Le’Veon Bell knew he was ‘not welcome’ with Steelers – Marcus Spears

Le'Veon Bell Knew He Was ‘not Welcome’ With Steelers - Marcus Spears

RSS - Le'Veon Bell Knew He Was ‘not Welcome’ With Steelers - Marcus Spears Sport News Today

Marcus Spears gives his thoughts on Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell not showing up, saying once he knew he wasn't welcome in the Steelers' locker room it was obvious he wouldn't be there for the season.

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  1. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    If somebody you “cool” with calls you, you’re gonna answer right..?
    Health before money was LeVeon position this season.. It cost him alot of 💰… Will he get paid next season is the question now…

  2. Mannysworld 85

    I’m just waiting for Conner to keep putting up numbers, and then when it’s time to pay him how the Steelers go about it.

    • Arm Strong

      Nos thats RNS

    • Arm Strong

      +Knowledge Seeker Steelers philosophy,, tell to BILL COWHER, ROD WOODSON, SANTANA HOLMES, KELVIN GREEN, GREG LLYOD JAMES HARRISON, LARGARETT BLOUNT, AND OTHERS Heniz Ward, had to fight for his money Antonio Brown, is year to year,, allowed Niel O’Donnell, to leave with no back up ,,oh I forgot,, Mike tomzack, I bet u must Steelers fans don’t no who the duck he is,, I live the Steelers, but they do run a slave camp, oh like to forgot about Ryan Clark, Larry foote, Levon Kirkland,, we should have 10 Superbowls

    • Michael S

      The Steelers gave Bell a good contract. Bell wanted most of it upfront. Bell is just another player and the way the Steelers are playing they do not miss Bell.

    • Arm Strong

      +Michael S do u think that now

    • Duane Elliott

      if the Steelers did this to lavon and antiono Brown wants to be traded well if Connor starts saying he wants more money now because I deserve it welcome to the franchise tag Connor or the Steelers will bench you for another low cost running back and try to ruin your value to. So Conner remember that it could be you next time. just how the nfl does business. I am a raider fan and gruedon was not a good choice- mayook as a scout or manager of the scouting division yes as a general manager not sure but dealing with people is different than watching film or doing an interview with a college player going to the nfl. I hope the city of Oakland wins because it will change the way the nfl operates and they will be forced to use their own money to build and maintain stadiums or will have to repay back the cities or States that helped them out.

  3. Reginald Williams

    I can’t wait for L Bell Sunday Conversation with Lisa Salsbury

  4. Nathan Frantz

    They offer him a $70mil contract and he thinks he’s not welcome

    • Chris Fellows

      +Arm Strong gurley and Johnson got more than 10 million more guaranteed.

    • Wraith Black

      After jipping him 3 yrs

    • Wraith Black

      +prdamico no greedier than the owners

    • Fredrick Williams

      He want that Todd Hurley money

    • +Wraith Black that is correct, both are out of control.
      when I have to drop $1000 to take me, my girl n 2 kids just to watch men play a game……..
      when does it stop ?
      look at any NFL hightlight video from this year, you will see a lot of empty seats in most stadiums……………
      add to that, the NFL is making defenders play with one hand, cause high scoring games drive up TV revinue, but stadiums still have empty seats.

      pay $145 a month during football seasons to watch games, or drop $1000 to go to one…..most families can only afford to watch on tv at home, a friends or a bar/club,

  5. He’ll end up in Indianapolis or something to die. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Donna Morgan

    Well, he brought his non-welcoming on himself. After no show on week 8 after the team was struggling they were done. Men are humans also. They clearly felt he wasn’t concerned about them, so why should we care if he gets his money or return at this point. His hold out became a major distraction and drama. Steelers don’t like foolish like the cowboys. Headlines for all the wrong reasons as Stephen A. Smith would say. They want team players not hostiges

  7. Desmond Barnes

    The guy is not a Steeler anymore. Everything else doesn’t matter anymore. He’s gone. Nobody cares anymore how good he was with the Steelers. He’s not a Steeler anymore. Get over it. Guys didn’t like him. He was a cancer. That’s why they spoke up about him. I wish him well. But he’s not a Steeler anymore.

