Meet the ugliest dogs in the world | E:60

Meet The Ugliest Dogs In The World | E:60

RSS - Meet The Ugliest Dogs In The World | E:60 Sport News Today

Forget the Westminster Dog Show. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California is a celebration of dogs that have been overlooked and unwanted — and the humans who fall in love with them.

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  1. wth

  2. Rayyan Tirmizi

    When you copy the answers in the wrong notebook

  3. wildlion423

    He’s not ugly. He’s perfect

  4. wildlion423

    I feel bad for that dog 🙏

  5. iDontEvenKno

    I’m just a bit confused as to why this is on ESPN

  6. Boogie Cousins

    ESPN got nothing better to upload I guess.

  7. Jared Wagner

    Since when did ESPN turn into TLC

    • Years ago…you havent noticed their political agenda? Or race baiting propaganda?

  8. pokecool22

    Gosh they all look so beautiful. Give me one of those loveable things.

  9. This bitch loud in every movie

    I am about to have a heart attack! Its so many dogs and people to roast it I can’t take it!!!

  10. Russvin Duranbrook

    Lmao why is this on espn ?

  11. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

    This is cute though. I love dogs dude

  12. Attention Currsexuals

    >How to literally trigger ever dog lover or just anyone tbh

  13. Daniel Forte

    Damn I should have brought Snoop Dog, i would have won for sure.

  14. Did I accidentally click on tlc by accident

  15. samuel guerra

    This is not a lebron video wtf ESPN


  17. Boski Gwalla *Subscribe*

    The title should be along the lines of “The front office staff of the Lakers outside of Pelinka, Magic, and Buss battle it out in a friendly beauty competition before the All-Star weekend officially kicks off” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 (And I’m a die-hard Lakers fan)

  18. ESPN


  19. Never thought I’d see a dawg pound look worse than the Browns’

  20. Ming Ming

    Some people eat *dog meat* in my country. I have tried it before, it has a similar taste to lamb

    • MafiaboysWorld

      I bet you were just drooling at this video wishing to marinade all of them in black bean sauce. 😎

    • I’ve ate dog before too. They keep in cages and pick out which one you want eat

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