Kobe Bryant could score 100 in a game in today’s NBA – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

Kobe Bryant Could Score 100 In A Game In Today's NBA - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

RSS - Kobe Bryant Could Score 100 In A Game In Today's NBA - Tracy McGrady | The Jump Sport News Today

Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to comments made by Charlotte Hornets owner and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan about Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Houston Rockets guard James Harden and their impressive stats. They then do a deep dive on the state of stats in the 2018-19 NBA, and discuss how they compare to old-school players from Wilt Chamberlain to Kobe Bryant.

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  1. DingisMaximus

    Kobe could have scored 100 back then if Phil stopped benching him in the third quarter.

    • Enigmatic 1

      +Brittany Hitchcock actually he had 63 thru 3 quarters

    • ralph macias

      they asked kobe if he wanted to go back in the Mavs game and he said no he’ll get it next time

    • DollaSign Sammy

      DingisMaximus lmao this is facts I remember watching some games Kobe would sit out

    • Sezar Star


    • +ThankGod I’mStillHere he had like 29 in the first half but yes could have had a 100 and melo could have had more then 81 when he was in new york when he put up 62 and he got bench by who fisher former lakers players for almost a whole 4q left but also kobe had so many games he could have had 100 or more then 81 look vs mavs he has 65 in 3q then bench

  2. Peaple that say its Bullshit that the NBA had harder D back then *they don’t know basketball*

    They scoring 140 every game now!!! that was rare back then even a couple years ago…

    • payne max

      Robin common sense the free throw difference. 28 free throws like come on for only one player?

    • Sonson Godjesuslover Jr.

      I remember 79-83, or 87-74 in some games, pretty much at minimum, why did the NAB nerf defense so much, it is like these days all people care about is scoring, and that considers you the best in the NBA, because you can score the ball,

  3. Inderdeep Singh

    LET EM KNOW TMAC, stop disrespecting the mamba. If he could score 81 back then tf stopping him from taking more shots vs worse defenders now… Also the 63 through quarters game, he could’ve hit 100 there too

    • Inderdeep Singh

      +blazes brother but defense was actually played…

    • blazes brother

      +Inderdeep Singh LeBron was averaging 30+ back then. But is now averaging 28 which shows the defense was similar

    • Mikey C23

      +blazes brother don’t even mind these kobetards. They think the late 2000s are different than now and comparable to the 90s. Fucking delusional dipshits.

    • Jalen Rose and his Raptors didn’t defense very well that night anyway. Especially when the couch never called to double Kobe according to Rose.

    • David Elsea

      +Mikey C23 It was difffernet. The point totals and averages show it lol. The 2010 championship. I dont think either team broke 100 pts once

  4. Jerry Huang

    Kobe had 60 in his last game. 100 is definitely within reach for Kobe.

    • dota leavers

      Wilt did it in a rough times. having to average 48min/game. Kobe almost died on that game. 🙂 but hell yeah kobe gave as a memory worthy of a game ending career.

  5. There is no fcuking way James Harden is better than Kobe Bryant. I almost choked when the comparison was mentioned. Go back and view video of the badboy Pistons, or watch the way Charles Barkley was defended. In today’s NBA fouls are called if you sneeze on a guy, and defense is a lost art. This is why we are seeing more European players cause they are not physical. Not only was MJ a monster, but he did it when the league valued defense and allowed hand checking, bumping, in your space, etc. GOAT = Michael Jordan, followed by Kobe Bryant.

    • funny thing is …today Europeans are the most physical and american players are soft

  6. Paul Singh

    He scored 81 and 62 in 3 Quarters while getting poked in his eyes, hand checked, got smacked all over his arms while driving the ball to the rim. Can you imagine if he got Hardens treatment. Stop it!!


      It’s not about Harden treatment, it’s the NBA
      no more hand checking, defensive 3 seconds, no more playing in the post, no more foul trouble, NBA destroyed fundamentals of the game, this is not basketball, it’s bunch of guys shooting 3s

    • Trey Nixen

      Paul Singh there was no hand checking in 05-06

    • wessgate1

      +Rob jr hahahah he said 96′ ….like you knew what was going on SMH dumbass ….stop frontin

    • KILLA Dez

      +Rob jr well if u knw that why u say 94 goofy.. 🤔

  7. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    I ve scored a 100 points with Kobe on 2K so Tracy’s comment checks out.

  8. The Replay

    It’s a stat-padding league now. Jordan could average a triple double for his career if he really wanted to, same with Kobe. In my opinion, today’s guys think that if they put up triple doubles they’re absolved from any criticism, especially if they don’t win a ring.

    “oh he’s gotta do all that for them to win. Look at what this guy is doing. It’s never been done.”

    Yeah, taking rebounds away from your big man and assists away from your point guard has never been done the way it has today.

    Lebron, Westbrook, Harden are perfect examples. Then they wonder why their teams struggle. You disrupt their flow to the game.

    “But he averages 35/10/10. GOAT.”

