Le’Veon Bell’s deal with Jets means goal with holdout was unsuccessful – Stephen A. | First Take

Le'Veon Bell's Deal With Jets Means Goal With Holdout Was Unsuccessful - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Le'Veon Bell's Deal With Jets Means Goal With Holdout Was Unsuccessful - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Louis Riddick analyze Le'Veon Bell's four-year, $52.5 million deal with the New York Jets and if his holdout with the Pittsburgh Steelers hurt his financial earning value at the running back position.

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  1. Hassan Haulcy

    I’m actually surprised these dudes ain’t bring up the Lakers today. Feels great hearing new topics

    • Kim Stuart

      the ironic part about that is that they talk about the lakers everyday they dont play games, they talked about the lakers the 18 games bron was out, they talked about the lakers when he came back and they went 3-10…and when they have one of their best all around games of the season, they don’t bring them up lmao

    • Louis Adams

      It’s because the Lakers are out of the playoffs

    • Shane Lawler

      Don’t count your chickens man 😁😂

    • Drano Max Gel

      My dude, Molly stayin’ in her lane!

  2. Bearboy193

    Talk about Earl Thomas to the Ravens, enough of Le’Veon Bell for today!

  3. ForrealForreal

    Sometimes you lose money by trying to prove a point but in thus case I think he was chasing money and he didn’t get it

    • Sean 85

      +yorknorthyorkeastyork etobicoketorontoscarborough the Jets are not better than anything, going there is career ending

    • Jay King

      25 million more guaranteed?

    • Jay King

      He would’ve lost more than 14 million if he got hurt the long term deal with Pittsburgh only guaranteed 10 mill he got 35 mill guaranteed with a year of rest and can get another contract after year 3 FOH 😂 he winning

    • frannie magee

      ForrealForreal he definitely not chasing a ring so he might as well collect that check. From what I saw the offensive line is not going to help him the way the Steelers did. Idk if there is a steeler/Jets game but that’s gone be a brawl

    • Sean 85

      +Jay King he lost 14 mil, ab got paid last year and still got a new deal, this is the last good deal le’veon will get

  4. David Ellis

    The Jets Had A Good Day. The Giants Had A Bad Day. The Big 🍎 Now Belongs To The J E T S !

    • +Trey James27 not just bell because a rb isnt a team. I believe that the Jets will start making smarter decisions and I hope the draft serves us well in 2019 and 2020

    • Dick Long

      +Trey James27 Jets haven’t made playoffs since 2010.. giants won superbowl in 2011…. believe last time in playoffs 2016

    • Trey James27

      +iSpeth Jets just need to get some O-Linemen To protect Darnold and they should at least be able to be at least 2nd in the AFC East Next Year and who knows maybe the Jets can get a wildcard spot by being 2nd in the AFC East

    • ThatOneGuy 123

      David Ellis keep dreaming. Say less when the NEW YORK GIANTS blow the jets out of GIANTS stadium.

  5. Stephen A just being captain obvious by saying that

  6. Young Mack3400

    35 million guaranteed is “decent money” according to SAS🤔

    • George Harry

      JonWan todd gurley is arguably the best running back in the league lol plus he didn’t sit out a whole season.

    • Marist Old Boys

      +Eile Shoulda woulda coulda. He avoided injury and enters 2019 fully refreshed and injury free. He got $35m guaranteed from Jets compared to $17m guaranteed (offered) by Steelers. He made his point and won. GTFOH

    • Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And

      Young Mack3400 it seems hilarious next to the fact that he held out for that 🤣

    • Marist Old Boys

      +Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And I’m sure you’d put out and get down on all fours for LeVeon for much less than that lol….hahahahaha

    • jon snipe

      bell won…35 guarantee plus he gonna get more money from N.Y. endorsement

  7. I thought he would get like 50 million guarantee. Safeties got more money than this dude

    • yamamancha

      Historically, teams have treated 27yo RBs like two-dollar hoes. The Steelers also went back on their word and tagged him twice. Bell still got the most guaranteed ever for a RB and it’s the 2nd best contract overall after Todd Gurley. But Gurley is younger and has fewer average touches than L Bell.

    • Taco Tacotington

      yamamancha No he didnt get the most guaranteed ever. That would be Gurley. Gurley got 45 million guaranteed while Bell only got 35 million. The Steelers were smart to only tag him. Hes got one maybe 2 years left at best.

    • Andrew Farley

      Taco Tacotington thank you! he’s 27 years old. How good will he be at 30? Just look at AP 3/4 years ago. Anybody in their right mind would choose AP over Bell in AP’s prime. Leveon Bell isn’t worth the guaranteed money he was hoping for

    • will irv

      +Andrew Farley how u Gon say 27 too old yet AP doing now with having knee surgery u don’t know if ab can do the same ppl are just haters Steelers fans are soft just like their groupies I mean fans

    • 88 SportsTalk

      Yeah and they gonna regret it to

  8. stone1409

    Bell has a secruity blanket with that guaranteed dollars that’s what he wanted so he won

    • jaydueces jaydueces

      Exactly! As well with a year of rest on his legs that will benefit the Jets. No doubt he won

    • Taco Tacotington

      jaydueces jaydueces He lost the Steelers line that protected him and made his job a lot easier. The Jets have an iffy passing game at best so you can guarantee they plan on running him into the ground.

    • rajesh bista

      +Taco Tacotington got 35m guaranteed tho!

  9. dvsxavier

    HAHAHA… Louis looks BORED. Sharp suit though

  10. Dead Pool

    Max stick to boxing ur clueless.
    Tom Brady fell off that cliff yet dummy?

    • whitemamba1656

      clueless? Lmao he’s one of the only smart guys left on TV

    • EATMAN888

      Been fell off the cliff did brady

    • Running backs and Quarterbacks are not comparable in terms of age. There has never been a running back over the age of 29 to lead the NFL in rushing.

    • George Harry

      Dead Pool tom brady lost to horse faced eli manning twice in the superbowl

  11. Tom Witner

    Certain people were gonna say Bell made the right moves regardless of how much he got

  12. Time will tell the truth about Bell,Brown and the Steelers (who won,who lost)

  13. j jones

    I would be very happy with $35,000,000 guaranteed!

    • I'm like Melo

      DrkViol801 he’ll never get that back from the NFL but with endorsements and or investing money he can make that back

    • ejester85

      How about CTE

    • DrkViol801

      +I’m like Melo he would’ve signed a deal this large if he didn’t get hurt and played last year .

    • Mr Daddy Please Spank Me And

      j jones ha I just farted

    • frannie magee

      I know right I woulda took the money he left on the table last year, or at least the interest

  14. pure vomit

    Bells knee is not 100% spoiler alert….. he needs surgery

  15. Everything

    bell is special but the reason is because hes not health consistent thats why

  16. pure vomit

    Bell sat out because he knew his left knee is compromised and wouldnt last the year hence gtd money contract

  17. Chris 02124

    Saved his body and brain for a year and still got paid

    • Kevin Polo

      Fresh legs, fresh mind for bell. He’s gonna go be amazing for the jets

    • Taco Tacotington

      Yeah but hes leaving a dominant O line and great passing game to a terrible O line and an iffy passing game.


      +Taco Tacotington but he gets three times as much guaranteed money to do it…I think he’s good

  18. Artweall One

    35 million “decent money “ 🤣🤣🤣 I swear life is not fair

  19. Lark Da Dark

    I just know somebody better pay Alvin Kamara what he’s worth when it’s time. I’m talking at least 40 million in guaranteed money

  20. jgould30

    Frank Gore is the one really redefining the position. Still going strong.

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