LeBron’s growing influence is irritating NBA owners & executives | Stephen A. Smith Show

LeBron’s Growing Influence Is Irritating NBA Owners & Executives | Stephen A. Smith Show

RSS - LeBron’s Growing Influence Is Irritating NBA Owners & Executives | Stephen A. Smith Show Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith breaks down how LeBron James’ power over his career and growing influence over others has caused NBA team owners and front office executives to become irritated.

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  1. Wellrounded13

    Tha man is out the playoffs and he’s still headlining!

  2. Lenny Mitchell

    Who gives a dam
    They don’t own you

    • They do own him. Just like he own the money that they pay him to play, they own the player that makes their teams greater. Its called business, I believe 🤔😂

    • Andre Riter

      +chase How does he have a plantation mentality here? Stephen A is right on this topic, he never said LeBron and Paul shouldn’t do what they are doing he said being boastful about it publicly saying “you don’t own me” “you cant control me”is where they went wrong. It’s clear LeBron doesn’t know how to play the game when it comes to business. Like Stephen A said a power structure exist in this country (white/Jewish billionaires). A black man with power is one thing but being an ARROGANT black man with power you’re just asking them to destroy you. Yeah its fkd up but it is what it is, that’s how the game goes.

    • Emperor Charlemagne

      He should go play in China.

    • Dallas Hanson

      Heliax that don’t mean they own you. Does your employer owns you?

  3. THEKING 03

    Lebron got CLOUT , that’s what he got

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      +Bacons Strip LeBron is about much more than the game…this is clearly where you are small minded and can’t see the real picture of what LeBron is establishing

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      +Jamarroe Toney I wouldn’t mind having 10 percent of that crazy clout lol

    • Jamarroe Toney

      +Matsuwd-Emeth Da’ath lol me either man

    • Jaquaveon Andress

      Is that all people care about now? Js 🤷‍♀️

  4. Htown Lifer

    Its also irritating Laura Ingraham and her friends….

  5. A Friendly Hobo

    LeBron is going to continue to be talked about while the finals is happening.

    • BrOOklyn LOOking

      +Patrick Chen you seem like an honest fan, I can respect that But I think your a bit star struck to say the least

    • Patrick Chen

      +BrOOklyn LOOking let’s agree to disagree. I just think LeBron has a lot of haters and it is not deserved, and since he’s humble and doesn’t defend himself, someone has to.

    • James Mckellar

      +23 yes true, but Lebrons run is coming to an end, superstars dont stay at elite level for ever. Also Lebrons pride and love for himself is turning off many basketball fans, just look at the multitude of negative comments poking fun at him since he labelled himself the GOAT. And another thing, his averages in scoring, assists and rebounds will surely decrease as his career moves on

    • Cecelia Helms

      A Friendly Hobo he sure is, I been commenting that for weeks, Bron talks all playoffs

    • James Mckellar

      +Dadasha certainly not, there are so many areas where Lebron has yet to catch Jordan, and other areas like style, grace, and pure basketball skill where he will never catch him

  6. Wellrounded13

    Chris paul lmao🤣🤣🤣 he said it twice lmfao

  7. This season already been too much to handle man just want it to be over already and get into the off season

  8. Richard Xia

    They will still talk about lebron even after playoffs, when we are sleeping, they talkin about Lebron, when you are awake they still talking about Lebron. It seems to me Fans are more interesred to see lebron snapped shirt than Raptors 4-0 streaks

    • Jump jordan

      I mean LeBron do run the NBA

    • Jeremy Cuffy

      To be fair, nobody cares about the Raptors 😂💀

    • MikeBNumba6

      I was with you until you mentioned the raptors. Them bums don’t need any coverage after getting swept last year

    • Darren Gordon-Hill

      Hey, remember those shorts he wore at a pre-season game with “LAKERS” across the crotch???

      Good times.

  9. Hector Morones

    I swear the media makes the headlines of owners wanting him out and then post something like this 😂😂😂 people don’t realize they will always make stories out of anything.

  10. Turbo Roman

    Thats why U see so many fables,stories and hatred on ESPN and FOX against Lebron. Thats why I started to watch NBA …for freee

  11. I dont buy this at all…. the headline not what STEPHEN A is saying

  12. Gregory L

    Rich Paul so powerful he can morph into Chris Paul before Stephen A.’s very own eyes…

    • Sauce Castillo

      +Inquisitve m uhhhh….u might wanna take a look at his roster. He has AD, Draymond, Ben Simmons, Eric Bledsoe & Tristan Thomson, and 13 other nba clients not named LeBron James. And as long as he has ties to LeBron, he’ll be relevant to ANY player, lookin to make big off court money.

    • TheRealDenzell J

      😂😂😂 Hell Yeah!!

    • Malique Lewis

      Gregory L 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dylan Reynolds

      Rich Paul sounds like one of those arrogant pricks who will just get pissed off if you don’t agree with him smh. God the NBA sucks so bad it has for awhile the whole”blame the coach and role players” gig is getting tiring. In the old school days, coaches and superstars and executive worked hard as a cohesive unit and never corrupted against each other in bullshit distracting trade talks during the years. They balled out and so did the players no players pussied out and left like players like lebum do now.

    • Ghost Ghost

      +Dylan Reynolds You don’t know the man

  13. ScriptedSupreme

    4th vid of lebron and lakers ain’t it?

  14. ScriptedSupreme

    When was the last time nuggets or pacers were in the news??? At least they makin the playoffs..cmon

    • Vince 1987

      They wont talk about rookies, because ROTY will be from EU and that bothers them.

    • Vince 1987

      Thats why I like the shows like Starters more. They are talking about every interesting team, not everyday about Lakers drama. One day it might be Sacramento, other time Pacers or Bucks.

    • Sparsh Kapar

      Bruh the pacers get no media attention and they’re such a dope squad

    • Peter Smith

      ScriptedSupreme apparently lebron is the nba

  15. akaBryce

    When it comes down to it . PEOPLE JUST hate to see others succeed . Lebron hasn’t hurt anyone. It what way has one man lifting people up bad. Y’all are sick

  16. Jason Tan

    LeBron merchandise in LA already slashed to 50% off. Them fans don’t feel him there

  17. 강준-래

    Gossip disguised as sports news…

  18. Dee Lee

    The thumbnail looks like a 90’s r&b album

  19. DRIFT -

    LeBron can play for a China team and ESPN will somehow still find a way to talk about him because he’s LeBron.

    • TrustnHim 32

      If he goes to China he will shut this thing down. Not a bad idea. Global dominance. Trust.

    • Mr360Gman

      DRIFT – LeBron would average 100 if he went to china

    • Mani Wulf

      If lebron goes to china. He will literally be add another 2Billion dollars to his worth. He would literally become basketball

    • illmatic826

      +Mani Wulf Fake News

  20. Infinity 1

    I wish I could find out what SAS really thinks of LeBron minus his own media personality

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