LeBron, Lakers aren’t making the playoffs – Jalen Rose | First Take

LeBron, Lakers Aren’t Making The Playoffs – Jalen Rose | First Take

RSS - LeBron, Lakers Aren’t Making The Playoffs – Jalen Rose | First Take Sport News Today

Jalen Rose dismisses LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers’ chances of making the playoffs this season after the Lakers lost to the Atlanta Hawks 117-113.

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  1. Jalen literally said last week they were for sure making the playoffs… Wtf man

    • Jeffrey Youngblood

      Jalen made it pretty clear he changed his mind when he saw their performance against Atlanta.

      I agree with him. Though I didn’t think they were making it even before that.

    • Knowledgeispower 90

      Skylar I got that be they all do it that’s the business their in

    • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83


    • Dyl Gonzalez

      kous narrative changes everyday. Wait till Lakers win another game, then it’s they’re back to who they’re were when they were a 4 seed. Keep that same energy Jalen 😴

  2. Bronsexuals: Lebron is the goat!!8 straight finals appearances!! he can take any team to the finals

    Logical nba fan: he plays on a superteam in a weak conference what do you expect

    Bronsexuals: it’s don’t matter if he played in the west on better teams he’ll still make the finals

    * Lebron joins western conference team is 1 gm under 500 at all star break and in jeopardy of making playoffs

    • Sheng Guo

      +MPaluba Heat were overrated as hell. always.

    • Adam 818lakers How about them Rams ahahahaha take the L puto

    • warren dickerson

      Bet he wont bring this team to finals

    • Lebron is the best player for more than a decade now and still going .he will make the playoffs if the teams down and if he didn’t get injured they were guaranteed the 4th seed. With Rhonda and him would have atleast gotten out of the first round.

    • Francisco Pizarro

      Lil Kutte Lebron fanboy emotional right now LOL

  3. LA Clippers

    Pelicans want to see these young assets in the postseason even if it was only for 4-5 games. They’re not going to take kids who couldn’t make the Playoffs with LeBron.

    • John Smith

      pelicans don’t want them anyway lmfao

    • Sports with Nick

      I think the Lakers are making the playoffs, but let’s make no mistakes about it, THE person at fault right now is LeBron. And this is coming from someone who thinks he is the GOAT and usually LOVES everything he does. Broke down why on my channel today.

    • Polaricecappucino

      Nick stick to your 9-5. You don’t know crap if you think Lakers are making yhr Playoffs.

  4. Majuro oss

    Even it they were the 8th seed they would be raped by the Warriors in the first round, lmfao

    • Voice of Validity

      +Javonah Henderson I meant the warriors swept the Cavs in the finals last year, but since you’re saying regular season games mean anything, the LeBronless Cavs are better than the Lakers, therefore the warriors will sweep them even easier than last year.

    • Francisco Leon

      LeBron James you can’t finish 3-7 if you don’t make the playoffs

    • Any team would get raped by the warriors. Whats ur point? Clown.

  5. SuperPunch76

    I forgot Rob Pelinka was on that Fab Five team.

    • SuperPunch76

      Danny Paul If I remember right he was actually starting that season until Steve Fisher went with an all freshman starting five.

    • Willy Bandz

      Jalen acting like teammates can’t hate each other

    • Also a National Champion.

    • A Nigga that Loves to Hate

      😕He played for Michigan, not the Fab Five. That’s like saying JaVale McGee played for the Splash Bros.

  6. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    Losing to the Hawks to start off your playoff push campaign with the one of the hardest remaining schedules isn’t to reassuring tbh.

    • Ahmad Turner

      They look done! And all of those miles are finally catching up to him. He turns 35 year and is on the decline.

    • +Kxcknxwledge so? you still have clippers to chase.

