Luke Walton could be the Lakers’ ‘scapegoat’ – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Luke Walton Could Be The Lakers' 'scapegoat' - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

RSS - Luke Walton Could Be The Lakers' 'scapegoat' - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby Sport News Today

Jalen Rose speculates that Luke Walton could end up being the scapegoat for the Los Angeles Lakers' struggles, while David Jacoby says that he deserves some slack considering LeBron James has missed 17 games.

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  1. Of course. They can’t blame magic, James, or any other laker.

  2. the1kamíkaze

    *LeBlame James pointing fingers again. What else is new.* bum

  3. wildlion423

    Lakers lineup could of been

    D lo
    But magic shitted up and signed a aging LeBrON. That team could of won a chip in a couple of years

    • Charles Tate

      Exactly. Magic tried to expedite things by signing Lebron, but probably set them back a few more years….

    • Victor Thompson

      +Davy White That was literally only like 6 years ago. You made it seem like it was another era. Teams are hell bent on trying to be like GS. Before GS, nobody needed or tried to recruit 4 to 5 superstars on one team. They used to develop teams and draft their core players. Now everybody’s in a rush to win lol!

    • Manuel Filimon

      +TheBlackPhantomHD no Kuzma if Dlo is there. We got Kuzma from the Dlo trade.

  4. Have y’all notice that every team that lebron is on is a scapegoat from coach’s to players but somehow lebron James always wants help and lebron is one in a few that have more help than anyone

    • J Williams

      You need help in order to win a title in the NBA period! With the Lakers it’s more of a chemistry and morale thing especially after the trade talks… But in this GSW era you need help to even try and compete for a title

    • Davy White

      What help did Lebron have last year on the Cavs? An injury prone Kevin Love? That doesn’t compare to a team with 4 allstars in their lineup.

    • Lenny Beason

      Exactly! Name another Player who has complained about needing more help than Lebron has in the last 15 years!?!?!?

    • Lenny Beason

      +Davy White Lebron had the team he built! So no sympathy here , hell he fired half the team right before the Allstar break last year. No other Player in the league can make his Franchise team trade away half the team in the middle of the season. So now he goes to LA and slows down the development of the young core talent. And wants to fire the coach already and the season isn’t even over yet.

    • bryantshaw24

      +Lenny Beason did he complain the first round in Cleveland? Nope. Did he complain in Miami? Nope. Did he complain the first two year going back in Cleveland? Nope. You are taking about that one time in Cleveland way he ask for a backup point guard. SMH

  5. Maurice Thomas

    LaVar been said Shaw was going to replace Luke

    • Patrick Hoey

      The man really speaks things into existence.

    • BackBoard To Basket

      Lavar ball would make himself look like a Hall of fame coach compared to Mr. no def or offense Luke walton. 2 yrs in his only play-book is run to the rim to score. Defend by standing in-front of a player LUL. 50% win coach at best.

  6. Jordan Stans Hate Me

    Lebron is the Lakers Scapegoat. Young core not playing well ; “Lebron is turning them into spot up shooters”. No free agents sign to LA; “ Lebron’s too toxic”.

    • LeGoat James

      OFC Haters will try to put all of this on Lebron and chose to ignore the real issues that Lakers has .

    • Exactly these new booty laker fans kill me ….blaming one person like if lebron wasn’t there they’ll make the playoffs Lmao weirdos

  7. Iceman GG

    All I hear is Lakers fans attack Luke’s rotations and gameplans ok fine. But that same energy needs to be kept for the players lack of shooting overall, FT ability specifically, and trash defense.

    • Youonlyknowonebig i

      +Lonzma Ingram exactly lol two different situations

    • Upful Soul

      Their FT or scoring coach is trash so that’s on Luke.

    • Upful Soul

      +Youonlyknowonebig i I saw him play dee in the Boston game. Defense is a team effort anyway.

    • Elijah Bacani

      Lonzma Ingram you also have to blame the gm for signing players that don’t fit the system. Yea a coach is responsible for trying to implement the system but when a gm highers players that don’t respect the coach, the rookies aren’t going to either. And another thing, if a gm knows that the team’s weakness is defense, then it would be stupid to sign veteran players that aren’t great at defense. A great system can hide players and make the most out of it but that can’t be done when the veterans don’t lead by example

  8. LeBron James

    Luke Walton takes all of my blame just like J.R. Smith did

  9. kingdomdominionalc

    The AD failed trade killed both teams morale.How good were the lakers last year with Julius Randle minus Lbj ?

