Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and LeBron are the only Lakers worth keeping – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball And LeBron Are The Only Lakers Worth Keeping - Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball And LeBron Are The Only Lakers Worth Keeping - Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose and Frank Vogel review the positive takeaways from LeBron James' inaugural season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Jalen and Vogel both agree Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and LeBron James are the only players on the Lakers' roster worth keeping ahead of 2019 NBA free agency.

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  1. Tyrenns

    Ingram > Kuz

  2. Jordan Davis

    If Ingram is healthy, he’s better than Kuzma or Ball

  3. No I should be traded

  4. Bill Blass

    what, no Ingram? That dude is their future 100%, ESPN is trippin

    • nellymacc91

      Kenneth Donnelly most of his points are unassisted yet he has no offense? Do y’all watch the games or do y’all just watch kuzma and Lonzo?

    • King Wizard


    • bcash NTS

      +nellymacc91 have to be able to score without the ball though.

    • Armando Prieto

      If Ingram is the future then the future is bleak

    • bcash NTS

      They way they playing they got a lottery pick coming

  5. andy lee

    So funny the media prefers Kuzma but lebron prefers Bi. Bi has way more versatility.

    • andy lee kuzma is definitely a keeper.

    • Anthony Okeiyi players get better… obviously they’re progressing.

    • Dj Mbenga Finals MVP

      Y’all forget BI don’t like taking a backseat to Lebron

    • daniel evans

      andy lee foolish and naive. kuzma a much better fit for lonzo & lbj. spot up all day. ingram may be the more complete player, he’ll garner the higher trade value and should be the odd one out.

    • Marko Todorović

      +AlphaDwg Exactly. These dudes with their reaching…he had to say something about all of his young teammates
      Bron being corny and fake

  6. A Friendly Hobo

    Ingram has shown he is the only other laker other than LeBron that can gets his. Plus he plays defense. Something Kuzma can’t do.

    • DeAndre Page

      The formula for success as a TEAMMATE OF LEBRON = spot-up shooter. 😂😂😂😂
      The previous 15 years taught us that. Brandon Ingram is HOT TRASH behind the 3-point line.
      Tries to protect his precious percentage by having LESS ATTEMPTS. The defense knows Brandon Ingram is afraid of 3-pointers which hurts Lebron James = 1 more help-defender to ignore to drop of Brandon Ingram.

    • Tbe Menace

      DeAndre Page are you a idiot he literally stepped on another players foot while dribbling anybody can do that dummy it’s basketball you act like he broke his arm or tore his Achilles or some

    • +DeAndre Page Injury prone isn’t a thing.. People said that about Curry, people said that about Kyrie.. they’re still playing and best in the league as point guards. Nice try though. He’d be better off in phoenix than with Lebron James.

  7. Honey Ant

    If the Lakers get rid of Ingram, they’ll regret it. He’ll be another D’Angelo Russell.

    • Roderick Redus

      Jason Vorhees Anyway you slice it, D’Angelo is an NBA all star. Dude doesn’t need to be Harden to prove that.

    • Thanet Phoumsavanh

      BI can even be better than Dlow

    • Jason Vorhees

      +BannedOnTV hes not the youngest person by far to be an allstar…its not hard to shine on a bad team…can he hold those numbers next to great players and win a chip….thats all im saying hes not that solid and i dont see a future for him in the league i dont think he will stay a top tier gaurd

    • Armando Prieto


  8. TheOfficialStealz

    Espn hate brandon Ingram for some reason lol dude could avg 30 for a month and they’d still say the Lakers shouldnt keep him

    • Joseph S

      Monkieeeeeee D lo was a all star because someone got hurt. let’s see next year ! LMFAOOO

    • Vloged Gamez


    • Armando Prieto

      Ingram isn’t any good

    • Roderick Redus

      Armando Prieto Ingram isn’t any good? Stop it. He averaged 18 points per game this season on 50 percent shooting from the field. You sound like a complete idiot.

