Klay Thompson’s apology to Warriors’ fans ‘ticked me off’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Klay Thompson's Apology To Warriors' Fans 'ticked Me Off' - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Klay Thompson's Apology To Warriors' Fans 'ticked Me Off' - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith is ticked off by Klay Thompson's apology to Warriors fans after Golden State’s loss to the Phoenix Suns at the Oracle Arena.

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  1. ShoGuns Gas

    There’s no need to apologize. People don’t like the truth.

    • Jay Complex Kid Randle

      +Thunder Up let’s just get Roberson back, hopefully he comes back with better shooting too.

    • Jay Complex Kid Randle

      +ShoGuns Gas AB is not the team, there’s always other players on the team that can step up and fill the voids.

    • ShoGuns Gas

      +Jay Complex Kid Randle Most definitely. The team is still stacked. People say we trash cause we got talent they don’t know about yet. We only getting better by signing Steve Nelson and done Moncrief. The Steelers will still be winning especially if they draft good.

    • Thunder Up

      +Jay Complex Kid Randle I want em Both in the Roster

  2. Bearboy193

    This happened last week and now First Take is talking bout it, lol late

  3. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    I’ve got Deja Vu because it feels like every year a couple of times a season there’s some Warriors drama (losing, fatigue, beef, etc)that got people thinking the Dubs are done or vulnerable or getting knocked off. Then by the end of the damn season they’re hoisting the damn trophy.

    • earlyman sweatshirt

      ive’e got deja vu because the last time the warriors had losing fatigue ect.. they blew a 3-1 lead

    • An Hiro

      earlyman sweatshirt have you really forgotten that they now have KD and Boogie? That was a different team.

    • Mr Bubbly

      Band wagons?

    • TaylorDjetx

      Its all for views/likes/traction etc. Who HONESTLY thinks that? Ever since they first DESTROYED LeBron in the finals, no matter what “problems” come out during the regular season its never changed my mind about them. Once playoffs start, you can assume its over. Theyre THAT good.

    • AIversonI

      Let’s play “Which major star on a team they are playing against will get injured this year” hmmmmm….

  4. Connor Martin

    He can’t even mention baseball for more than 5 seconds without saying something wrong….

    • Jville78

      +Byung Cho keep trading away their good players to other teams. when it finally seems like they got a good thing going.

    • Atilla the Hun3

      +Connor Martin 😂 Cubs and Dodgers won’t win anything this year, the Astros have a chance, but lost some key players

    • Connor Martin

      I’m just saying in general, these dudes that don’t know about baseball just think Red Sox and Yankees are all there is

    • Atilla the Hun3

      +Connor Martin for once it’s pretty close though, I would probably say they are favorites, everyone else is unknown, but yea SAS does mess up a ton on anything that isn’t basketball😂

    • Connor, Stephen A Smith mentioned the Moneyball era As. The Oakland As’ true Moneyball seasons were 2002-06 (aka the seasons where the As succeeded because of their heavy emphasis on sabermetrics and the majority of teams not taking a serious interest in it). The best teams in the American League over that span were the Red Sox and Yankees.

      Since then, the As are still reliant on roster building around sabermetrics, but the players that are more favorable analytically are getting paid better by the higher payroll teams and thus the As are back to just being a low-payroll team with no edge that occasionally makes the playoffs. The Cubs and Dodgers are irrelevant to this discussion because they’re in the National League and the As could only dream of getting to the World Series with this payroll today.

  5. MILFMAN1986

    I like how max made sas look stupid at the end by using his own words against him

    • DonKrieg95

      TheAnime Warrior Iggy was dealing with a lower back injury; if you played basketball you’d understand how a lower back injury doesn’t completely sideline you, but hurts your game all the way. And Steph was recovering from an ankle injury. The only reason Steph was even playing was because he shot so well until the finals. And yes Bogut was an elite paint protector. The Warriors’ interior defense suffered massively when he went down in Game 5. Tristan Thompson wasn’t playing elite perimeter defense on Steph, that theory was exposed after the 2016 Finals. It took everything going wrong for the Warriors and everything going completely right for the Cavs for the series to play out as it did.

    • Alt Account

      John Johns imin

    • psycchob

      John Johns things started getting chippy in that series and tha nba saw that lebron could “maybe” be the first person to ever come back from down 3-1 so they did everything in their power to make it happen bc its lebron..

