LeBron takes ‘the keys to the throne’ away from NBA general managers – Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron Takes 'the Keys To The Throne' Away From NBA General Managers - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - LeBron Takes 'the Keys To The Throne' Away From NBA General Managers - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Will Cain analyze the dynamic between LeBron James and the general managers that he plays for, saying that most general managers have to relinquish control to LeBron when he comes to their franchises.

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  1. lakers hired magic over jerry west. let that sink in

    • NEW YORK

      +Yung Savage they ain’t making the playoffs .. watch!

    • Mario Van Holle

      Christopher Law do you really think Jerry is like that ? …if he hates the Lakers that much why is he always present at every statue unveiling ?

    • Mario Van Holle

      TheIzaiah whats the definition of a great future is you dont win anything besides games ?

    • Mario Van Holle

      MsMrapplepie i have alot of respect for Jerry west …but in the end he doesnt win games ..its still the players ! And what did he win with memphis ?

  2. Max Kellerman

    Thrones need keys??

    • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83


    • King Musaba

      Thrones are usually inside castles so yes, you might need a key to own it.

    • The Irish Italian


    • J.C. U later

      Looked right passed the fact that that made no sense and I can even hear max saying that

    • Erik Landers

      Lebron is a cry baby. He causes trouble where ever he goes. Lakers should boot him right on out of there.Besides hes getting old. Steriods is the key to his body right now.You cant bite the hand that feed you. By talking about your players to the media on national tv..Max you know im right

  3. keef davis

    The Big Baller has all the Leverage, and he will make the AD trade happen.
    Phoenix Suns, neva lost.

  4. I am Negan

    Will does sooooo much better then Molly! Will speaks to do his job. Molly speaks to be heard!

    • George Gomez

      +Servant to Be See ima stop you right there because I didn’t think you were stupid enough to go there but you did..lol. Apparently you didn’t really read the entire post.. I never said she fought in any cage you idiotic can’t read moron! But that she did covered the sport hence my comparison to Kellerman.. So pay attention illiterate, i understood your point from the beginning and my point was easy but difficult for you to understand, just because you played the damn sport doesn’t make you the most qualified person to speak on it or should make you the top candidate.. thats it.. and it doesn’t matter on the sex male or female. Stephen A never played in the NBA but I rather have him speaking on the sport because usually he knows what the hell he’s talking about compared to ex players. So to call Molly a wench is an insult my friend.. She has put in the work and is deserving to speak, thats my opinion and as far as selling yourself goes? Your always selling yourself when your on air, whether your Kenny Smith on TNT or Mike Greenberg on Wake Up! Your selling yourself so people will watch your show.. I think I’m done with you

  5. Justin Wright

    I like how they say the anon GM is wrong, and in their defense of their positions, they actually prove that he is correct. LOL gj guys. Also I like this role for will. Good host.

  6. Buckley Gustave

    Jeff van gundy is making nba history

    • deadprecedents1

      Buckley Gustave With just a throwaway comment during an NBA broadcast, JVG provided a springboard for a weeks’ worth of ESPN and Fox Sports content.

    • Everlasting Love

      Didn’t he get fired! I thought so!

  7. raul alaniz

    Damn I actually liked the content towards the end of the video

  8. braiden45

    Of course it’s true. As a Heat fan, I know first hand. A teams timeline speeds up immediately when Bron arrives. It becomes win or bust mode

    • ngichuru3

      you must be a comedian or rodeo clown who makes me laugh with your bipolar baloney, you positively ooze with glum defeatism from your misfiring attempts at witty repartee. I know you have the attention span of a mosquito who mainlined some crack but if you put enough effort to improve yourself as you do trying to learn how to please your lover Lebron with dances you might actually rise to be a productive member of society…like a garbage man or the guy with the hand towel who dries your car at the car wash. And dont just stop there though, inspire yourself to be a better more productive menial laborer. with enough due diligence you may even graduate to janitor one day with all its prestige and benefits u sheep.

    • ngichuru3

      +Kenneth Erickson Also Have u been shot in the head before? It seems like it. Maybe your still suffering from that🤣🤣🤣. My homie lol, at the end of the day all I can do is pray for u that hopefully your therapist can help u work through your gay sexual feelings for Lebron. Just make sure u keep taking your meds so u can at least maintain the 1% of your sanity that’s left. 🙏God may u help relieve this menorrhagia transsexual sheep of his hysterical screeching woman banshee characteristics. Good Luck in the rest of your life hopefully the healing process for u can begin so u can get better. 🙏

  9. Lew Fez

    Trading LeBron is not the most stupid idea anymore, but Magic would take a beating image wise with players around the league today.

    • Dylan Allen

      JosephandBrandi Sanchez lol I win.

    • Yurugu Killah

      JosephandBrandi Sanchez Why do you sick little freakish weirdos always inject your odd sexual fantasies into the conversation?

