Lou Williams: Allen Iverson didn’t make me cry in practice, and here’s the full story | The Jump

Lou Williams: Allen Iverson Didn't Make Me Cry In Practice, And Here's The Full Story | The Jump

RSS - Lou Williams: Allen Iverson Didn't Make Me Cry In Practice, And Here's The Full Story | The Jump Sport News Today

Lou Williams joins Jorge Sedano, Michael Wilbon and Marc J. Spears on The Jump to discuss his lengthy NBA career, being a Sixth Man of the Year winner and coming off the bench, how Allen Iverson shaped his career while on the Philadelphia 76ers, the success of the Los Angles Clippers in the 2018-19 season, fellow bench star Montrezl Harrell, getting over the trade of Tobias Harris and others, whether he could be a Hall of Famer, (3:34) the story behind A.I.'s claim that he made Lou Will cry, Doc Rivers as a Coach of the Year candidate, and whether they've taken the crown as "Los Angeles' team" from the Lakers. They then (5:47) play "What Were You Thinking," discussing Drake dropping his name on the track "6 Man," and posterizing the Miami Heat as a rookie (blowing by Dwyane Wade and dunking on Udonis Haslem).

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  1. Duck my sick

    Shut up Molly damn..

    • @Mind of the North Star Jealousy is a female trait. These men aren’t jealous of molly. Her role is to moderate and keep the guys on topic yet she interrupts at the worst times and breaks thought mostly during a good debate

    • NoCap 757

      +Fallout 76 Issa a failure 😂😂😂

    • The Seahawks didn't run the ball

      Lmao look at all the white knights defending Molly.

  2. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Allen Iverson did make a lot of ankles cry tho 😂

  3. j0epark1

    Lou Williams is underrated af.

    • Confuzzled Weed

      Michael Fraser He was averaging 23ppg and keeping the Clippers as a borderline playoff team off the bench

    • Mike Taylor

      +Michael Fraser he averaged over 20 something points .. ..he should’ve replaced jimmy butler.

    • Mike Taylor

      +DHaile83 don’t forget what he did against kd, ty Lawson and the rest of oakhill..lol

    • King Savage


    • DHaile83

      Mike Taylor facts

  4. Square Bidnez

    Been watching Lou since the Iverson days… been a beast!🔥💯🔥

  5. Halfman Halftree

    the clippers are the hardest playing team in the league

    • Michael o

      Halfman Halftree nah okc for sure

    • nba_4 life

      The pistons

    • LionsAllday DETROIT

      +emoneyizhereson lol he made a good point about whiteside…that dude doesn’t play hard

    • emoneyizhereson

      +King Kanyon hahahah damn you got me with that Whiteside jab. Always thought that was our worst move since drafting Beasley. But you can’t look at the Heat culture as a whole and say it’s not top class from top to bottom. Even the greatest superstars say it’s not for everyone cause there’s a standard of hard work not many teams have

    • King Kanyon

      Not saying they don’t have the culture just saying this season the Clippers have played harder in a much harder conference with a far better record. Just this year though

  6. prietomoses30

    My guy lou is one of the most underrated fellas in the game today. Next to Jamal Crawford. These guys deserve the praise

    • +Edwin Jdamn you named the right mfs!!!

    • Jacob Sowers

      That’s why they 6 men in the first place

    • I stay getting hoed

      Yea they can get buckets but they both a liability on defense thats why they been 6th man almost their whole career

    • I stay getting hoed

      +Edwin J ben was the only one who could actually play defense and he is better than the rest of those guys but his injuries ruined his whole career

    • I stay getting hoed

      +ace warren thats a stretch

  7. cory ddp

    Mr. Williams had to work extremely hard and he should be proud of himself for staying in the NBA this long. They’re more mr. Williams than they are Allen Iverson in the NBA and all of those mr. Williams is there tremendous respect.

    • DHaile83

      2× NBA Sixth Man of the Year (2015, 2018)….(2019?)
      Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2005)
      McDonald’s All-American (2005)
      Mr. Georgia Basketball (2005) (2004)

  8. 6 man like lou Williams 2 girls and they get along like im lou

    • Anthony Ali

      Real Life SUPERFLY

    • Peanut Law

      J K P cause idk if that’s lyrics they was trash but I respect and love what lou doing on and off the court

    • Zion So fresh

      STR8KOP TV he was just hatin tbh

    • Famous Dexter's Dad

      STR8KOP TV If you didn’t know that Lou had 2 girlfriends then the bar really doesn’t make sense so I see how it could be hard to understand

  9. Darius Jordan

    So is Doc still an ‘overrated’ coach?

