Let’s not act like Syracuse’s Howard didn’t try to trip Zion Williamson – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Let’s Not Act Like Syracuse's Howard Didn’t Try To Trip Zion Williamson – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Let’s Not Act Like Syracuse's Howard Didn’t Try To Trip Zion Williamson – Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose is confident that Syracuse's Frank Howard stuck out his foot to trip Zion Williamson, but it does not look that bad because Zion did not fall.

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  1. Michael Roberts

    No one sticks their leg out like that by accident

    • Squidward Tentacles is your mom

      And when someone else tries to trip another player it’s no big deal. But since zion’s involved it’s a big deal and everyone is riding his beef

    • George Lappat

      People care because Zion has a bright future. Nobody cares if some scrub is injured. +Squidward Tentacles is your mom

    • Squidward Tentacles is your mom

      George Lappat that is very insensitive because if u got injured u would want people to care but since ur a scrub no one will care

    • George Lappat

      Regardless of the person, it’s always a big deal. Players who trip others are exposed & under fire. Grayson Allen tripped 5 scrubs, and all of them were made a big deal by the media/fans. +Squidward Tentacles is your mom

  2. Keep that same energy y’all had with Grayson Allen

  3. jayfrancelf

    Literally the most obvious case of trying to trip someone lol

    • Deneal Christopher

      That’s what I said …..its obvious asf

    • hkarmy96

      +RyanJS08 I hope you guys don’t really call yourselves “Dukies” 😭😂

    • RyanJS08

      +hkarmy96 we’re ACC champs, we can call ourselves whatever we want! Lol

  4. Junior Quarles

    First time ever that I wtnessed a deliberate trip that didn’t work because the player being tripped was too big.

    • Boris The B1ad3 X

      +CodyS777 go to bed kid

    • Jaystacks916

      Junior Quarles would of been funny if Zion stepped on his ankle by accident an injured him 😂

    • Diamond Robinson, Sr.

      Don’t think Zion even notice he tried to trip him…

    • Or he just has good balance lol

    • DevDaDude

      I was lookin for this comment so I could post lol Zion to heavy damn near toll dudes leg with him 😂😂😂

  5. Malcolm Brown

    But you really did wait four years to get to that stage just to trip someone 😂😂😂

    • Luka Magic

      +CodyS777 Cody you really need to get off the computer, past bedtime

    • thedeafgenius

      Hes going no where afterwards anyways.



    • grandcanyon2

      This is why you don’t play ball in the hood, bullshit trips fouls, and fights.people just can’t play.

  6. Kreepalo XAY

    He know he tried to 😂😂your reflexes were spot on wit that😂😂

    • Jamaal Gamer

      The reflex tho! If it was an accident he wouldn’t have reacted that quick😂😂

  7. ColtsFan4Life 35

    Dirty play. That stuff doesn’t belong in sports.

    • Victor Njoroge

      Doctor Cthulhu no he started lifting weights and while he was getting better they were getting worse

    • +Victor Njoroge Lies david stern had to make sure his cash cow had a storybook career those rings were a business decision too much money at risk.

    • +Doctor Cthulhu definitely

    • TheNamesDitto

      Pat Bev would disagree

  8. BPayne Beats

    Booooooy I tell ya they really gonna act like we ain’t see what we saw 🤦🏽‍♂️ they got the biggest balls

  9. I really don’t understand why nothing will happen to him after he clearly tried to trip Zion. There’s no excuse for it. The Syracuse player should be suspended or benched for trying to injure Zion. It’s an easy way to sprain a knee or hurt a wrist in an unexpected fall.

    • Les A. R

      O G Exactly. How is this not something to be investigated? Especially after ZW coming off an injury. That kid need to count his blessing instead lying the way he did.

    • Vinny L

      He didn’t fall. So unfortunately they can’t really do anything.

  10. justkeepcasting

    Wow, coach and player lied. Its completely obvious in the video. Are u kidding me?? What a joke. For the record, I’m a UNC fan. Even I can see how intentional that trip was. People are ridiculous.

    • Cuddle Bear

      Matt Norris I’ve seen a thousand trips and never seen someone get injured

    • Matt Norris

      +Cuddle Bear it all depends how they fall as I said, the chance of it happening isn’t sky high but it’s not impossible and it can end up being quite severe. Like I’ve already said, I’ve physically seen it happen to people and my mate ended up needing 2 ops on his knee because his MCL didn’t heal properly. I’ve also seen other guys in the comments saying that they’ve broken or torn stuff from landing badly after being tripped so don’t write it off as a possibility.

    • George Lappat

      Well their coach got away with vehicular manslaughter, so this is a cake walk.

    • TheTurboman23

      +George Lappat Ouch.

  11. rubiks15

    Are we seriously debating this!? It was OBVIOUSLY a trip attempt lol. Luckily, nothing came out of it, but lets not try to act like we didn’t just see that.

  12. FlipStar26

    Howard is making as much logic as R. Kelly did when interviewed by Gayle King. Stop it, dude. The jig is up.

  13. Clearly tired tripping I wish Zion would have punched him in his punk face

    • Lamar Lewis

      Noooo !! That the WORST thing he could do. He needs to keep a professional image.

    • flightschool818

      Much better if he just continues to ram the ball down everyone’s throats! The dude is unstoppable

    • Ice Man

      Dunk on them relentlessly make him a poster boy for life….that’s paybacc

  14. Top Five

    Blatantly attempted to trip him. They didn’t get ‘locked’ or accidentally ‘bumped’ into each other.

    The man turned his foot towards Zion! Ffs.

  15. Last seen

    Zion protect yourself man they know you nexts Up! Great team win last night

    • Ck_ZheGoat 22

      Last seen i swear they really wanna stop him any type of way

    • fricken frick

      Zion just said I’m not sitting out I made a commitment to a team so I don’t understand why you all out here trying to get him to sit out

  16. reactionary

    he locked his knee with foot stretched out positioned to catch zions foot. how is that not a trip. smh

  17. sreddi83

    Welcome to 2019 where being caught on camera actually means nothing. Everyone who’s been a kid at school knows that’s a trip

    • Doctor Cthulhu

      sreddi83 Its starts with people in power, and if their cult followers wont believe physical evidence, why would anyone else.

    • Perisean Baltimore

      hilarious but true, your eyes and mine are deceiving us….lol

    • Fake news!! You can’t believe your lying eyes about what you saw, you must believe their lying mouths saying lies. Facts don’t matter in 2019.

    • Thumper baby Bambi



  18. Tied up? Dude straight stuck his leg out!! The hell they talking about?🤔

    • Douglas

      Right?? That knee was damn near hyperextended. His leg was straight out LOL wtfff

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

      Exactly..if the dudes foot was planted and Zion walked over it n tripped or fell over it… that then would have been a different story.

      That Syracuse player’s foot looked like positioning angle to attempt a field goal or punt … SMH

    • Tai Ratuere

      Legs got tied up🤔🤣

  19. Edwin Tsang

    Thumbs up for jalen rose!!!! Those who deny the obvious tripping are losing their credibility! People ain’t blind. Speak the truth , admit the mistake will earn more respect.

  20. stormking989

    The guy intentionally stuck out his foot.

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