      I’ve noticed that the vast majority of individuals who bash Lebron always make references to his penis or create some weird sex visual during debate? Why are you so weird? Are you sure you’re a Basketball fan and not a Kobe Bryant groupie from Colorado?

    • Yurugu Killah

      Benjamin Wilkinson Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question but what the f*ck is a “Super team”?
      Are you confusing the NBA with your comic book Super Heroes?

      You children lose me with all this new slang.

    • Daniel Whitehead

      +JosephandBrandi Sanchez well that means GS rings aren’t legit

    • Erik Landers

      I say get rid of the crybaby boy.Lakers can do better than that steriod using 36 year old.Who wants his way.Lebron is a big headache.

  10. Don't F*** Wit Da Chuck

    Fucc the lakers, lets talk about winners not teams that are not in the playoff picture.

    • Mario Van Holle

      Eyem Dunn why the knicks have more value is mindblowing …they have won 2 titles and are in decline since Ewing left ..true facts are facts but u also know that the only fact that i take seriously is that boston has one more championship and that most are won in the 60s …i was just born 😂😂

    • Eyem Dunn

      Mario Van Holle doesn’t matter if most was in the 60s, Celtics still have the lead and still the most successful franchise. They about to go on a championship run and increase the lead even further. Lakers got no future.

  11. Josh Lucero

    LeBron’s hairline “takes the keys to the throne” away from his head.

    • Jameis Winston

      I imagine James standing there straight face and a set of keys to the throne slowly and awkwardly zip line from James’s hand to his hairline where the two then stare at each other in the mirror. And then it says if u have cut rate car insurance u could be having keys zip line to ur hair line. Dont have keys zip line to ur hair line. Get all states insurance.

    • Secret Bears sugar

      Dumb asses

    • James Matthews

      Lol 😭😭😭

  12. Nocturnal Ron

    I love love love how Max took the racial thing outta the Rich Paul thing and said he’s just a good business man.

    • makeouthill

      OhGeeGanksta lmaoooo

    • Kegan Hall

      OhGeeGanksta pure idiocy, Rich Paul is a good agent and gets players PAID. Nothing wrong with getting helped by LeBron, shyyt LeBron is carrying this show 😂😂😂 most of their content is of the man 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Yurugu Killah

      From the Caucasian perspective he CANT be a good agent.
      From the Caucasian perspective he’s only a good agent because he has Lebron as a client.

      They have to degrade Rich Paul and tear him down, they have to diminish his accomplishments because this is what Caucasians do.

      Look at the comments. They don’t know what endorsement deals Rich Paul has secured for his clients or what type of contracts he’s secured all they know is that he’s a Brother who works for Lebron so therefore they feel compelled to attack him. It’s an inherent sickness in them.

      It’s like the Caucasians who say Lebron is only successful because of his “size”, and without Basketball he’d be nothing. Sick Devils.

      Don’t be fooled, when Phil Jackson called Rich Paul & Maverick Carter a “posse” he was speaking for a lot of these Caucasian owners and agents who want to maintain their monopoly on the revenue generated by those Brown bodies.

      The more that Rich Paul succeeds the more it’s going to inspire these other young brothers to get into the game.

      It’s all about Empowerment. Salute to Lebron for putting his brothers in position so we can get a larger share of this revenue. 🙏🏾

    • Yurugu Killah

      Andre Riter Man, I have the upmost respect for you being unafraid to tell the truth.
      I have to disagree with you however on one small detail:

      Caucasians are not oblivious to Racism.
      They invented Racism. They monetized Racism. They Weaponized Racism.

      Hatred is their Hobby, Racism is their Religion.

      They view Rich Paul as a threat because he’s a young Brother who can relate to these players based on background, Culture & Community. He’s an Inspiration for other young Brothers who want to get into the Sports game on the business side….and they don’t want that.

      They desperately want to maintain a stranglehold monopoly on the money they generate off of Afrikan American athletes, they want all those Billions funneled back into their “community”.

      We’re witnessing new levels of empowerment in the NBA so it’s only mandatory that you see new levels of smears, attacks and hatred aimed at Rich Paul, Maverick Carter & Lebron James.

  13. Dead Pool

    Like Charles Barkley said can they stop talkin about the Lakers every minute like this is the 80s and theyre relevant?

    • Matt Miller

      SpartanK07 one of Barkley’s nut hairs in more reliant that you, get to steppin’ BOY!

    • 10from10

      +SpartanK07 Chuck > Shaq all day

    • Yurugu Killah

      They’ll stop when you stop.
      It starts with you by not clicking on the video.

      Nobody hears your complaints in the comment section on YouTube, it just gives you the attention you crave.

  14. Nobody Unknown

    Every LeBron James headline these days is negative.