    Yeah, at the expense of his teammates not being productive.

  9. Frankie Russell

    Kobe out scored the entire Mavs team 62-61 in 3Qs.

  10. Frankie Russell

    Kobe scored 60 in his last game, post-torn Achilles tear, torn rotator cuff, and fractured tibia at the age 38.

    • phil843 ss

      If it takes 50 field goal attempts plus 12 FT attempts to score 60 points, knowing that each fg counts for at least two, that’s extremely inefficient, he shot 21 threes in that game and only made 6 that’s like 28% the selective memory you kobe fans have is why I hate kobe fans smh. It makes for a good story that he scored 60 in his final game, but that performance was anything but great.

    • Patrick Richardt

      Well, he still shot 44%. So, nope, it’s not inefficient

    • All Skill No Luck

      +phil843 ss yeah but this dickriders wont care.

    • ohhh yeahhh

      +phil843 ss
      And this is why I hate stupid 0 IQ “basketball fans” Like you. I mean did you guys got hit by a fucking rock when you guys where born? Must be all that crap you guys put on your body that makes you that stupid. Kobe came off of 3 career ending injuries that nobody would of comeback, many athletes give up after a career ending injury and don’t even put 10ppg. Kobe had 3 in 3 years. The fact that he was on the court and getting 60 on 50 shots at 44%? Nobody will ever do that even if they get 50 shots not with 3 career ending injuries.

    • ohhh yeahhh

      +All Skill No Luck
      No you guys are just dumb. And never picked up a basketball in your life.

  11. Ramses Stafford

    What kids got to realize is the year Kobe scored 81 was the first year they change the rules and KEPT IT THAT WAY, they didn’t go back on it. Also for that entire game Toronto refuse to double or triple Kobe and they guarded him one on one the entire game, very stupid of them.

  12. chinedu christian

    Kobe can score 100pt in today game, if he play like Harden without trying on D

  13. Spartant2112

    If you ever put James Harden in front of Kobe. Don’t ever talk basketball.

    • Just a thought

      Can’t even believe this is a debate. James Hardin is the master of flopping, and manipulating referees, he’s not even fun to watch as he just runs into defenders screaming. Kobe gets the stamp of approval from Jordan.

    • Mohammed Mubashir

      I would not say he is flop king or anything what harden is doing is amazing he got approval of stamp from Kobe himself Kobe likes harden and remember he chose harden to create a championship team around a player, but about who is better there is no comparison when there is mamba mentality involved hands down Kobe is a bigger threat

    • Kakarot Lifted


    • Kaeo Davis

      +Just a thought For real. Plus Har_en has no d. You canʻt ask him to defend anyone. People forget there isnʻt just offense, what you do on defense is important too.

    • Harden is the most hateable player ever….still I think they meant in today’s game… T-Mac even said JH could not do it in their era

  14. Wali Muhammad

    Kobe could definitely put put up 100 in today’s nba in fact if he payed the refs like harden he could probably get 150 being allowed to travel and flop

  15. Kobe is the greatest scorer of all time period.. Nobody got hot like Kobe.. 4 straight 50 point games.. 81 points.. 62 in 3 quarters on the Mavs.. averaged 35 in a season.. Number 3 all time scorer !! Even with all these threes these boys not passing Kobe.. Cmon now and some 15 year old will say he shot this many shots or this percent I just laugh at the ignorance… He won his whole career with it more then LeBron with what he does.. And played with bums for years before Gasol who doesn’t compare to having Wade or Kyrie..

    • 사랑유라

      Kobe is a Legend #MambaMentality

    • Brave Fart

      MJ held the scoring totals for 11 seasons, highest career averages in points both in regular and post-season while shooting 50%, so no. MJ still is the greatest scorer. Only player not named Wilt Chamberlain to hit the 3000-point season. Oh, he didn’t just score, he was an animal on defense as well getting at least 200 steals and 100 blocks that same season..

  16. James Ross

    The NBA can’t compare players due to too many rule changes. If they want to compare players, stop changing the d*mn rules and let them play the same style of basketball.

  17. Joshua Thibault

    Kobe was a killer
    These guys today are good but not too many guys today have that killer instinct and competitive fire that Kobe and Jordan had plus they combined that with skill. I can’t think of a guy that come crunch time you can just see it in their eyes like Kobe and Jordan. LeBron is the opposite. You can see the fear in his eyes. Maybe Stephen Curry but he doesn’t have that dog in him. He has the skill but not as much dog. Westbrook has the dog but not the skill. LeBron has the stats but Kobe just looked like a baller. The way he moved m. The footwork and will to win. Jordan then Kobe then LeBron.

  18. Isaac Smith

    Y’all need to put some Respek on Kobe’s name

  19. You’re disrespectful Rachel. Never speak of Kobe and Harden in the same sentence. Harden is garbage while Kobe is great. Kobe played defense, Harden never did. Kobe’s got rings, Harden doesn’t.

  20. no doubt! He got the mamba mentality that nba players don’t today.

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