    • jaydexe

      DonKrieg95 bringing up 2016-Present Warriors as an example of how the Cavs wouldn’t have beat them is a ridiculously unfair point. 2016 Warriors were far more dominant and the 2015 Cavs had the size to bother them. They were just missing another go to guy so LeBron could be on the bench and rest.

  6. Rushking20 #Cheesehead

    They’re not real fans its rich business men in silicon valley buying the seats but not cheering all the hardcore fans cant even afford to be there

    • Kevin Tait

      +Luis Ortiz if you’re (not your) going to correct someone, at least get it right,it’s they’re,smartass

    • Kevin Tait

      +Daily Logic they’re, you’re wrong

    • EastBay MurkZone

      True that

    • Daily Logic

      +Kevin Tait They’re they are…. there is over there.. under there…. their .. their dad… their mom….

    • RellyR510

      Yup ive been priced out. I use to go to games all the time before these champions runs now I can’t afford to go. Im saving up to go to a playoff game this year before they move to the city


    The Oracle fans doing the same thing as the warrior team itself doing…. waiting for playoff time😂😂

    • Silver Is The Name

      Agent00 lmao ima pelicans fans that lives in NO and we got $6 tickets every game 😂

    • joshua Garcia

      Lol why would you go to a nonsense game. Go to a playoff game moneg well spent

    • Steve Soto

      Saw your “likes” at 666, had to change that number quick!! But I agree with you.

  8. TJ Smith

    This proves that the fans are a bunch of bandwagons

    • Julian Mclean

      TJ Smith As if we didn’t already know they were all bandwagons

    • Marcus Rougeau

      Too dumb too realize we have 5 all stars that we have to pay for. It cost an arm an a leg to get in there. You think billionaires gonna holler and scream. No! they do golf claps

    • No, they actually live in the area as opposed to most

    • Leroy Williams

      On the winning train bandwagon

  9. BThreatTV

    Stephen A is the only dude that can insult you and praises you at the same time!!!

  10. Gibran Leon

    Klay was right on point. The new Oracle crowd is straight bandwagon sf fans and transplant techies that have zero passion for the team or game. Just a status symbol to be present.

    • Taco Tacotington

      TaylorDjetx its coming this year I think. Same with the Browns.

    • lethalfatality

      Lol that’s like going to see the Knicks in the garden but even though the team is dead last ny fans still making noise 🤷‍♂️

    • I neva freeze


    • Koreanrush

      Idk about you guys I’ve been a magic for many years and still was even when they were horrible and I know many people like that. Who stick with their favorite teams like the jets, or the Mets, giants etc so no it’s not unheard of for people to stick with their teams through tough times. So to sit there and say 95 percent of people are bandwagon fans then really I don’t think you’re true fans. Yes maybe like the sport or a certain player and you follow them around I’ll accept that but If your switching teams every couple of years and they happen to make the finals or close to it all the time. That’s not a real fan at all.

    • Reggy DidUEatYourChunkySoup?!

      U r so on point

  11. HanSoloDolo

    The crowd isn’t how they use to be in Oracle

    • TheRedemptionRain

      HanSoloDolo As a Lakers fan you guys are turning into the Staples Center crowd. When the dynasty ends those pompous tech businessmen will open the seats to real fans

    • SSJGodMario

      I just think they’re a little spoiled.

  12. Yeezy Dude

    Stephen A’s hairline is a stimulus package

  13. I remember Greg pop said one time that “these guys get paid a lot of money to play a game. What motivation do they need?”

  14. warriors crowd aint been as loud since after the 73-9 season.. it was wild every night back then LOL

  15. TheDigitalcrack

    Max was completely right. Stephen was completely wrong and overblowing things

  16. Tekk Luthor

    Stephen A. doesn’t understand the concept of humility

  17. Samuel Arana Tessari

    The Warriors new tickets pricing/system is pushing the common everyday fans out the door and replacing them with silicon valley corporate tech gurus(nerds).. It’s a different profile of audience and of course those guys won’t live up to the name “ROARACLE.”
    Klay better get used to having bland crowds in the future.

  18. You need your crowd for a game against the suns? 💀

    • Richard Gregor

      Suns are going to be legit. We beat the bucks and now the warriors. When we get Zion, y’all better watch out.

    • They need the crowd bc they are bored…

    • Giants/Mets/Blazers

      ERE Bruh the SUNS 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Musicrecords10

      This whole “need the fans to win” thing is utter bullshit, by that logic away teams should never win a game..

    • lethalfatality

      They liteskind 🤷‍♂️

  19. kool kreeps

    I live in oakland and been watching them my whole life. ain’t no real fans paying for them seats😂

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