LeBron James would not be this great if he played against Michael Jordan – Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron James Would Not Be This Great If He Played Against Michael Jordan - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - LeBron James Would Not Be This Great If He Played Against Michael Jordan - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James would not be on the "Mount Rushmore of basketball" or become a superstar if he was in the NBA during the same era as Michael Jordan because MJ would "annihilate" LeBron's teams. Max Kellerman says no one would stop LeBron from achieving his level of greatness, but Jordan would have won the head-to-head matchups.

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  1. ny_kia31

    God…make this stop…

    • King James

      facts anytime there is nothing going on in the league espn just starts saying LeBron vs Mj

    • Aysar Aburrub

      +People actually think I’m the GOAT Wanna hear another joke? … LeBron’s Lakers lol

    • LuckyLeo94

      LeBron is better then Jordan… I’m tired of hearing Jordan name mentioned with King James

    • Lord Destro Productions


    • Kat Arena

      +LuckyLeo94 But Lebron might not be in the playoffs this time.

  2. People actually think I'm the GOAT

    It’s sad cuz LeBron, Mj , Kobe all show love to each other but their fanboys hate each other lmfaoo!!

    • +Vang Xiong just accept that Kobe isnt in the same breath as Jordan and Lebron.
      And no, Prime Lebron was during his Miami days. What has KD done before he joined the dubs? lmao

    • Vang Xiong


      True bronsexual. My boys we play basketball for over 10 yrs. Whoever sucks, we call them lebron, whoever get to 19pts and can’t get 21, during a 21 game. We call them LeBron lol.

      The other day it was 12midnite.. we call each other to go ball, someone couldn’t make it, we say okay LeBron maybe next time, kobe would make it tho. LeBron isn’t praised cuz he just doesn’t have skills. I repeat, u get called LeBron cuz u suck lol.

    • +Glory 3 actually that kills lebron lebron talks good about Jordan Jordan seems sour

    • its a debate that will never go away. people have their own Opinions on the matter and no matter how many times people have to push 6 rings of MJ down peoples throats, the LBJ fans wont have any of it.

    • Marek Zaszlos

      +Glory 3 now you talking

  3. Dominic Waters

    You can learn a lot from MJ on the court. Ask Kobe.

    • lutalutamedia

    • tlgvision

      Kobe has the answer cuz he played with both of them

    • grosskopf2

      +Roberto Malagon You do know that you can’t use number rings as a measure right?

    • OmniscientVirtuosity

      christian henry Facts

    • Jonjo Jr

      +Roberto Malagon I believe, that in the past 25 years the second best player is never mentioned. Shaq was a force to be reckon with and most of the reason why Kobe has 5 rings and not just 2. Sure Kobe was great, but for a span of 5 years Kobe was just a sidekick on the Lakers.

  4. Zach Walker

    Allen Iverson dragged a worse team through a better conference.

    • +Hi T1000 don’t need to bring that up. LeBron won everything that year. My argument was LeBron doesn’t have a trash team after he run twice. The Miami was a super team. The only excuse for his loss in the finals is when Kyrie and love was injured (maybe they could go back to back). And remember last year Cleveland blow that game1. That may have sealed LeBron’s legacy as the goat.

    • +Pagz12: JR blew game 1. LeBron did more than his part he was easily the best player on the floor dropping 50. I personally think Bosh is overrated. Only reason why ppl bring him up as much as they do is to discredit LeBron cause again he was never a top 10 player in the NBA

    • Lance Hood

      100%Facts Zach Walker

    • A.J. Abdullah

      Zach Walker Exactly

    • Hi T1000 there were two players besides AI that averaged over 10 ppg on that team…don’t try and compare those squads lol it’s not even close that sixers team was the worst squad ever brought to the finals in recent memory. AI backpacked that whole season

  5. MrETHEX100

    It doesn’t make sense
    But he is right
    Michael terrorized the league

  6. LeBron hasn’t past bird, so don’t talk abt Jordan

  7. kajana575 jb

    I’m not sorry.. this debate is OVER!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JORDAN would have MURDERED LeBron 1000 times over… MJ NEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER TOLERATED LOSING… PERIOD!!!!!! MJ would have been too MANIACAL for LeBron…. MJ would have simply ANIHILATED LeBron…. MJ’s 6 – 0 finals record vs LeBron’s 3 – 6 finals record says it all!!!!!!!!! MJ IS THE G.O.A.T… PERIOD!!!!!

    • randy K15

      Not saying lebron is better but yall make it sound like it’s not even close in terms of talent

    • darockk

      +jose alicarte so it’s better to not make the finals than to lose in the finals?

    • Mertlox 23

      kajana575 jb *cough* With help form Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman *cough*

  8. marcjon000

    Lebron can out stat MJ all night while MJ is out there actually WINNING.

