Le’Veon Bell’s deal is a win for the Jets, but the Steelers are big losers – Stephen A. | First Take

Le'Veon Bell's Deal Is A Win For The Jets, But The Steelers Are Big Losers - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Le'Veon Bell's Deal Is A Win For The Jets, But The Steelers Are Big Losers - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith sees the New York Jets as winners by signing free agent Le'Veon Bell, but says Bell failed to establish a new market for NFL running backs. Max Kellerman does not expect Sam Darnold to lead the Jets to the playoffs even with the addition of Bell and Tedy Bruschi says Bell avoided a situation he was not comfortable with by leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. Marco Ortiz

    Giants lose Collins and Odell, Steelers lose AB and Le’veon. Max and Stephen A tryna figure out why their teams hate them 😂😂

    • thomas homer

      Amario Wade And Bell is also injury prone & another drug suspension!! Connor is a class act & will get nothing but better!! The Steelers got quite a few draft picks and just picked Stephen the cornerback from K.C.!! The Steelers removed the Toxic twins from the team & with our picks plus the dude from K.C. & I’m sure they have a few more free agents up their sleeve the Steelers will be right in the middle of the hunt next season!! WORD!!

    • cortezmauricio1989

      Marco Ortiz I mean Steelers always choke tho like dallas


      +Patrick Carey 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • strawhats100

      +joe blow y’all didn’t sign Earl Thomas or any other marquee free agents. And Eagles got muuch better. I don’t think the Cowboys are in a position to be laughing at anyone right now.

    • Ben Dover

      cortezmauricio1989 im 22 years old seen the steelers in 3 super bowls sooo idk what u talking about

  2. Akhil Krishnan

    1:14-1:15. Stephen a smith was about to say our ability to pass gas lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. StudioSJS

    Basically they have to hope Connor and juju ball out. Steelers fans, start praying for a good season because this might be a long season cause y’all still have diva Big Ben playing with them 52 kids.

    • AmbrizFer

      +Aisian ThreeQUISIANS last year the defense was top 10

    • AmbrizFer

      If the Steelers some how pull of a Superbowl next year I will start laughing because I wouldn’t know now what to think of brown and Bell

    • FuckingHateTwilight

      +AmbrizFer The last time we won a Super Bowl we were rank the number one defensive team in the league, so the only way that can happen is if we become a great defensive team again and Bell & AB are not defensive players.

    • FuckingHateTwilight

      +AmbrizFer Our defense looked great last year.

    • Brad Austin

      The Steelers will be fine. Not like that haven’t done this before. LoL. Steelers won superbowls WITHOUT them. Steelers were great BEFORE those 2. Will be great after them. I bet dollars to donuts that Roethlisberger lights it up this season. Chip on his shoulder now, a fire. Wait and see.

  4. Lil Dagga

    Aye Stephen A seems to me the Pittsburgh Steelers an accident waiting to happen 😭😭

  5. Mans was able to take a year long vacation, & still get 35 mill with a chance to earn 61 mill. That will forever be a W.

    • eoe123321

      +TC Johnson You are right, he actually lost money on his free time, not only that but now he is in a crap team that will not get even close to the playoffs lol. Big L for LB.

    • Black N Gold

      He lost 15 mil for his last season if he wasn’t a little baby about staying healthy because he knows he can’t…and we offered him 75 MIL max….where’s the W

    • +TrayQuan Williams I been trying to break it down to these kids but i’m realizing they are just Steeler fans who are mad that they are done Till they get another QB. Ben will get exposed this year the Steelers will probably hold on for another year before even starting their rebuild. Also contracts and math aren’t their strong suit.

    • Justin Black

      TC Johnson bell basically said
      Steelers wanted to wait to give me money jets gave me it now that 14 mill he will make back quicker than u think

    • Will Hopkins

      Yea but he got 35 mil gautanteed upfront thats wat players wamt that gauranteed money plues he got Incentives i believe

  6. DreDaGr8$

    No team was going to pay him outlandish 💰they didn’t want what he did to become a trend and the NFL wins yet again

    • Randall Gay


    • Brock Lobster

      +Randall Gay – Its because Bell is a RB. Cousins is a QB at the most generous offensive era in NFL history, so even average QB’s like him, Stafford, and Foles are getting paid far beyond their actual worth. RB’s have a short life span and GM’s are using that as an excuse to shortchange Le’Veon.

