Kyler Murray pleased with his Pro Day, has no regrets about choosing football | SportsCenter

Kyler Murray Pleased With His Pro Day, Has No Regrets About Choosing Football | SportsCenter

RSS - Kyler Murray Pleased With His Pro Day, Has No Regrets About Choosing Football | SportsCenter Sport News Today

2019 NFL draft QB prospect Kyler Murray joins Todd McShay and Marty Smith after impressing scouts at Oklahoma Pro Day and discusses showcasing his talent, the draft process and making the decision to play football over baseball.

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  1. Jan-Michael Vincent

    You know at first I said no way the Cardinals take him with the first pick but with the way things have been going in the NFL I wouldn’t be surprised if they did pick him

  2. LeeTravius Mckay

    Kyler is just so calm and chill during the whole drafting process

    • Kenzen Kong

      LeeTravius Mckay he knows he’s good and if it doesn’t work out he can just play baseball

  3. AlphaDwg

    You can tell football is his love and baseball is just something he’s good at

    • AlphaDwg yep, more of a spotlight. Long term i feel he’d be better in football too. It’s clearly more fun and enjoyable for him. $ isn’t the only thing that matters in life & it’s clear he believes that.

    • Agron Legioneras

      +Dan 3 No…Money lol

    • Agron Legioneras he’ll make a lot of $ regardless. His stardom and everything came from football. He clearly loves football more.

    • Agron Legioneras

      +Dan 3 Money!!!

    • Agron Legioneras

      haha just playin hope the kid does what he loves

  4. Nah I want to see his 40 time. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Justin Kiker

      +esils you know he’s a stud quarterback and so does all of his high school, college and pro coaches everyone who has watched him play knows he can beat you with his feet and arm so what’s there more to talk about

    • Justin Kiker

      +esils don’t worry he will be in Arizona next week and if the cardinals ask him to run he’s going to run for you but then does it really matter because you already think he’s underrated

    • Justin Kiker

      +esils he had more carries for runs last year than any other running back on the whole Sooners squad

    • Justin Kiker have you ever heard of a hall of fame qb refusing to run the 40? Hell no. I’m not saying he can’t play. But I don’t think he will have a better career than Haskins

    • Justin Kiker

      +esils so now the truth really comes out you are hating on him because he has gotten more attention than Haskin has well guess you are gonna just have to suck it up

  5. l ICE C0LD l

    He sounds like xxxtentacion

    • Pablo Diaz

      Johnmark Lopez …

    • GameMaster Gary

      bro i thought the exact same thing but after listening for a couple minutes he does sound different.

  6. ecalls 85

    He looks the same size as Mcsahy and the other guy. I hope AZ takes him the more teams reach better for my team to get good players.

  7. james d

    I hope nothing for the best for this guy. He’s being attacked for no reason and he stays humble. Let the tape speak for itself kyler won’t have to defend himself then.

    • Johnmark Lopez you can’t even spell grammar yet hating on his comment. You are a lame.

    • Johnmark Lopez

      +Ali M LMFAO I was waiting for this took you long enough hoe lol so what are you backing up this guy ?, stfu you beta male

    • Johnmark Lopez you waited on youtube for another person to respond? Lol thats what beta males do. You just proved you are a beta male. So what you want to do amigo? You keyboard warrior.

    • Michael M

      james d you’re exactly right. I’ve never seen so much hate on a guy. I just don’t understand it. Think it’s because he’s so talented?

  8. Uja-Thuh-Wid Mink

    Sooners with back 2 back Heisman
    Back 2 back 1st picks!!!

    • eyesstayred 420

      Also no back to back national title games either

    • Uja-Thuh-Wid Mink

      +eyesstayred 420 back to back national championship has happened before
      Back 2 back #1 however has not

    • eyesstayred 420

      +Uja-Thuh-Wid Mink who cares where someone gets drafted doesn’t make them better then anyone drafted in the last round

    • Uja-Thuh-Wid Mink

      +eyesstayred 420 *Yawns*

  9. R.I P Camouflage

    He Said Lilttle Kyler Murray Extra Shade

    • Michael M

      R.I P Camouflage he was talking about his younger self. Kyler said he envisioned all of this success.

  10. Tyler The Multiplier

    I wonder if he used a inversion table to hit 5’10 1/8th I hope this guy balls out for a long time!

  11. Kristopher Barrera

    Why tf does it look like a green screen

  12. MarloSoBalJr

    I gave him flack for handling a couple of interviews and him not choosing MLB. I’ll hold myself responsible for it but this guy is change a franchise no matter where goes. Teams that need a QB, need to go for him.

  13. caracasaltavista

    That was a good interview!

  14. Tristan Le Coz

    why does he always sound like he just woke up

  15. DJ Kevgeez

    There is no way in hell he is over 5’9”

  16. Ryan Tamondong

    The only thing that’ll make me stay as a Giants fan is when Kyler gets drafted by them.

  17. He didn’t decide to run because he was still overweight and wouldn’t have the time he wants. He had to take 30 pounds. You can see from previous interviews like he’s burping.

  18. Get in the CHOPPAAA

    Unless AZ picks up other players to put around him, there is no way he will succeed there. AZ should trade off this pick and use it to get several good players. Changing the QB for a team that is all around bad isn’t going to do anything. But it kind of makes me want AZ to pick him just so we can all see what he can do what he isn’t surrounded by some of the top talent in the country and has to play against teams that actually play defense, instead of what he faced in college which was not that much.

  19. Blake Clements

    Hope football doesn’t work out for him so he can come back to the A’s

  20. These dudes be saying “obviously” hella times lol

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