Messi, Modric, Mbappe: Who should win Ballon d’Or after shortlist announced? | ESPN FC

Messi, Modric, Mbappe: Who Should Win Ballon D'Or After Shortlist Announced? | ESPN FC

RSS - Messi, Modric, Mbappe: Who Should Win Ballon D'Or After Shortlist Announced? | ESPN FC Sport News Today

Sebastian Salazar, Raphael Honigstein, Alejandro Moreno, Paul Mariner and Craig Burley react to the FIFA Ballon d'Or 30-player shortlist, and discuss whether Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Argentina, Luka Modric of Real Madrid and Croatia, Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain and 2018 World Cup-winning France, or someone else should take the award.

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  1. Jay Gonzalez

    France won the World Cup because they are a great team with good players, why do they act like mbappe carried France like maradona with argentina?? He choked with psg in the champions league against Madrid

    • Pekka Blackemperor

      stop sating bullshit, ofc it was a team effort but mbappd carried france and saved them alone multiple time, also he is at the beginning of every goal almost in WC

    • 1000 subscribers without any videos

      Pekka Blackemperor he didn’t carry them. They passed to him and he only needed to score

    • Abdo Ibrahim

      +Jet Blac hes outperforming him yet he has half his goals and assists and won a world cup with france oh my god france the team that were favorites won and mbappe wasn’t the top scorer for france

    • mbappe is overrated cuz most people here are 14 year olds whp have started following football like 2 years ago..

    • messi was a barca legend at like 22 xDDDD

  2. Erik Gonzalez

    Messi does more than all of them inviduality. There’s no way anyone else does more than he does. For anyone to say other than that, is dumb

    • Its true, But barca counts too more from him.


      Shipdacheese he win the laliga top scorer in laliga


      Shipdacheese do you know why ronaldo played 900 minutes less becase he sucks

    • Shivam Das

      Why you all people are arguing so much? We( messi fans) know well who he is. Records are just on papers. Messi haters just couldn’t digest the fact that how a player with 5’7 height becomes the best player of the world. How a little boy from Rosario who used to take injections in his legs everyday becomes the best player of the world. It is maturity when you compare messi with ronaldo because ronaldo is a great goal scorer and I do respect him a lot. But immaturity is when you compare messi with mbappe..yesterday what happened?? Iceland 2 France 2..what your mbappe had done..just scored a goal through penalty at 90′..and another was Iceland’s own can you expect Argentine team where avg age of the players was 32 to win a WC. Don’t always compare messi to anyone..he has suffered a lot in his life..he is the heartbeat of will never understand how it feels when messi touches the ball everytime in a match..I have been watching him since last 9 yrs….Messi himself don’t know how famous he is, what his name meant for millions….so messi fans plz don’t argue everywhere, we all know who he is..evertyime explaining stats, records to everyone is a kind of disrespect to our legend. Those who are supporting mbappe will choose another godfather in 2022 qatar wc, and will choose another in 2026….but we will support our king LEO forever….He is something else……

  3. Kobe Bryant

    Messi the greatest to ever do it .

  4. Xsanther

    Messi 2018 :
    -La Liga trophy
    -Copa trophy
    -Super cup trophy
    -Golden shoe
    -Best player in spain.
    -45 goals & 18 assists in 17/18 season.
    -Most free-kick scored in all europe in 2018.
    -Best playmaker & dribbler of the 17/18 season.
    -Currently the top scorer & assister of the year 2018 with 41 goals and 19 assists.

    • Abdullah Maqsood

      Why do you guys make it seem like Messi is God or something ok I agree Ronaldo is also not perfect too but Messi is also not the God or something Roma single handedly raped Barcelona in Stadio Olimpico. Barcelona will always lose either to an Italian team or Atlético Madrid in the UCL Quarterfinals. They will never win a champions league they’ll lose in the UCL Quarterfinals 😂

    • unexpected channel

      you forgot to mention about world cup
      is not he the worst player of world cup

    • Xsanther also most assists in the wc and most motm in the ucl

    • Antonio Pablo so that why he got the most motm in the ucl (6) and the most assists in the ex.

    • Narcisse L'Exquise

      World cup?

  5. Tovi Yeps

    According to the individual performance. Messi deserve to win Ballon d or. 2018 no doubt. 100%

  6. youtube person


    Nah acutally karius

  7. Robert Thokchom

    Ballon do’r is made for Lionel Messi….what he does is extraordinary

    • WWE And Soccer Reviews

      +unexpected channel his world cup wasn’t bad. If Higuain could finish Messi could probably be a World Cup winner. In 2018 Messi led them to the RO16 doing well against Nigeria. Against France he played really well even managing two assists getting marked up by the best cdm on the best team in the world. Ronaldo had the flukiest hat-trick against Spain. Played decent against Morroco. Disappeared last two games. They are pretty identical runs

    • WWE And Soccer Reviews

      +unexpected channel oh so you’re on of those people that just look things up. You don’t watch. The stats are misleading

    • manuel jose

      @kris ibarra I agree with you. Without Ronaldo Real Madrid has no chance to win the champions league. Mark my words.

    • manuel jose

      WWE And Soccer Reviews So you are a Messi boy but deep in your heart you know Ronaldo is a better player. That´s the reason why you say that Juve has a chance – because you know Ronaldo is there and not in Real madrid…

    • WWE And Soccer Reviews

      +manuel jose Messi boy? Just because I think he is better than Ronaldo doesn’t make me a Messi boy. How blindly can you say something like that? Yes deep down I do know Ronaldo is better oh boy how did you guess that 😂😂😂

  8. mbapee is forward modric is playmaker
    but there is messi who can be forward playmaker

  9. Suman Barman

    Yes Messi is the very likely deserving man for ballon d’or!