    • Limitless Ifinity

      Doc is underachieves with loaded teams and overachieves with bad to average one. And yes for a long time Doc was overated and help up on a gotdamn pedestal like he was on the of Pop, Phil, Riley, etc.

    • Steven Lopez

      only reason they called him overrated was to have somebody to blame Lob City’s disappointment on

    • MBF MBF

      No he can win with whoever plays hard he doesnt need super talent that’s the sign of a great coach

  10. Seize 3

    It would be amazing if he finished his career with the Sixers

    • Bicc OG ???

    • Loyal Philly fan

      Bicc OG eagles and Villanova just won championships in the same year and the 76ers have made it to the playoffs back to back years and the Phillies are pretty good and got Bryce Harper.

    • treachskull

      Imagine if he was in Philly now coming off the bench 🔥🔥🔥

    • CeeMcCloud


    • MBF MBF

      If the Sixers had his scoring right now off the bench OMG BRUH 😳

  11. Akeem Jones

    He looks like hes in his twenties but hes in his 30s. Black dont crack, keep it up bro

    • gang gang

      +Bogs Buni not like white people tho 😂😂

    • King Savage

      Black is wack

    • King Savage

      +Gigi Raven
      Ik more black girls with fake bodies than white so your comment made no sense 💀

    • Ghost Ghost

      +ClevelandGOAT There’s beautiful women as well as ugly women in every race stop being racist and bias.

    • Deandre Ayton should get tested he looks like a HOFer already

  12. Notch Johnson

    Lou has a future in broadcasting. Good dude.

    • Nicholas Najibi

      Notch Johnson ??? To know someone’s a good dude you have to know them in real life you can’t just watch them on TV bro.

    • Brezzy 1815

      It’s not that hard to talk anyone can do it

    • سيد Didi

      some grumpy comments above me … why even bother to reply then
      I agree, this guy seems like a real dude. one can very wel spot if a person is acting or just being himself. I prefer watching this guy talk ball as to listening to most of these media driven fashion boys hyping their ego

    • Jomard Benemile

      Notch Johnson i thought he had a radio show

  13. nvr2serious cc

    No ego guy and plays phenomenal!! Cant get tired of humble guys like him. I like seeing guys like these succeed. Go Lou!!

    • Jordan Willett

      That attitude is why he was never an all star he didn’t have that desire to take what was his like the greats you have to have an I’m better than you mentality and know in your own mind you are better you can’t be saying stuff like “I’m happy to be the 6 man” none of the greats woulda ever said that

    • Warren Amien

      No ego he paraded 2 gfs like it was normal plays in the nba is a multi millionaire and just addressed a part of A.I’s hall of fame speech he obviously didn’t like on live tv if that aint ego im lost bruh send me to Jerusalem

    • Jetmir Lekiqi

      +Jordan Willett I’m pretty sure Lou has an attitude of being all star worthy, that’s why he’s so good and overconfident with his shot making. But you gotta be great all multiple things to be an all star and Lou is only good at making difficult shots at a high volume but a poor defender and not so good at anything else. His play style is meant for short scoring bursts when we need a bucket quick and that’s best when he’s on the bench. People put too much pride in being or not being a starter it’s ridiculous. As long as they’re winning games when they use Lou on the bench is all that matters

    • Jordan Willett gotta play your role bruh, if you stretch your abilities you leave exposure. The greats could never play the 6 man role like he can either, it goes both ways.

  14. Jay Moore

    Starter or no starter Lou Will is a walking bucket

  15. thebenchwarmerMVP

    Lou talks so smooth like he doesn’t torch teams on any given night. For a baaaad mfer, he’s one cool cat.

  16. dablocishot77

    Iverson: “I’ll take your self esteem lil nicka.”

    • ✹ m e l o f e r g™✹

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who else read it in A.I. voice lmao

  17. Javon Williams

    Yo AI was so different 😂😂 told bro he’d take his self esteem if he practiced wit em 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. tommy hil

    More players need to be like this. Know your roll! Be humble…your time will come .He’s making millions, he’s healthy and has 2 girlfriends…lou’s chillin!!!

  19. Corner Sportsnet

    Iverson made him a better player and im sure Schooled him

    • South Side

      He literally said in the interview that Iverson schooled him …

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