LeBron James records triple-double in Lakers’ loss vs. Hawks | NBA Highlights

LeBron James Records Triple-double In Lakers' Loss Vs. Hawks | NBA Highlights

RSS - LeBron James Records Triple-double In Lakers' Loss Vs. Hawks | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

LeBron James contributes 28 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds for his 78th career triple-double, tying him for fifth all time with Wilt Chamberlain, but it’s not enough as the Los Angeles Lakers fall to the Atlanta Hawks 117-113 in their last game before the NBA All-Star break. Hawks rookie Trae Young records 22 points and 14 assists in the win.

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  1. Kanye Dickhead West

    Now lebron gotta carry this team like Kobe back in 2013 hopefully he don’t get injured

    Edit: 2013 lakers were 28-29 after 57 games
    2019 lakers 28-29 after 57 games 🤔

  2. LA Clippers

    LeBron would go to his 9th straight Finals had he joined Philly. He wouldn’t need to recruit because the stars are already there. But he wanted to be Michael B. Jordan. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Mike Tank Brown ll

    If we can’t beat the hawks, lakers don’t need to make the playoffs this year.

    • Mental Mind

      But they do . They need to make some sort of statement by making the playoffs

    • Kenny aka TI

      We low-key been balling last few games

    • Rico Style

      +Kenny aka TI that sounds like the same thing the Suns coach say to his players after the games lol

    • Daniel Forte

      I’m sorry but even if they beat the hawks they never proved that they deserved to be in the playoffs

  4. MrAVGNdude

    Y’all really gotta stop over hyping triple doubles… first of all it’s losing its value. It used to be special and now it’s just stat stuffing. Plus, TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS COME BEFORE INDIVIDUAL ONES. Wtf is the point of celebrating a triple double when you lose? Cmon LeSPN….

    • MrAVGNdude okay well let’s shut this down rq😴for one, triple doubles are loosing value because players are getting better. More versatile, so like a 20 or even 30 point game, the dub will be less amazing. But it ain’t cause of “stat padding” y’all need to stop acting like the way players got triple doubles changed. Stat padding is getting big number to the detriment of their team. Clearly most people in the league aren’t doing so. LeBron and Russ are doing it the same exact way Magic and Oscar and Bird and Kidd did it. And these guys are way more athletic. And we celebrate Harden dropping 30 in a loss to the Nuggets but we can’t celebrate a player in year sixteen getting a triple double?😂aight but if Wade got one and we didn’t talk about it we’d be fucked up right? They came in the same exact time

    • MrAVGNdude

      Paul Bearer FACTS

    • Most Hated

      Just watch LeDrama hang around by the basket just to get rebounds. He absolutely guards nobody. Smh

  5. Loren Latino

    Soulja’s voice (The haaawks.)😆

  6. The Cute Shy Asian

    Give the Hawks credit they did played hard

  7. Brave Fart

    Assists used to count only when the recepient of the pass shoot the ball instead of dribbling it. Now, it’s like receive…. Dribble… Dribble… Few seconds later… Shoot. Still an assist.

  8. This is probably not gonna be seen but I am a 18 year old basketball player ⛹️out of Az I’m tryna get as much support as I can at the next level. 😊📈🤟🏾 it would mean a lot if you could like this comment have a wonderful day 🏀🙏🏾

  9. Ball Life

    Magic didn’t really sign Lebron Lebron signed himself for life after basketball

  10. Cap Lewis

    Go back to Cleveland Lebron, We were already losing without you.

  11. Kuzma should come off the bench . The bench need scoring and energy. That’ll give Ingram more touches and kuzma more coming off the bench.

  12. FloridianGambler

    Russel Westbrook averages a triple double a night and ESPN barely acknowledge it.

    • Paul George

      FloridianGambler facts

    • FloridianGambler it’s the third straight year….Russ getting a triple double is like Harden dropping 30. Yeah ofc it’s impressive but we been talking about Russ’ triple doubles for three years now. People are just downplaying at this point

  13. Los Lakers en Español - NBA en Español

    Tough loss but the team needed a break

  14. Double Cheeseburger

    I knew they would run the headline of lebum getting a triple double even in a loss. 😂

  15. A Friendly Hobo

    LeBron tanking for Zion when he saw him play live.

  16. JesusChristmyKing

    Who would have thought the Sacramento Kings would have a better record than Lakers at All Star break???

  17. Eric Cartman

    If LeBron misses the playoffs don’t ever mention him in the same breath as Jordan again. Period.

  18. time for lebron to begin the proverbial throwing of the teammates under the bus. lmao year after year it never fails.

  19. Algorithm EXE

    Los Angeles Trashers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Bertha Logan

    Damn LeBron, hate to say it but you left Miami too early after losing to kawhi

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