Luke Walton’s job as Lakers coach not in jeopardy ‘and it shouldn’t be’ – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

Luke Walton's Job As Lakers Coach Not In Jeopardy 'and It Shouldn't Be' - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

RSS - Luke Walton's Job As Lakers Coach Not In Jeopardy 'and It Shouldn't Be' - Tracy McGrady | The Jump Sport News Today

Amin Elhassan, Tracy McGrady and Rachel Nichols of The Jump explain why the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling, mentioning LeBron James' injury and a young core of players as reasons to cut Luke Walton some slack. The crew also looks at the Lakers' upcoming schedule and breask down how they can get back on track for the 2019 NBA playoffs.

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  1. Kadro Keez

    Luke Walton’s job is as safe as the avocado’s in Mexico.

  2. Iceman GG

    Lakers issue in percentages adjust them according to how u feel:
    Front Office: 20%
    Lebron: 15%
    Young Players: 15%
    Pelicans: 10%
    Veterans: 10%
    Luke Walton: 20%
    Misc. : 10%

    • Devin Fuller

      Markus King and Ingram was scoring lol we went 6-11 without lebron

    • The Goat gaming

      +FP so when lbj was injured why didn’t they blow out every team

    • Jarvis Juice

      Iceman GG the Lakers are a mess PERIOD 😂😂😂

    • Alysia Aramburo

      +Tchello Valente Rando and Lonzo also got hurt, they went 6-12 without Lebron and Rando I think with Rando they go at least 8-10 or 9-9. I dont think they would have made the playoffs without Lebron but Lebron being out isn’t the only reason we fell from 4th-10th without Lebron we probably would have fallen from 4th-7th which is understandable when you look at the makeup of our team

    • Cole Lutz

      Pelicans: 10%
      Lebron: 2%
      Injuries: 60%
      Luke: 15%
      Front Office: 6%
      Veterans: 3%
      Young guys: 4%
      Hotel: Trivago

  3. King Dang

    It’s crazy how much change in buzz the lakers get every game. After they beat Boston, it was “ oh yeh the lakers can beat any other team other than golden state “ , loss to the hawks, “ the lakers might not even make the playoffs “. It’s a make or miss league, anything is possible.

  4. Mike Z-cz

    I say they miss the PO but the league will do everything to push them through… Many questionable calls are about to happen..

    • +Mike Z-cz no need to open my eyes for what u explained. it makes monetary sense, and a baby knows all of that. However, including KD is pertinent because you’re making it seem like he will be unfairly getting more calls. So if you’re implying that the league is going to be fixing games/calls, then are u of the opinion that the league is going out of its way to give GS wins??

      I seriously doubt it. 

      So maybe Lebron will just get more of the calls that he deserves, that they have been neglecting to give him

    • Mike Z-cz

      +mjaay all of the “league boys” getting unfair calls.. KD as well.. I am not argue on it.. What pisses me off is that the lakers will play my jazz 2 more Times and I already know it will be jazz vs lakers/refs .. All because league views LAL as a more sexy product..

    • Umm so the haters have their answers ready already, u guys are well prepared can go either way 😂

    • +Mike Z-cz hahahaha chill. pretty sure no one outside okc was upset y’all pulled it off last year

    • Gibran Leon

      oh yeah no doubt in my mind about that. they’ve been force feeding us LeHelp for over 8 years now

  5. John Toth

    Lebron’s been back and we are still losing… oh that’s right Lonzo isn’t there!!!

  6. Adjustments is what’s making this year tough for LA. 1st they start the year with LBJ and gotta adjust. Then he gets hurt and they gotta readjust without Bron. Then he comes back after trying to trade the squad and they gotta adjust again while salty. Not sure if they can get that 8 seed

    • Victor Gutierrez

      Jovan SS I’m sure they can make the 8th seed but LBJ is gunna have to do a lot of the work. FYI Not a Lakers fan. Lol

  7. It looked like Lebron didn’t even want to play against the Hawks

    • Rosaun Lucas

      28 11 16 thats playing ball. And im not a lebron fan Im just being honest (Future) voice.

    • He lead both teams in points rebounds assists and steals and played the most minutes what else yall want him to do

    • Everett King

      jamal10452 I’m not worried about him being more aggressive I’m worried about his defending lol u saw trae young put him on skates and go to rim for the and 1

  8. Patrick Jones

    Looking like LaVar Ball was Right Magic has No Power.

    • Me3ks DaGOAT

      We should have Jerry west and when Jeanie pull the plug magic it will hurt badly.