  7. I used to always defend LeBron but he made that dumbass decision to go to a team with this many young players that need to be developed so that’s on him if they don’t make the playoffs , should’ve went to Philly , Houston or atleast the spurs or Denver

    • or stayed in the east …51-31 last year

    • Sheng Guo

      +Arshad Dahlan Because pop doesnt like players doing/saying/tweeting things just to get attention

    • Michael Shipman

      Why are the Lakers developing young players anyway? That’s not the Lakers way. Just poach 2 or 3 more All Stars & buy yourselves a title.

    • It’s LA, LeBron wants to play for a big market

  8. jan rodriguez

    I swear they said a couple days ago when the beat the C’s that they’re one of the best teams in the West… what happened??? LOL ESPN gotta chill and not overreact to each game the lakers play.

    #FearTheDeer 🦌🦌

  9. Wait you said they weren’t making the playoffs now there making the playoffs now they aren’t I lost brain cells 😂 😂

  10. Russvin Duranbrook

    Why they talkin about the lakers we all know that they suck and that they are just winning some games bacause of james they wont make the playoffs lmao

    • MikeJuniorGaming

      Wanna bet they won’t

    • MikeJuniorGaming

      I bet you they will

    • Sports with Nick

      I think the Lakers are making the playoffs, but let’s make no mistakes about it, THE person at fault right now is LeBron. And this is coming from someone who thinks he is the GOAT and usually LOVES everything he does. Broke down why on my channel today.

  11. Shoe blue Sean

    Lebron isnt making 1st all NBA team because he missed 17 games.. what is Jalen talking about 😴

  12. lebron-the self proclaimed Goat. also the most hated player in the league….2 facts. and the 3rd fact is kobe and mj were both a lot better than lebron…..yes lebron is great….but not the goat….and yes he is hated by the nba players…not by me. im no player…..i only watch listen and feel.

  13. Ali Hasan

    Jalen contradicted himself on this TOPIC 3 TIMES IN A WEEK

    • He is right about LA not making the playoffs though… I give them 20% chance at most. They need someone in Sacramento to get injured.

    • King Kromah

      Ali Hasan exactly

    • hes an idiot, hes only as correct as his last word. like hes saying it would be a failure if the lakers lost in 5 in the playoffs, imo at the start of the season i thought and most ppl thought this it would be a success just to get to the playoffs since the lakers havent been back to the playoffs since 2013. so jalen’s words and “facts” are so bad. a monkey could make better takes.

    • Jeffrey Youngblood

      Can’t blame him after watching the game against Atlanta.

    • Michelle Jones

      Jalen Rose need to stop talking as much cuz I still think that he does not know what he’s talking about you can be a professional basketball player still don’t know the game

  14. Winston Smith

    06:25 looks like molly is tired of hearing about L3 6ron too 🤣

  15. Steve Kim

    Jalen’s face in the thumbnail though LOL. so happy


      Lol. Looking like he belong on the side of a Cereal box!

  16. Joe Martin

    Don’t they understand LeBron is 34 father time is undefeated!!!!!

    • pedro roque

      Well I saw him yeasterday doing a triple double with 28 points and 16 assists. The problem is the team, not Lebron age! Lebron is as best as ever been, you guys need to undestand that the Lakers team is not only one player, is a bunch of them and if they are bad players, no one can carry a team like that

  17. BigSleepy

    “Do the have skin on their teeth yes or no?!”
    Max: *OOF*

  18. King Dang

    Man these opinions change on the daily I swear. Just when they beat the Celtics , it was “ the lakers can beat anybody in the league outside of golden state “ , now they lose to the hawks “ they won’t make the playoffs “. Gotta make up your minds. Bet you the narrative is going to change again next time they play 😂

    • bratmoj mojbrat

      +Kaniala Muller-Kupahu Their job is fucking dream job!hahaha

    • kingrobinho777

      The clippers killed us right after yall are just trash.

    • I’ve been spreadin’ them analyst quotes like the AIDs in the youtube comments section. People need to hold these guys to their dumb statements.

    • Tourus Stanley

      Dude these are different people with different opinions… Stephen A will be on with yet a different opinion. It’s not rocket science.

  19. AKelly47s

    I just wanna know who is Jalen Rose barber. Damn that man’s cut is sharp

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