    • Yung Savage

      Tripp’le H lmao every franchise fails him in y’all eyes

    • Yung Savage

      SpartanK07 since when dude, i don’t hear anyone tearing down mj jay z morgan freeman etc. quit with the victim mentality for god sakes

    • Yurugu Killah

      The Caucasian media is supposed to behave like this, they always have. They build you up so they can tear you down. Allen Iverson said this a decade ago.

      The most Hated people in American society are Afrikan Americans, Afrikan American Activists & Afrikan American Athletes.

      Look at Lebrons resume, he came up from poverty and married a woman from his own community, he didn’t go the Charles Barkley, Tiger Woods route and marry a Caucasian so he could give half his economic empire over to his Caucasian in-laws.

      Lebron empowered his circle, he didn’t get a contract and hire a team of Caucasians to manage his career & his money, he didn’t seek out a David Falk, he put people from his community in position so they could guide & assist his career for better or for worse.

      Lebron has 3 Championships 2 of them he Won bringing the first Championship to a Asian American coach in U.S. sports, his last Championship was with an Afrikan American coach. He didn’t Win his Championships with a Popovich, Riley or Phil Jackson.

      Lebron’s manager is a brother, his agent is a brother, his assistant is a brother & his trainer is a Latino brother.

      Lebron has embraced Cultural Consciouness, Social Awarness & Community Activism.

      These factors create a “perception” in the minds of individuals who may decide to burn a Lebron James jersey or vandalize a Lebron James mural or spray-paint Racial slurs on the gate of Lebrons home. They might spam Racial vitriol on his Instagram or create digital-Blackface profiles to impugn him on YouTube….

      Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of these creatures who operate off of instinct and subconscious impulses, they don’t even know why they engage in their weird hateful behaviors, they just know they Hate Leborn and that they have random excuses why.

      It’s in their inherent nature.

      If they weren’t expressing Hatred for Lebron they’d be at a Utah Jazz game telling Westbrook to go back where he came from or they’d be creating videos saying Serena Williams is a transsexual, they’d be bashing Kaepernick, trashing PK Subban or sending Hank Aaron more Hatemail. THIS IS THEIR “SPORT”. The hatred, the booing, the insults, the heckling, the bashing, the trashing, the dehumanizations. Their “Sport”.

      It’s no accident that Floyd Mayweather is simultaneously the highest paid athlete in the World and the most despised athlete in the Caucasian community. He’s literally made a fortune off Caucasians spending exorbitant amounts of money to see him beaten or defeated. It’s a tried and true formula. Jack Johnson was following the formula in the 1800’s.

      Lebron James is talked about incessantly generating millions of views and boosting ratings because the crowd that Hates him invests just as much energy into him as the crowd that Loves him…..think about that. He’s Ratings GOLD. The popular buzz-word is “polarizing”.

      Negativity sells, the biggest sports story of the decade was the fall of O.J. Simpson, there’s nothing that America loves more than seeing a Ni99er lynched in the physical sense or lynched in the digital sense via the Media. It’s an American pastime. The Sport beneath the Sport.

      They desperately want to tear down King James because they know how much he means to the Culture & our Community.

  15. Tony Stark

    LeBron won’t play tonight in Detroit according to Sham. Another night to work with 2 Chainz? 🤣

    • Matt Miller

      Kawhi hasn’t played anymore games than LeBron.

    • Gary Strickland

      They need to make it every game they decide not to play they aren’t paid!

    • Miraj Patel

      Jesus I need a life. What am I doing here ?🤡🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Erik Landers

      Tony I agree with you 100 percent.Cleveland let Lebron get rid of a entire team.Still didnot work.Lebron is a big crybaby and his mine is focused on rappers and Hollywood. He will never get another ring.

  16. Legendary Tony

    The Lakers got more coverage than playoff teams this year

    • Prettyfresh20

      Because everyone knows no matter what teams do, the GSW are gonna win another nba championship. Until kevin durant leaves the ending to the NBA finals have become to predictable. If anyone is depending on houston, okc, jazz, spurs, clippers, portland, or denver to win the west then they’ve been smoking crack. We know how this will end, point blank period.

    • bluephoenix492

      It’s not the Lakers it’s lebron you notice since his decision back in 2010 sports center covers everything he does, in Miami all they would talk about was Miami for 4 years it was lebron this lebron that, then again in Cleveland, and now the Lakers until he retires such don’t bother watching unless your a lebron James fan.

    • David Cespedes

      Bron’s presence runs the media

    • Erik Landers

      Lakers getting coverage because of steriod using cry baby Lebron.Who will never get another ring.

  17. Brandon Roque

    Max just disagreed with actual facts presented by the anonymous GM lmao …. the era of alternative facts and stupidity.

  18. Charles Stevenson

    The Media will talk about LeBron all threw the playoffs while he sits at home..smh..

  19. TheLegendOfKoop

    *Like, if it feels good to NOT hear Molly.*

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