    • Davy White

      Randle would of been the piece Lebron needed. He was the best player on the Lakers.

    • bigbullbk

      Lebron destroyed 3 teams in 6 months. He left the Cavs, making them a terrible team, he wanted all the young talent gone, which destroyed their confidence and morale, he made AD ask for a trade through his friend and agent thereby destroying the Pelicans team.

    • IceManLikeGervin

      LBJ is toxic………….it’s all about LBJ

    • King Smoker

      last year they only need a closer and to make freethrows they would have been a 7th or 8th seed. this year if lebron did get injured they would be 3-5th seed. besides free throws our weakest defensive position is the pf. if we would have kept randle signed rondo and mcgee and signed shooter instead of lance beasley we would be fine. luke has bad rotations but there have been too many games decided on freethrows and lack of lebron closing games out to put that all on luke.

  10. Gregory Hayes

    Man LBJ is making himself look bad. What happened to playing this season out and waiting on the off season. With all this drama, magic should have just waited and signed Kawhi.

    • theo feel

      like it’s lbj fault? stop believing everything you hear.. where did you see panic?

    • Gregory Hayes

      +theo feel Nah man this happens too often. Only time it didn’t was in Miami when Pat riley didn’t let lbj run wild.

    • Leonard doesn’t want to play with LeFraud!! He’s smarter than that!!

    • theo feel

      all great players are surrounded by drama hyped by media.. MJ, Kobe no exception. now tell me last time players specifically blamed lbj for that. kd said ‘toxic environment’ meaning media.. it’s their job to hype and create drama. stop blaming lebron for everything

    • Even if lebron didn’t come to LA we still wouldn’t. Make the playoffs stop hating on one person…Lakers team is just garbage get over it

  11. LA Clippers

    No wonder LeBron didn’t go to Philly. He knew he wouldn’t get the stats he wanted that could deflect the blame on him. Since LeBron’s return, their defense plummeted.

    • LA Clippers wtf u talking bout they were on a losing streak before Lebron

    • GotAL2Say

      No because philly as a city isn’t good for his brand. He would’ve still filled the stats in philly especially alongside Embiid and Simmons.

    • Zwayney 869

      This coming from a clippers fan lmfao

    • play me some of that jumping music

      Not since he returned. Since lonzo left


  12. Why LeBron tryna trade our core ? Why LeBron play no D, especially giving up critical wide open 3s at the end of games ? Hold that man accountable

    • BackBoard To Basket

      Lets see you play defense playing 44 mins in an nba game… You be the same to talk sht on austin rivers til he presses you and claim you say nothing.

    • Kirk Jackson

      Because he has a vice grip on the media and they’re not honest. Their goal is to manipulate and brainwash fans. He doesn’t hold himself accountable; he always needs more help and someone to blame for his failures. He’s more concerned about padding stats. The media lying to the public still pushing the false narrative that’s he’s the best player

    • GotAL2Say

      Kirk Jackson name a team with one all star that’s had a legitimate chance at a championship in the last 15 years outside of the pistons or maybe the Mavs. There you go I’ve given you a large amount of time to choose from.

    • Upful Soul

      Bron is a vet. Let the young guys fly around on dee.

  13. Josh Patterson

    so funny people cant handle lebron isnt the best anymore

  14. Daniel Tayong

    Man Lebron has killed all his good will since he won that chip in 2016. lol

  15. Big Beard Game

    Trey young iced tha game on and 1 foul from Lebron. He can’t defend. Who care about the numbers if u don’t defend. Russ average triple double and they whole team play D too.

  16. keef davis

    In other words…. Lavar was right.

  17. MysticMech

    Let’s BLAME the coach. That seems to be a thing wherever , “You know who” goes.
    Not hating. Just a fact.

    Scapegoat = L. Walton.