  9. Andrew Castelli

    Ingram is the second best player on the team and EASILY has the highest potential out of all the young players on the Lakers. All the lakers need to do is get a better all around team in free agency and run it back. You don’t need another Star. Someone like Vucevic would work great.

    • YK World yup.

    • KicksRUs

      erniedawg Lonzo is trash but they have a higher win rate. When he’s on the floor..He’s clearly the play maker on the team.

    • The Six

      @King Wizard
      If you look at all the great games Kuz has so far verse all the good games BI has Kuz is a better scorer not saying BI is bad because I see a bit of KD in BI.

    • Firm&mir YT

      Lonzo they second best player

    • bleak cloud

      Kuzma has the highest potential ffs. What was Ingram like after his rookie year? Kuzma was putting up numbers way before his 2nd year in the league and that proved to only continue till today

  10. CanEHdian7

    Disrespecting (healthy) Ingram smh…

  11. Jay #24

    Ingram is a straight baller. Once he develops more confidence when Bron’s on the court he can be an all star. Much rather have him than kuz and ball.

    • nellymacc91

      dagreatuno123 smh

    • Stefon Piggott

      Jay #24 Jordan came in Avgin 28 don’t disrespect the Goat like that

    • Jay #24

      Stefon Piggott never disrespect Jordan come on. I’m talking about playoffs and Beyond. You know what I mean. It’s not just about points, its about playoffs and ships. Looking up Jordans early playoff years.

    • Jay #24

      nellymacc91 playoffs and ships brotha. I’m not talking about points. Ingram can score and hoop but making the playoffs and pushing it further from there.

    • Jay #24

      nellymacc91 yeah he did later on in the season he looked a lot more comfortable. He has to learn to play alongside a champion like Bron. Just like Wade, Bosh, and Bron had a slow start and they were young vets at the time. While Ingram is still young and probably not as mature as Wade and Bosh he may take longer. We keeping Ingram I hope and Jordan won his first ship at 28 years old.

  12. Ronaldofan788

    love all the young core but they gotta put some respect on brandon ingram

  13. Gabe Woodard

    I can tell you all right now Bron way rather would have BI instead of kuzma

    • Freddy Johnson

      I can tell you right now he’ll trade both of them away for ANY star he can get…Your point is still accurate, just that Lebron won’t hesitate to cut ties with both in a heart beat

  14. Adam Leon

    The Brandon Ingram hate is real. wow

  15. Fernando Gandara

    KUZ gets his points from 3s. BI does more as a complete player

  16. br 1251

    Death, taxes, and LeBron not playing defense.

    • Jason Vorhees

      And the rest of the team play defense but cant stop nobody smh

  17. Gsus Dayz

    ESPN hates Ingram so much lmao They didn’t even have Ingram on their top 25 players under 25 years old

    • Dj Mbenga Finals MVP

      Roderick Redus dude your making up numbers just stop 😂

    • Armando Prieto

      I think once he becomes good he will get more respect

    • Steve J

      Dj Mbenga Finals MVP You crazy Ingram been averaging 27 ppg since All Star break that’s Top 5 level elite scoring on any given night.

      If he even starts out like this next season then Lakers will be great next year

  18. Donkey Kong

    *Keep Ingram before he gets healthy and goes to Houston*

  19. LA Clippers

    Lakers actually have a worse record this year without Lonzo than without LeBron. Just sayin’. Lonzo actually plays hard on both sides.

    • LA Lakers

      LA Clippers big fax

    • isaac Knight

      LA Clippers you mean gash Zoe

    • Steve J

      Remind me lol, when did Lonzo drop 51 points on the Miami Heat this year? Oh right never..

      So until further notice, it’s LeBron #1 player on the team, and everyone else is tradable

  20. King Fetty Wap

    Not worth keeping Rondo? He’s the real leader of that time

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