    • Animesh Chaturvedi

      +sul tan they dont consider goals to matches ratio i guess..

    • Даниял Хайбуллин

      I don’t think Messi deserves ballon d’or this year because Messi didn’t win any trophies for this season except for Spanish league. He didn’t win any of the prestigious tournaments like Champions League or World cup this year to make him win this award, but all he did was scoring goals which is okay. My conclusion is that he won’t win it because of lack of the trophies , even if Messi fans would want so.

    • Animesh Chaturvedi 👍🏼seems so

    • TheGronthor

      Suman Barman maybe edin dzeko does who show to messi with poor roma what is one man perform or maybe modric who destroyed argentina on world cup , why is messi invisible when people actually expect something (most) from him , is that really description of GOAT?

    • manuel jose

      @Codie Rivera Ronaldo was the real reason real madrid won the cl. In 2009 it will not happen again because he is there anymore.

  10. I feel like Messi deserves to win, but he won’t win, for some unknown reason.

    • erigor11

      And none like you… but, instead, the world is full of rat kids and fanboys with no idea about the sport.

    • Patrick Sarker

      +Optigisa here’s a question… who’s hat-trick took Argentina to the world cup from the brink of elimination?

    • Patrick Sarker

      +Optigisa in la liga messi raped Real madrid. Didn’t you see all the real madrid players crying on the field crying when messi scored in the last second to win 4 to 3 against real? The only trophy Real madrid won for Ronaldo was champion’s league while Barcelona won parctically all spanish cups.

    • Patrick Sarker

      +Optigisa how old are you? I’ve been watching soccer (football) since the 80’s. If you think you know a lot more than those people who’s been watching since before you’re born than you’re just an ignorant spoiled brat.

    • CrazyCandyCorn _

      +Optigisa you being 18 yrs old makes it worse. Makes it seem like you have no life, and just go on the internet and shitpost all day. Just like salty Reddit users and keyboard warriors :/

  11. mysterious name

    Messi is the goat.

  12. Gonzalo Manrique

    Lionel Messi

  13. gamer 097vd

    Messi is extraordinaryly incredible when he get the ball,,,I never will ever see player like him,,, he is amazing,, he deserves ballon d’or

  14. Nikhil Verma

    Messi will won the ballon d’Or because he’s the best player in the world


    Three words MESSI!! MESSI!! MESSI!! 🐐 🐐 🐐

  16. Cees Orell

    Messi! Messi! Messi! Messi! Messi! Messi!

  17. mbala Emmanuel

    Those guys aren’t on Messi level. Stop comparing Messi to others players.

    • Pankaj Ghimiray

      Dominik Aleksić there were many other world class player,s in that crotian team. see how real Madrid is now with modric and without Ronaldo. Messi is the GOAT

    • Pankaj Ghimiray

      calvin ambersley Messi is the GOAT named by the old GOATs like Pele,etc

    • Pankaj Ghimiray

      Clean Beatz ur r bigger trash u scumbag

    • Pankaj Ghimiray

      Vikram Thakur because he has reached the level where there is no need of such award’s to show his excellence . He is the GOAT

    • Zlatan Egohimavic

      mbala Emmanuel Why? Mbappe’s potential is higher than Messi’s fifa card.

  18. Milind Mehrotra

    The whole world knows Messi is the best player in the world and no one comes in his bracket …if still he doesn’t win then better snub the trophy

    • chirayu brahmbhatt

      Naa.people consider Ronaldo to be the best as well.your argument is

    • AceMonatana

      chirayu brahmbhatt he’s right…

    • prefer songs

      chirayu brahmbhatt.. only ronaldo fans consider ronaldo the best but no football experts, pundits ,club managers consider him the best..

    • manuel jose

      @prefer songs Can you guess why does Ronaldo have so many millions of fans all over the word? Do you think those fans are experts in fishing like you? You know noting about football experts, pundits and club managers… (Speaking of club managers, do you know how much they payed or offered (real madrid, Juventus and other…) to have Ronaldo in their team? Do you think they are ready to pay millions for his contract and salary because they are not experts of football and they just like to throw their money out? Shut up your ignorant mouth!

    • manuel jose

      @ Milind Mehrota Messi is the best player of Barcelona; Ronaldo is the best player in the world – he had proved that not only in the Real Madrid, but also in the Manchester, the Juventus and in the portuguese teams, since he was a teenager, till the present. The Barcelona makes the difference for Messi; Ronaldo makes the difference for each team he plays for. That’s why he is considered one of the best players in the history of football. He is a legend already.

  19. alpha kidd mvp vendetta

    The one & only messi don’t give crap about the other two

  20. Minh Đỗ Lê Thành

    Let’s just be honest here.
    Ronaldo backers: Fans/Teammates + Coaches/Women
    Messi backers: Pundits + Commentators + Statisticians/Fans/Rivals
    Credits’ where its due.

    • Minh Đỗ Lê Thành

      +John Smith Once again, quality of statistics. 4 of Ronaldo’s goals in UCL last year were against APOEL Nicosia, 4 from penalties (He scored one in the 90+8′ minute against Juventus, which I think was absolutely bullshit). He failed to score any in the final two games. In La Liga, Messi only played 700+ minutes compared to Ronaldo, but got more than twice the number of assists, and 8 more goals.

    • John Smith

      Minh Đỗ Lê Thành once again you’re cherry picking information. Why aren’t you talking about the WC? Even if you take those 4 goals away he’s still top scorer in UCL. You literally don’t even have a point.

    • Zakichan 7

      Messi stats?!! 😂

    • Scott Barber

      You forgot to add teenagers to your list of those who think Ronaldo is better.

    • *Shut up, gook*

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