Mediocre Rap Battle of LEC|Misfits vs. G2

Mediocre Rap Battle Of LEC|Misfits Vs. G2

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You’ve all heard it. Who’s the real superteam? Drakos and Vedius settle it once and for all in the only way they know how. A mediocre rap battle.

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  1. I’m dying 😂, I didn’t know I needed this but oh boy did i

  2. Daniel Taveira

    Better lyrics than lil pump’s

  3. DeathColor96

    now that deficio has left no one can stop vedius, he has infected the whole caster team with the cringe disease.

    • +The Jet Nature Deficio became a manager or something for Origen.

    • Happalula

      iirc he left the team for origen, cause nukeduck is a better yasuo player than quickshot….
      i feel so bad for quickshot getting betrayed like that!

    • Theya Alexandru Peanci


    • Noy Dimalanta

      If Deficio was still casting, I would love to see DJ Cowbell & Drakos vs MediVedi in a rap battle. That would be so spicy hahaha

    • Gregory Samuel Teo

      omfg why did i read that in vedius rap voice

  4. ケーキfrostie

    Oh my Lord this is probably the best thing I’ve seen all day

  5. Mardus600

    G2 was just infinitely better, at rapping and in real life

  6. Handicap Dog

    Rare sighting of white people rapping without using any tier 3 swear words

    • Führerious

      Handicap Dog Whites invented rap.

    • Manorkruls Javier

      What is a tier 3 swear word? Since when does swear words get rated into tiers?

    • +Manorkruls Javier since the concept of jokes were invented

    • Fabrissable

      +Manorkruls Javier its when you use words such as: frick and heck

    • Fabiocean

      +Manorkruls Javier Think of a swear word that no one really considers offensive. That’s tier 1. Now think of a word you probably shouldn’t use when talking to strangers, but is acceptably when with friends. That’s tier 2. Tier 3 swear words are the ones you usually never hear in a casual conversation and are considered vulgar and offensive by almost everyone.

  7. Drakos smurfed. It’s already won


    • Ethernal_Evil 24

      C9 VS TSM PLS!

    • Meet your Makers or Copenhagen Wolves vs Elements

    • Maximilien Le Meledo

      I’m so disappointed they didn’t say it, I was so ready haha

    • Jelmer Twijnstra

      +Ale Alias if it was epic rap battles of LEC it would actually still fit and it doesn’t sound that bad at all

    • Ale Alias

      +Jelmer Twijnstra yeah, wasnt complaining about that all it’s such epicness. it fits also exacly how was told at the beginning 😉

  9. JetHawk222

    If only we had content like this for the LCS… say what you want about the LEC but at least they’re trying to bring the hype for their region while also providing hilarious moments for us. The next rap battle has to be Quickshot vs Deficio the battle of the former lovers!

    • +RepliesMuted Fnatic was the 3rd best team at worlds lol, oh no they were worse than the Korean super team and the team that almost 3-0 the Korean super team. Losing to IG aint something to be ashamed about when the only team that came anywhere close to them in strength was the best team in the lck.

    • Amer Abdullatif Galadari

      +RepliesMuted Lol i love how people try to downplay FNC when they were literally the best western team we’ve ever had and absolutely STOMPED NA at Worlds to make it to the finals. You also clearly how no clue what you’re talking about if you think they “dodged” the teams on the other side. First seed means you get to play second seed teams in the playoff stages, and they couldn’t draw IG because they got first seed over them in their group which meant they could only draw G2/C9/EDG, all of which FNC already beat before to make it to the Semifinals. G2 (surprise another EU team) then took out RNG and IG (who FNC indirectly sent them to play against a first seed team since they lost to FNC in the group stages) then took out KT leaving the path to the finals clear for FNC since all they had to was just 3-0 vs. a wild card region in the semifinals.

    • nobuyuki kawashima

      JetHawk222 we all know if we did this in NA captain flowers will destroy everybody

  10. “Swapped out PoE for a POS” DRAKOS YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO EM LIKE THAT 😂 🔥

  11. Happalula

    holy moly!
    LEC keeps delivering highest quality content nonstop!

  12. The Shotcaller

    G2 very clearly takes this, sick bars Drakos!

  13. Michal Stachowicz

    Vedius: When was the last time you won a crown?
    Me: When was the last time MISFITS WON A CROWN

  14. Dylan Novak

    This is incredible. What is the LCS production team doing to match this? LEC, you guys are killing it this year.

    • daniel lapitan

      Dylan Novak
      they’re probably taping hide and seek with: Kobbe and Phreak right now… so we just wait for the upload xD

    • Ami Lueur

      LCS: Tickle parties.
      LEC: Dress up.
      LCK: Cosmo interviews.
      Lemme know when the sleepover is finished, I’ll be watching China now that Frosk is gone!

  15. Regi Ajdini

    Dumbs will have fun with this video xd

  16. CuddleChicken

    I give up. Officially throwing in the towel. EU>NA. We clearly have no idea what hype is in NA. Please take pity and teach us.

  17. That Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference at 2:08 lol

  18. This was the best promo ever… pls just do more of this

  19. Kacper Ł

    Samurais vs. furries lmao

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