Kyler Murray is in top 5 of my 2019 NFL draft projection – Mel Kiper Jr. | Get Up!

Kyler Murray Is In Top 5 Of My 2019 NFL Draft Projection – Mel Kiper Jr. | Get Up!

RSS - Kyler Murray Is In Top 5 Of My 2019 NFL Draft Projection – Mel Kiper Jr. | Get Up! Sport News Today

Mel Kiper Jr. joins Get Up! to explain why he will have Kyler Murray in the top 5 of his draft projection as we get closer to the 2019 NFL draft because teams that need a quarterback would trade up to get a talent like Murray. However, Mike Greenberg is skeptical about Kyler Murray's NFL potential because of his height and the limited success that shorter quarterbacks have had in the NFL.

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  1. Neighborhood Crackhead

    Dwayne Haskins > Kyler Murray

  2. fake Refund HD aka KP, wildlion423

    He’s gonna be a bust

    • Martin Realzola

      The dude was excellent since high school. I lived in the area he went to school at. He will Excel in the league too

  3. Another bust in the making.

  4. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Mel Kiper mock drafts are horrible and notorious for being wrong

  5. Eli Kulin

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that mel had johnny Manziel going number one to the texans of Clowney.

  6. Andre Salazar

    At the QB position this kid is lined-up to be an obvious bust, mainly because he’s too scared to be a minor-leaguer for more than a season & earn his spot on an MLB team, which is easily one of the hardest things to do in sports besides hitting a curveball! He’s obviously too short to be an effective QB in the NFL!

    • Mike Jones

      You’ll be deleting this comment before the new year.

    • Derek Deford

      It’s roblox girl and boy Lol If you love the nfl and madden then check out my upcoming channel and subscribe please god bless

    • Andre Salazar

      +Mike Jones How much you want to bet?? He’s not better than Doug Flutie + he’s shorter = BUST!! #PrettyObvious He’s avoiding the SAFER, more LUCRATIVE game of baseball to START in the NFL because he knows being a star in MLB is WAY more difficult + might not happen at all = he’ll get injured for sure & that will affect his playing time = his replacement is already working on his throwing & health! #DaFacts #reality #duh

    • Mike Jones

      +Andre Salazar You will become a believer soon.. Denial is always the first stage..

    • Andre Salazar

      +Mike Jones It won’t take long for him to regret his decision! #DaFacts

  7. Shaft Canyoudigit

    Too small.

    • Shaft Canyoudigit “Size, is only a symbol of intimidation, to the one that be most doubted to have victory”

      -LERI 199_

  8. funny how when a black man is almost the same stature as mayfield, more athletic, and more shifty in the pocket, hes considered a bust before he even played an nfl down. and the white guy is the new white hope for the browns

    • +DJ Kevgeez a quick google search will tell you youre wrong big fella

    • Jeffrey Abbey

      +FailStreet exactly lol

    • Jeffrey Abbey

      Baker is better all around than kyler Murray.

      What the?

    • Bryan Acosta

      +FailStreet oh look another black guy playing the race card… Dude no one mentioned race in this video yet you’re the first one to bring it up… Just ignore the fact every other position is dominated by black people

    • Ezra Azizo

      Mike Jones you wanna compare every running qb to wilson. What about rg3 and all the other running qbs that didnt pan out

  9. Jerome t Green

    1 big hit and his career is over

  10. Charles Moore

    Kyler Murray will be a failure.

  11. It’s roblox girl and boy Lol

    “I hope he can find success like Doug Flutie but on a better level”

    Haskins is the real deal! = Warren 🌙 type

  12. First Last

    Imagine someone taking Dan Orlovsky seriously.
    Wasn’t he the guy that ran out of bounds in his own end zone?

  13. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Isn’t he the Raiders Gm or something??? He still giving these Mock drafts.??

  14. Michael Walters

    Imagine ignoring all of a players obvious talents and not taking him because of a couple inches…lol Kyler is obviously the most talented QB in this draft. Haskins is great as well. Not knocking him, but I keep hearing “ if Kyler was 6’0 he’d go number 1.” What?!?! So he’s obv talented enough. TAKE HIM. Crazy!

  15. Murray is going to be a bust, come back to this comment after next season.

    • Can’t be a bust after year 1 look at RG3

    • +youso91 look at Manziel. You can tell Manziel was a bust. You guys gonna give him 4-5 years like Jamies Winston? So he can ruin your team?

    • +wuz wuz Manziel wasn’t serious about football and was a alcoholic and more concern about the being the life of the party. Kyler is nothing like that at all also whoever kyler drafted by is 100x better then Mike Pettine

    • Aaron Smith

      wuz wuz

      You’re wrong now and you’ll be wrong then.

    • +Aaron Smith nope I will stand correct. Come back to this comment when you realize how much he regrets going into football.

  16. chase nicolai

    Kyler aside, “No one ever gets rich from betting on things to happen that have never happened before” HAHA How does this make any sense.

  17. DJ Kevgeez

    Big head Mel Kiper doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  18. Super saiyan 3 Roku

    Dan Orklosky is the worst.

    Why is ESPN trolling us with this guy? #WhiteRyanHollins

  19. Jeffrey Abbey

    Kyler is going to need a strong o line

    His pocket presence isn’t as good as Brees/Wilson.

    Just not the same. He will be running for his life

    Good take D orlovsky

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