    • +DJ Kevgeez Of course it’s all about the team; ask Vince Lombardi. It’s not like the guy was on food stamps…

    • Jesus Ramirez so what you are saying is if your first job opportunity is at a McDonald’s, you would stay loyal to them until retirement. And never seek a higher paying opportunity??????? It’s ok when the owner wants to keep franchising him & squeezing him for everything he’s worth until he’s damaged goods then cut him and throw him away. But when the player stands up for himself now it’s a problem. FOH!!!!

    • boosie Parson

      And u will never b a Steeler

  8. “Ben understands how important Le’veon has been to his career.” I don’t know what’s up with these Le’veon Bell jock riders. Never seen anything like it. Ben was a Super Bowl winner and Pro Bowler before Bell ever came to Pittsburgh, and now that he’s gone, Ben is having one of the best seasons of his career. Just how “important” was he?

    • Rollo Sanford

      +Brian Clapperton Bell ran people over but that wasnt his first option or his go to move but if they needed a yard h lowered his shoulder and did that if need be

    • Brian Clapperton

      +Rollo Sanford he ran by them.. made them miss… but there is seldom a time where he went head to head with a linebacker and laid him out

    • Christopher Lawrence

      donnell brown u seem to b obsessed wit dissing the Steelers …. did they abuse ur team; was the score ugly 🤨/🤔 #SteelersChasingTreasure #🏆💍 #7th #UJustGettingYoTrollOn #👹

    • Absolute truth

      How is that best season of his career today? Another dumbass I see. How is that Connor working out the last few weeks. LMBAO

  9. Jerris Mcbride

    Okay he not coming let’s move on now this been the same topic for like 2 or 3 months

  10. Marcus Spears clearly doesnt realise that Le’Veon got finessed by his agent
    Bell did not have a plan from the get go

    • Nick Gonzalez

      How?? 😂 he doing it just like he should

    • EasySnake

      How did his agent finesse him? LeVeon pays his agent a percentage of his earnings. If he makes no money his agent earns nothing. Maybe his agent made a mistake but he was trying his best

    • Christopher Lawrence

      EasySnake 😭, according to u. We’ll have to wait an see cus as it stands it looks like his agent saw 🤑 & encouraged him to make a decision solely based on tht. None of the other additives of playing for an outfit like the Steelers could have been taken into *SERIOUS* acct. I’m going wit “finessed” until otherwise

    • EasySnake

      Christopher Lawrence
      He’s agent makes a percentage of what he makes. Look I think his agent made a mistake and he assumed the Steelers would break trade him, but it turns out the Steelers were willing to just let him miss this year and get nothing from him. Now Bell is one year older and will probably never make back the amount of money he lost this year. Agents always want their clients to make the most money possible because that’s how they make they most money possible. His agent was dumb. His agent was not trying to trick him.

  11. Desmond Barnes

    Everyone that tries to hold the Steelers organization hostage it doesn’t end well for them. Ask Mike Wallace. He’s just the latest one.

    • Wraith Black

      Wallace isn’t Bell

    • Sounds like the Steelers organization is trying to hold Bell hostage by keep using the franchise tag on him. If you are better off without Bell and dont want to pay him what he deserves then just let him go. Why keep holding on to a player that don’t want to play for you especially when you have your RB of the future in James Conner. Maybe you don’t know what hostage mean. Mike Tomlin said he doesn’t want hostages. If that is true why keep trying to hold on to Bell.

