocre

    Middleton is a killer. Struggled last night but kept shooting, hit the 3 to put them up and it was Bucks from then on. Giannis trusted him in the corner

    • If Khris has one trait that will allow him to go far with this team it’s Giannis’ unwavering trust in him

    • Anthony Ali

      Stay true Kris.
      Giannis is the truth as you already know.
      Being a wingman and an allstar on a great team>drama filled clout chasing teevee teams.

  6. michael edwards

    I heard Kawhi leonard gonna debut his new new balance shoes at the all star game

  7. King Dang

    It was the coach all along, finally now they have the right coach. This is something special we’re witnessing with the bucks. Truly amazing, cannot wait for the playoffs ! 🔥

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      Of course it was the Coach. Lol I never took Kidd seriously. He quickly showef that he did not have that IT factor that all great.coaches have.

  8. Uli Peterson

    whoever comes out of the east, i hope you will beat the warriors.

    • Biggamer star

      +Refund HD lmao in your dreams warriors will destroyed y’all man tf you smoking child bye

    • Refund HD

      +Biggamer star Yeah you wanna talk about regular season we beat GSW on the road the Celtics couldn’t even win a home in a playoff atmosphere 😂 so by your logic we are better than the Celtics because the regular season matters even tho we are tho

    • Thomas Joseph

      +Kevin Rodriguez Exactly. Great points man.

    • Andrew Stokes

      gl with that

    • Jonathan Robinson

      It would have to be the bucks! The same core ended the streak 24-1! And beat them by damn near 30 this season. The bucks haven’t been blown out by this warriors team EVER.

  9. LeeTravius Mckay

    All it took for the bucks to be a dominant team was to fire the head coach and hire a new one

  10. Thanos Kalamaris

    I respect this guy. Never talks big, plays def, has great nights and most important of all
    He is clutch in the playoffs

  11. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    The Thunder are the only team imo in the West that matchups up well against the Warriors. All the Top 4 teams in the West matchup well with them. I still think the Dubs beat all of them tho.

    • Whole Lotta Gang Shit

      Boston vs Warriors = Dubs In 6/7
      Sixers vs Warriors = Dubs In 6
      Raptors vs Warriors = Dubs In 7 (Best possible matchup IMO)
      Bucks vs Warriors = Dubs In 6

    • Refund HD

      Thunder and the Sixers matchup on paper the best imo in terms of talent and defensive versatility

    • Plus they just added Markieff Morris. Adding more depth to their bench 🤤

  12. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    fear the deer

  13. Ahkil Estese

    Love the loyalty from Khash, looking forward to a dynastic run from my Bucks!

  14. Silver Gray

    I swear to god i forgot for a moment that the Warrios had Cousins!!

  15. Handala Abdi

    Fear Middleton!!! that man is a beast
    In few years he will be a champion in bucks if he stays…

  16. Middleton rating on 2k should be way higher

  17. I know nobody’s going to belive this but I’ve been predicting for the last 3 years that Middleton would be an Allstar and now it’s finally true. Good to see him playing well.

  18. I want Giannis to win it without bringing in another superstar free agent. This team can do it.

  19. The Bucks and Raptors are the two best teams in the league. No one is even close to them.

  20. BK All Day

    I’m a Milwaukee native and I legit love the team we pieced together. Khris is a silent assassin. The type of guy that can quietly put up 20+ a night doing his part. Everybody plays ther role and supports the final outcome game by game. This is a family team. Everyone is so supportive and vocal about team first. Every interview just listen… They ALWAYS thank and point out the play of someone else rather than trying to force the spotlight on themselves. Such a rarity with this sport… Year of the deer! See y’all in the finals!

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