Lakers should shut LeBron James down for season, focus on 2019-20 – Paul Pierce | The Jump

Lakers Should Shut LeBron James Down For Season, Focus On 2019-20 - Paul Pierce | The Jump

RSS - Lakers Should Shut LeBron James Down For Season, Focus On 2019-20 - Paul Pierce | The Jump Sport News Today

Michelle Beadle, Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups of NBA Countdown discuss the ongoing struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers following their loss vs. the Atlanta Hawks, with Pierce saying the team should shut LeBron James down for the season and focus on 2019-20. They then (1:53) discuss the abysmal game from Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans vs. the Orlando Magic and his subsequent comments, and (3:20) comments made by Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder after another triple-double.

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  1. Raul Martinez

    How idiotic does Paul Pierce sound 😂 cmon you gonna listen to what this Celtic says cut it out

  2. Fang Dragneel

    Is it me or does Paul just says things because he likes to hear himself talk

    • John Cincy

      +jeff cordova LeBron is the mistake? Not drafting shitty players like lonzo? LeBron is by far the best player on on their team. He still an elite player. Not to mention they traded a couple players that are now thriving on other teams..

    • jeff cordova

      +John Cincy your elite LeBron James is proving he isn’t the GOAT this season in L.A.

    • John Cincy

      +jeff cordova I don’t even think he’s the bet SF of all time. I got Larry bird above LeBron. But to say the Lakers made a mistake by signing LeBron is just foolish bruh. He’s literally the only bright spot on the roster. Kuzma is decent and the rest of the young players are awful. LeBron will at least generate money for the franchise, and honestly he’s the only reason why the Lakers even had a chance to make the playoffs this year. And if he didn’t get hurt I’d be willing to bet they’d still be top 5 in the west. You’re Calling LeBron a mistake when last year the Lakers just drafted an injury prone PG with no aggressiveness that can’t shoot at all and has a free throw % worse then shaqs… But LeBron is the mistake tho?

    • Hayden Dumalag

      Lebron needed to team up with Wade and Bosh to win first title
      Lebron needed Kyrie Irving to win game 7 against GSW
      Lebron needed Ray Allen to win game 7 against Spurs
      Lebron needed Kobe Bryant to win Olympics gold


    • Jonathan G

      paul pierce is a lebron/laker hater its so obvious

  3. Is Paul Pierce brain made of 🥜?

    • Christopher Graves

      +9Master_Mind3 I know ppl dont get it…risk him self to injuries playing 35 plus just to get beat by the warriors

    • Ruth Mitt

      Presley HD yes because you criticize Lebron when he made it the finals and lost to the warriors

    • TJ Smith u feel me bruh . How you gonna tell a team to shut down they best player ? All them fans pay tickets to see LEBRON

  4. EnjoyableTeddy

    Paul still mad bout rondo game winner 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Back2Bible Vids

      I can imagine him yelling at his TV RONDO NOOOOOOOO WHAT YOU DOIN RAJON!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Johnny Nacho

    For a former NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, Paul Pierce has to be the worst analyst on ESPN besides Ryan Hollins.

    • Team Patrol Inc - Armed/Unarmed Security Guard Services. Serving The San Gabriel Valley

      Maybe they paid him to say that

    • Boogie Loo

      Johnny Nacho – not being flattering of LbJ constantly doesn’t make him a bad analyst, smh.

    • Johnny Nacho Naa Rob parker but paul top 5 tho

    • Hayden Dumalag

      Lebron needed to team up with Wade and Bosh to win first title
      Lebron needed Kyrie Irving to win game 7 against GSW
      Lebron needed Ray Allen to win game 7 against Spurs
      Lebron needed Kobe Bryant to win Olympics gold


    • Mf really made a fake Ryan account just to come to this one comment. I swear a lot of these people have no life, smh. 🤦🏾

  6. Prof. Oak

    He just say the Paul Pierce mentality? chill bro

  7. airzii airzii

    Paul Pierce still mad at LeBron to this day 😂😂😂

  8. Superduper A

    Chauncey’s reaction is literally everyone in the comment section lol

  9. Krabby Patty

    Paul Pierce is having a MIDLIFE CRISIS

  10. Obama DaShooter

    You know you sorry if you can’t make the playoffs with LeBron James on your team 😂😂

    • DJ Maxamillion

      Don’t give up on the Lakers, give them time to build chemistry. A young team with a young incompetent coach going through an onslaught of injuries.

      Lakers went 35-47 last year and 26-56 the year before that, 17-65 the year before that.

      I guess they’ve been moving in the right direction somewhat since Kobe left, they haven’t shown the ineptitude of the Knicks during this rebuild.

    • R3Börñ Jûp!tër

      DJ Maxamillion how can they build a team chemistry when they losing to the cavs…..

    • DJ Maxamillion

      You probably don’t watch Basketball do you?

    • +DJ Maxamillion
      Cornball brother is back.

    • +Anthony Gavins
      1. He missed 16 games and pussied out against the Warriors.

      2. They still lost 18 games with Lebron playing. 14 losses at the start and recently got raped by the Hawks, 76ers, Pacers and Warriors.

  11. did he really say paul piece mentality

  12. James Taylor

    People act like he’s the only player on the team. Anybody not understand basketball is a team sport? It takes a whole team to either win or lose. Yes I’m a LeBron fan and always will be. And yes, I do hate seeing where the Lakers are at right now. But not everybody is gonna win. LeBron is just a human being like everybody else. He’s not gonna carry his team for the rest of his life. Same goes to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Steph Curry, Allen Iverson, Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, whoever. Those that retired couldn’t carry them all the time. It takes a team to win ball games. So what if he’s 3-6 or 0-9. I’ll always be a fan of him. There’s no such thing as the best player in the world or the best team in the world. Everyone has there own accomplishments and goals in there lives. People forget how hard he’s worked going to the finals or donating money for kids to go to school. Or even build a school. Nobody rarely sees that anymore. Just wish people quit ranting about the guy just because he loses

  13. The Truth

    Paul Pierce, the YES man to Michelle Beadle… Hahaha. Shut Lebron down and cave in to competition? Stop coonin son.

  14. caracasaltavista

    Really Paul Pierce????? What kind of dumb advice is that?

  15. There’s literally 1/3 left of the season and you wanna rest him because they can’t beat GS? Then why doesn’t he just retire and come back when GS breaks up and same for every other player cuz nobody can beat GS right now. Paul Pierce really something else smh

  16. jon snipe

    billups would make a great coach

  17. Cissy Mac

    Paul Pierce constantly compares himself to guys in the league today. Get over it Paul, your time has come and gone!!

  18. Manuel Filimon

    Paul pierce is like Lavar, except he doesn’t speak this game into existence and is not as entertaining.

  19. Manuel Filimon

    LeBron is the biggest reason they are in this spot. He ain’t a good teacher and leader. He needs to learn Kobe. He is lazy on defence and he ain’t with the team. He would t take a shot for the team. He is just a face there.

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