    • Desmond Barnes

      +Romel H the players agreed to the cba. Everyone wants to forget about that. No forced them to sign it. Just like the players use it to their advantage. The organizations can too. Their going to get something for him. One way or another. He held the STEELERS hostage. Now the’re going to hold him hostage. It’s Business man. Only Business. Lol 😆 We are BETTER without him.

    • boosie Parson

      +Desmond Barnes you sound stupid

    • Desmond Barnes

      +boosie Parson you’re stupid. Do you know what happened with Wallace and the cba? Probably not. Too stupid to understand.

  12. Ryan Smith

    What?? Ben made Le’veon if anything.

  13. Oh please. He didn’t come back because he felt unwelcome?

    Let’s be real here. If the Steelers were a hot mess, no running game, losses just stacking up. Bell returns – he has the opportunity to turn things around like he believes he could and then his market come next year is THROUGH THE ROOF.

    But the reality is that Conner is doing better at this small sample size than L Bell had ever done in his entire career. The Steelers are rolling and put together 5 wins in a row. How likely is it that he would have returned having zero football reps and performed better than Conner has the first half of the season…uhhh almost none. Are the Steelers gonna play better than they have the past 5 games? Maybe, but they got some really tough games coming up against the bolts, saints and pats. All that would do is dampen his value next year. That’s why he left Miami and probably planned to join back (I’m assuming it wasn’t for a pick up game of basketball) but then thought…nah, how do I come out ahead in this scenario. You don’t. So he made the best of a bad situation that he got himself into and decided to sit it out. Not because he felt unwelcome?!? What is this, kindergarten.

    • Christopher Lawrence

      Komainu GEEZUS, I want to shake ur hand ! Reading this was like being in tht episode of “The Twilight Zone” were the guy is the only person in this small twn; I’m tht guy only this time I found another actual person ! Not just a manikins like most of the idiots on this show & in these comments 😭

  14. Shaun McDaniel

    I don’t think the players were “backing” the front office, I believe they want to win a Super Bowl, and thought Leveon lied to them. I think Big Ben, and that O-Line with 4 Pro Bowlers helped Leveon become what he is, more than Leveon helping Big Ben. Big Ben is putting up MONSTER numbers without him now, and did before Leveon was drafted.

  15. Hard Road

    Mark my words, Bells career is going downhill from here. Don’t get me wrong! I’m a Steelers fan and I would love to see that they work things out. But Some people get too ungrateful and greedy! Well time waits for no men, and people don’t tolerate that kind of behavior anymore.

  16. I wish everyone will let Le’Veon take ownership of his decision. He was offered a contact he refused, he was franchised, he didn’t sign. All of it was within his right and the Steeler Organization was within their right. A Deal wasn’t reached. Lets move on. No one invest in past performance, they invest in future potential.

  17. Le’Veon got us to ZERO Super Bowls. So saying Ben needed Le’Veon is a JOKE.

  18. jnyfumare

    Le’Veon Bell alienated his team mates, the organization and the coaching staff. He messed up so badly it’s sad. He will end up like Mike Wallace only much worse.

  19. NO ONE is talking about the epicenter of this ‘personal’ matter with Le’Veon. Before whether he was liked or not, he couldn’t be trusted for years… FOR YEARS. Research his open use of drugs, traffic stops, showing up high for / on chartered flights, reporting late for training camp annually, never finishing a full season, manipulating his teammates and the organization against one another, never crediting the offensive line publicly, consistent tardiness, locker room cancer with heavy influence on younger players, speculation around drug tests / compliance with testing protocal, ongoing substance issues, ongoing statements regarding his financial demands played out PUBLICLY over 3 seasons – including the night before last year’s playoff whipping at home to JAX… Must I continue??? This isn’t about ‘business’ with the players going at him, it’s personal. A bad teammate who was enabled, yet showed no loyalty to those who’ve contributed to his successes at the cost of their very own expense.

  20. Darceil Reed

    Andy Reid after this loss we need you to draft Mack Wilson are first pick no matter what move up to get him

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