LeBron would be a better NBA team owner than Michael Jordan – Max Kellerman | First Take

LeBron Would Be A Better NBA Team Owner Than Michael Jordan – Max Kellerman | First Take

RSS - LeBron Would Be A Better NBA Team Owner Than Michael Jordan – Max Kellerman | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith points out how LeBron James could learn from Michael Jordan’s mistakes as an NBA team owner, but Max Kellerman scoffs at the idea that MJ is a better owner than LeBron would be.

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  1. the1kamíkaze

    *LeESPN always finds a way to compare that bum to MJ.* 💯

  2. Its Sammyboi

    ESPN running out of ideas

  3. Nehemiah Howard

    You mean because hes already getting practice trading his players AS A PLAYER? 😂😂 Hes like the old mlb player-managers

    • +Jrock420blam u want w knw why i disagree 100%. Media forces their indoctrination on us with about 10 different sport shows pretty much brain washing through repetition of their biased opinions. Unless said player is a analysis u rarely hear from them. Atleast me personally

    • Jrock420blam

      +Deyknw sports shows tend to go with the most popular and best players like MJ when he also got 24/7 sports center coverage when he played. Then Kobe and now LeBron. Players tend to go with the best players of their era or who they played with. Both are riddled with bias, stats don’t show bias and statistically LeBron is #2 after MJ. They are the two most efficient and clutch players in the history of the sport bar none. There are only two non big men with a game winning shot % over 50% and that’s MJ and LeBron.

    • +Jrock420blam stats w/o context means nothing. Everyone not a GS fan said 73-9 meant nothing w/o the ring but those who say that praise lebron for making 8 straight trips to finals losing all them times. Look at Westbrook stats and what he puts up yet he not even a top 20 player

    • Jrock420blam

      +Deyknw look up Westbrook’s efficiency compared to LeBron or MJ. Efficiency means everything. The two most efficient players of all time are MJ and LeBron and it isn’t close. Even big men like Hakeem and Duncan can’t match efficiency with them and that says a lot. Like Harden breaking MJ scoring records with a horrible shooting % just jacking up 15 3’s a night.

  4. Spidey7747

    Ryan Hollins happy he sitting next to his daddy.

  5. Wizzy 1683

    mj over lebron like if agree

  6. LeGay James

    They need to be more concerned about Lebron making the playoffs and less about random bs like this.

    • Donzilla The God

      +King Trawal idk if you know this but every NBA teams objective is to get a fucking ring everyone in the NBA is competing for a championship

    • Donzilla The God

      +King Trawal if lebrons rings dont count then nobody’s rings count cuz then everyone who won a ring was ring chasing

    • Donzilla The God

      +King Trawal with lebron the Lakers were 2.5 games behind the 1st seed before he got hurt so if anything lebron was proving us wrong it’s not the east was weak it’s that lebron is a beast look at the east now some of those teams look like the warriors last year 😂, you a whole hater if you didnt believe the Lakers were a problem before lebron got hurt, and you cant blame lebron for the Lakers falling off cuz he was hurt and nobody on the Lakers had the leader mentality to step up and keep them a float

    • King Trawal

      Donzilla The God
      Lebron is 3-6 on the biggest stage!!! LOLLL Never gets old!

    • Donzilla The God

      +King Trawal lebron haters mentioning 3-6 when they just said his rings dont count cuz they have no counter arguments LOLLLL NEVER GETS OLD

  7. They wanna fight in every way to make Lebron be better than Jordan in something lol crazy

  8. He couldn’t beat MJ as a player, so I guess lebron has got to try as an owner

  9. Yaz Fucked Ya Bitch


  10. 0:08 kyrie hiding in the back

  11. Aathavan Mohanathas

    Why is Ryan Hollins here? I thought we exiled him

  12. JusMykeTV

    If the glove DOES fit it’s time to Lequit.

  13. Maurice Thomas

    Bron ain’t even a good GM doe

    • Jrock420blam

      +Chris Williams basically because Air Gamble set the bar so low that LeBron can’t really be a worse GM/President/owner. LeBron has show his ability to pick good teammates even with a limited role in those decisions as a player. As an owner/GM he would have more power to make teams. In the end if you have the sheer talent of MJ or LeBron it’s way easier to win on the court because you can take control, as a GM you are kinda bound by your players and they aren’t gonna play on the level of MJ/LBJ so we won’t know for sure until LeBron does become an owner/GM but he can’t really be worse only as bad or better.

    • Maurice Thomas

      Sean Legghette my guy issa joke

    • Jonathan Liu

      VAK94 who have the lakers acquired? And lebron was so toxic kyrie demanded a trade, which the cavs basically got nothing for. And after lebron demanded Tristan and JR be given huge contracts, he bounces once again after creating probably the most dysfunctional team in sports history.

  14. T.A.T ENT

    They have to say LeBron will be better than Jordan in some type of way cause he will never be better on the Court !

  15. EliteFlite

    Lol when ESPNs ratings depend so heavily on Lebron that they have to talk about his retirement. #Dickriders

  16. “Lebron would be a better unicyclist than Michael Jordan” -Max Kellerman

    • trollsRtrix


    • Tenacious Zen

      LOL. They can’t say he’s a better player…so the media has to find SOME WAY to put LBJ in a higher level than Jordan…its getting pathetic.

    • Gooldblooded BO3

      “LeBron takes shits faster. He has the courtesy flush. He keeps an extra roll of toilet paper on deck. and he never leaves a smell behind. He’s greater than Jordan. But i do think Jordan shits better than ALL other players.” – Max Kellerman

    • Yukai Wang

      I don’t know about being a better owner, but Lebron is already one of the worst GMs of all time rofl

  17. Jordan RioT

    Next First Take: Lebron James could cook a better steak then Michael Jordan – Max Kellerman

  18. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    Hyper Competitive people make bad owners because they think that the players will play as intensely as them

  19. Jeanmi Ess

    Next topic how LeBron compare to Jordan as a father…. come on guys.

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