    • eoe123321

      DreDaGr8$ No team will pay him that much because he is not that impactful to the team as the QB is for example, just look the Steelers, they never won the superbowl with him and almost made the playoffs last year without him. He is a RB and is easier to find replacement at his position than in others. Its just how the things are, look at the center position in the nba nowadays, its the same thing, basically worthless. The money you would pay LB is better used spreading around to get defensive players for example.

    • Kanye south

      eoe123321 are you stupid since when were centers in nba irrelevant ? 🧐

    • Kanye south

      You still need a big man every one uses one don’t speak if you don’t know bout ball .

  7. Mike Mitch

    Damn now i have to buy Madden, dammit lol

    • jbentley8383

      Wait till Madden 20 tho…😋

    • xXultimatePANDAXx

      DONT BUY IT! They just care about selling packs in ultimate team this past madden was one of the worst in years

    • Buck Beak1252

      If you are going to buy Madden get one of the older ones like Madden NFL 15 or one of the newer ones like Madden NFL 17

    • jbentley8383

      Its was?
      Can’t you just play the game and get the Gold-Elite players in the packs you win?
      I mean it may take a while(months), but you get your skills and players up.

      (I got Madden 17 btw..waiting to get an XBox One and Madden 20)

    • Alexander Perkins

      I’ve been boycotting EA personally but I need a new football game, but EA is awful for only adding stuff to MUT

  8. The Steelers and Giants are trolling Max and SAS. 💀😂

  9. kasper rieberg

    No lebron talk today ??!! The worlds gone mad

    • cortezmauricio1989

      kasper rieberg no lechoke in 6 finals James talk with overrated stats is always a good day lol

    • They diverted to queen diva durant and princess kyrie

    • Beatsro 23

      cortezmauricio1989 lebron is not an chocked dumbass clown 🤡 he’s a top 5 player of all time dumbfuck

    • Beatsro 23

      cortezmauricio1989 keep acting tough on the internet

    • DeQuan Harvelle

      Peter Griffin scratches his balls while playing a corpse “Thank God”

  10. foo95ify


  11. R McElhaney

    Jets rabid superfan Fireman Ed has to be in heaven! His Jets add Le’Veon Bell, while the archrival Giants lose Odell Beckham Jr. I’m sure Fireman Ed’s glad he’s a Jets backer and not a Giants one!

    • Archrivals? Is that really how jets fan see the giants? I’ve always been a jets fan but I never once saw the giants as archrivals. More like a friendly rivalry if anything. Maybe that’s because I grew up with giants fans all around me

    • Playah Dub

      +glonik na nyg not worth being rivals with

      No1 really takes those fluke sbs serious

      So now we are happy to see the death of nyg

      And the uprising of nyj

  12. Jay Gibson

    If Alvin Kamara continues on his trajectory he could be the player to reset the market and establish a new position

    • FPS Larry III

      Jay Gibson hell no. His numbers aren’t even better than LeVeon Bell. Not even close.

    • Ralph Da Don

      Kamara returns kicks 2. He does more than every other rb

    • taylor860gang

      I thought bell was supposed to do that? Lol wrong. Seems like the Jets are the only team to make an offer

    • Jay Gibson I don’t think kamara gettin 400+ touches

    • Anthony Sheridan

      +taylor860gang he’s getting 13 mill a year as a rb who sat out last year look at the market that’s really good money

  13. Freddy Johnson

    SAS bout to hop back on the eagles bandwagon now, finna be bringing up for the 100th time how long he worked for the Philadelphia national inquiry

    • that would be a smart choice😉

    • LaKaine Boss Fly Williams

      Facts !! I been in philly for 17+years beat writer, columnist, etc.. blah blah!!😂😂😂

  14. Mike Elton

    How does green bay with a hall a fame quarterback not get either bell or brown? Wasting the generational talent of Roger’s such a shame!

  15. ACE SOLO

    Max is a hater! How you say the jets didn’t make the right move by getting Bell the best RB in NFL at 26 years old not to mention a year of rest on the body.

  16. Jose reyes

    Max kellerman dude seriously stick with boxing man forreal

  17. William Bruce

    If Bell is going to keep whinning then the Jets don`t need him!

  18. Teresa Poole

    Everyone is saying what Pittsburg should have done why go back and forth its done so let’s wait and see what happens

  19. Chuck Shumar

    You need a good o line to have bell run the way he does don’t think the jets got that

  20. nathaniel porter

    These players never won anything.


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