    • Phon Xieng

      lebron is the payton manning of the nba

    • nfldee

      +multyz1 you don’t know anything about Pippen I see 😂 every off-season, every practice, every game Pippen was studying Michael. He would play against Michael 1 on 1 to help elevate his (Pippen) game. Michael taught Pippen the 101 about basketball bro. If it wasn’t for Michael training him Pippen wouldn’t have been that great of a player. Do your research b4 bumping your gums youngster.

    • Dustin Buist

      +multyz1 so Wade Bosh Kyrie and Love are Crap?

    • Carl Crave

      multyz1 so chicago actually made a really good deal trading for pippen…but was he a world class player when he started? you tell me stupid bronsexual

  9. Teraylen Harrison

    MJ is the goat … Next Kobe maybe Lebron

  10. Asa Sparks

    I feel sorry for the young kids who never got the opportunity to watch Jordan play. Lebron is a great player. I grew up watching Jordan, Bird, Magic, Isiah Thomas, and other guys but everybody fails to realize how much of an assassin Michael Jordan really was. I agree with Steven…Jordan never would have gave Lebron the opportunity to flourish against him. Jordan was the type of player that took everybody’s doubt against him and turned it into a challenge. Jordan would’ve worked and worked and worked until his level of game play would respond to any doubts that anyone had. One quote that Jordan said about 25yrs ago and I’ll never forget it as I watching an ESPN interview. Jordan was asked what is his routine before basketball season. Jordan replied, “I kill myself in the off season so nobody can kill me during basketball season.” Does Lebron have that kind of killer competitiveness within him??? I don’t think so.

    • wyakee vinegar

      Man if lebron had to play against jordan i think lebron would leave the NBA

    • Duckrockerz4life

      I dont think players like ad, lbj for example would suffer from mj, because in 91 mj couldnt lock down magic johnson and magic was not the athlete and didnt posses the scoring skillset lbj has.

      Mj was 6ft5/6 210lbs the other guy is 6ft9 270lbs he wouldnt of suffered against mj because mj cant guard lbj because hes a sg and the other guy is a sf or pf, its like saying mj would of stopped hakeem no he didnt, hakeem to big for mj to handle you need someone else to stop hakeem.🤣🤣

      If lbj was a 6ft5 sg different story but ive never seen a guy with his size, athleticism and skillset. To your point he would work and work, to remove doubts but when the celtics were spanking him there was doubts because he was taking all the shots same against isiah in his crew and phil had to fix it.

      But yall gotta remember when jordan was declining and kobe was rising, kobe was giving mj the buisness in mjs last game against kobe he put 42 on him in the 1st half, idk if prime jordan would of beaten prime kobe, everyone sleeps on kobe. Kobe is the most skilled ever he told mj, hes got more ringa and thats about it and as far as im concerned i was better, i met him in his prime and in my prime i woulda smoked him…🤔🤔🤔

      No disrespect to mj thats my guy but this my opinion in all of this🤣

    • wyakee vinegar

      +Duckrockerz4life i swear where do yall cum from.lbj is cat he aint nothing like magic let alone micheal,u dont have to be athletic to be a hellifeid player take larry bird for instance,he wasnt neither but no one on the face of the earth could check him it was a joke.If larry bird was playing today they would ban him from the NBA cuz hes just too good.Lebron James for the lakers a 155 million dollar contract and the lakers are not going to the playoffs.And yall compare him to Michael Jordan…Yeah lebron is the The Goat. Goes.On.Another.Team

    • wyakee vinegar

      +Duckrockerz4life If micheal could be young again and play and announce to the nba hes back.I guarantee u every player would be in terror knowing that man is back.But i can only imagine i would love to see him go up against these niggas who think there something special.

  11. KINGof theEARTH



      KINGof theEARTH

  12. Rod Buycks

    Lebron would not have come out of the east if Mj was playing.

  13. SAY WHAT!

    LEBRON plays in a era where NOBODY plays D. regular fouls, are now FLAGRANT fouls, everybody shoots 3’s & the players RUN the coaches!💯

    • Jonjo Jr

      I keep saying it. When LeBron wins a Defense Player of the Year, I will consider listening to an argument on why he is at MJs level. In the mean time this MJ = LeBron argument is just fluff and noise.

  14. Alphio Ally

    First of all he’s only great cause he played in the east. Now he’s in the west let’s see everyone beat the breaks off him.

  15. Adidas Man44

    No debate..Jordan is a winner!!! LeBron is about stats!!!

  16. Bruce Rivers

    Don’t forget AI was able to win one game against that lakers superteazm with Shaq/Kobe.

  17. Bruce Rivers

    Jason Terry and JJ Barea shut down LeBron in the Finals just imagine what MJ would do to him.

  18. Jonjo Jr

    Jordan was the reaper of backetball souls.

  19. Jonjo Jr

    4:55 Are you sure? I think without taking anything away from any of the greats in the 90s, I believe Jordan and the Bulls elevated the entire league to compete against the Bulls. Ask Gary Payton who used to have nightmares when he knew he was facing Jordan and helped him prepare even harder for the match.

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