  9. De’Aaron Rose

    Lavar said it last year … he was overrated since he coached the warriors. His rotations are terrible doesn’t play Mo Wagner who is a good shooter and has size. No offense whatsoever

    • 導演立帆

      De’Aaron Rose agree, Walton likes to play the starting five the whole fourth quarter and doesn’t adjust. They were lacking offense vs the hawks and should’ve let kcp or Stevenson in for rondo since lebron was doing the point guard work. They really miss zubac, they have no interior presence now since McGee is really inconsistent and chandler is old gets hurt a lot.

    • michael preller

      ? That’s because when you have Lebron he IS the system. He goes and tries putting an offense together then Lebron will be pissed. His hands are ties and will be scapegoated. His worst nightmare was Lebron coming to LA.

    • PassNba2k

      +michael preller Every coaches worst nightmare. Look at his record with his other coaches…nuff said.

  10. LA Clippers

    Lakers peaked on Christmas Day at only 20-14. That’s only 6 games above .500. Not 21-10, Amin. Their current record vs above .500 teams is 12-19.

    • public domain

      +Brian Abisdid those numbers dont show the whole story. they play the clippers and the kings and if they win those matchups they can sneak in

    • Clippers peaked in the 2nd round of the 2015 playoffs. Game 6 up by 13pt 4th quarter at hm. Then they reminded the world they are born losers and the most pitiful franchise in the NBA by choking the game and the series away. Clippers are LA’s stepchild that it never wanted, they should move to Seattle and become the Supersonics

    • LA Clippers they would have been fine if lebron never got injured

    • Lord of the Dings

      +MB _87 LOL you just mad that the clippers have a better future and young core than the lakers

  11. I hate to say it but Lonzo was underrated as a defensive piece, the pressure he was putting on the opposing point guard helped the other guys tremendously. Lavar is happy asf right now 😂😂

    • John West

      Jax Ace lonzo is 6th in defence of all pg looking at advanced stats… although he prop does have lower usage because of lbj which sort of does require of him beeing good defensive.. he is prob a top 10 defensive pg

    • Fire Luke

    • Shane Anthony

      Seriously, their defensive rating without him is terrible. Arguably their best perimeter defender.

    • michael preller

      Always been a good defender…. it’s his offense that is garbage.

    • Foh trash with him 2

  12. Sharan Ramesh

    Lavar was right… James can’t win a ring without Lonzo

  13. Jesse McFarlane

    Don’t @ me but Lonzo is the Fuel to this Lakers team. I honestly feel the younger players feel more comfortable with him playing because he makes the right passes. LeBron makes the LeBron assist passes. Not discrediting Lebrons vision or anything but he wants to control the flow everytime and when he doesn’t get his way he starts sulking.

  14. pvanganimare

    Lakers young players couldn’t beat the magics, Cavs and knicks. C’mon Lakers young players. Lol.

  15. The Legend

    Lebron is destroying the Lakers

    • Gary Ridgeway

      The Legend yes they were so good the previous 5 years when they were the worst team

    • Victor Gutierrez

      Getting LeBron is like having a girlfriend. It’s cool for the first few years but then she tells you what to do and when she’s got what she wanted from you she leaves you for another guy with money.

    • Sean Miles

      The Legend to make it clear I can’t stand Lebron! But your comment that Lebron is destroying the Lakers is stupid! Despite the Lakers struggles, keep in my mind they are on pace to have their best season since Bryant, Gasol, Nash, and Howard played together. That was a long time ago. So no Lebron is not destroying the Lakers.

  16. Brother John's

    Actually it’s not luke, its LeBron James!

    • Wheelman 123

      Yep. Same offense lebron always run. This isn’t Luke’s offense, it’s LeBron James the past 8-9 years offense.

      Luke and magic claimed to want lbj off ball……well lebron isn’t doing tha5. He will make that look horrible to get his offense. Did it to cleveland multiple years to get Blatt fired….and again last yr to bring in clarkson, nance, hood, hill, etc. go watch Jan-feb last sea#on. Dude sucked those months to get isiah, and others traded

  17. mike ryan

    Bill told Luke, stay with Golden state and enjoy the championship team!!
    Well, dad was RIGHT!!
    From the penthouse to the poor house!!

  18. mike ryan

    Lebron reloud the needle…you need your steroids and 4 all stars

  19. Wheelman 123

    Nobody gets more excuses than lebron. Blame everyone but lebron always. Whose the next scape goat?

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