  18. Yousif Al-Ali

    WOW this is the most blatant proof that Jalen Rose does not watch games. I have watched a substantial amount of Lakers games ever since Luke Walton took over. He is the most incompetent coach I have ever witnessed (Ty Lue is a genius compared to him). Luke Walton develops players??? He developed Julius Randle??? WHAT A JOKE. Everybody could see Julius Randle was a damn stud, yet he made him come off the bench and played him limited minutes for basically 2/3 of the season last year. His rotations are a big bad joke. Nobody could get into a rhythm because of his substitution patterns. Lonzo Ball (already a horrendous shooter) would never really play much more than 5-6 minutes in a row before getting benched, which never allowed him to get into any kind of a rhythm.

    • Elijah Bacani

      Yousif Al-Ali so… The fact that they consistently improved each season doesn’t mean all that much to you then? Not saying you’re totally wrong but saying he’s a terrible coach is blowing it out of proportion… I do agree that he should stop trying to mimic the warriors rotation pattern though because it doesn’t fit that team

    • Yousif Al-Ali

      +Elijah Bacani He took over a 17-65 Lakers team that was not as bad as its record suggests (the 2015-16 season was basically thrown away for Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, which I have no problem with) and managed to end with a record of 26-56 (nothing spectacular, they could only go up from the previous season without Kobe Bryant). During that 2016-17 season, Randle ended up averaging only 28 minutes a game, even though he was clearly a stud with great potential (Timofey Mazgov, Tarik Black and many other irrelevant players chipped away at his minutes thanks to Walton the buffoon). Then last year, Walton screwed up on so many levels I don’t know where to start. First off, Julius Randle. THE MAN PLAYED AN AVERAGE OF ONLY 26 MINUTES/GAME DESPITE 16.1 PPG ON 55.8% SHOOTING. LARRY NANCE JUNIOR WOULD START OVER HIM IN THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF THE SEASON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Second off, Lonzo Ball. He badly messed him up with substitution patterns. It is essential for point guards to get into a flow to be at their best, and he never allowed Lonzo to get into one with his substitution patterns. I could keep going on about this season, but I think if you just watch the games you will understand how bad he is, it is just flagrant.

    • Elijah Bacani

      Yousif Al-Ali like I said, I agree with you that his rotation patterns should stop mimicking that of the warriors because this team isn’t the warriors; HOWEVER, he still had a young team that was beginning to improve and that’s the important part. All I’m saying is that he isn’t as bad as people make him out to be but adding LeBron and a bunch of stubborn veterans doesn’t help any. (I say stubborn because they probably don’t respect a guy that’s literally the same age as some of them

  19. Gabriel Marquez

    The Lakers finished the 2015-16 with a record of 17W-65-L under the tutelage of coach Byron Scott. The following season, which was Luke Walton’s first season as the Lakers coach, they finished with a 26W-56L record, that’s +9 wins. They followed that with a 35W-47L season, that’s another +9 wins. Luke Walton has consistently improved the Lakers record. And what have the Lakers done since then? They mortgage their franchise, put all the eggs in one basket by signing an aging superstar in LeBron James, who despite his brilliance, brings a lot og baggage with him. The Lakers were unsuccessful to lure any other big names to their roster, on top of that, they overhauled their roster by bringing a bunch of volatile assets, some which have turn out for the best in Rondo, Lance and for the most part McGee.

    The Lakers took a team that was slowly but surely making gains and seemed to be building towards something and turned it into a circus. They had no faith in the pieces they invested on and sabotage themselves in the process. The front office messed this up, they wanted LeBron James so bad that they were willing to sacrifice everything for him. These are the consequences of that decision.

    • David Hall

      It’s hard to argue with this but you’d have to put in the disclaimer too that without lebrons injury, they’d be 3rd or 4th seed in the playoffs and people would still be talking about them as underdogs to compete. It’s just the way the cookie crumbled this season

    • bigcuz9286

      +David Hall Not necessarily. They were 2.5 games out of 1st but 2.5 above 10th. Need I remind you the Clippers were 1st @ 1 point as well?

    • David Hall

      +bigcuz9286 I don’t think you’ll find many that will argue they’d be 4th without that injury. Some might argue 5th or 6th but not 10th and more importantly they’d be well above 500. You can’t argue this surely

    • Shane Anthony

      Most intelligent comment I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. That’s the exact reason I didn’t celebrate that signing. You have two groups of players on completely different trajectories. That and some questionable free agent signings and trades makes Luke’s job really difficult.

  20. Tavich Gerst

    LBJ is not the best player in the world these people are smoking crack

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