Michael Jordan, Hornets can’t afford to lose Kemba Walker – Muggsy Bogues | First Take

Michael Jordan, Hornets Can’t Afford To Lose Kemba Walker - Muggsy Bogues | First Take

RSS - Michael Jordan, Hornets Can’t Afford To Lose Kemba Walker - Muggsy Bogues | First Take Sport News Today

Muggsy Bogues joins First Take and talks Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets’ decision about Kemba Walker’s upcoming free agency, being a short player in the league and undeserving NBA “superstars.”

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  1. SAS looking like he had strippers on the Yacht 😂😂😂

  2. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Mugsy got a melted marshmallows, UFC heavyweight fight loss face…

    • BeastMode 88

      Mocking a legend of the games appearance on a sports video, you seem like a attention seeking child, you do you I’ll do me guess respect is a Quality they don’t teach round your ways ✌️

    • I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

      John Petersen None of what you say matters… You seen my avatar got kids, pedophile, and vans out of it.. You have some issues that you need to deal with.. Wish you nothing but the best…

    • I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

      BeastMode 88 “Mocking a legend”?? Define Mocking.??
      Also, if you’re insinuating because of the area I am in that I am uneducated.?? You’re wrong.!!

    • y’all mad asf in this comment thread🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • kingneptunepurpler

      He look like Jose Aldo half brother

  3. Matthew Herron

    Mugsy on here looking like an old kid

  4. Matthew Herron

    The brotha with the braids and green shirt up front in the crowd lookin real suspicious

  5. This day is the best and leave those other clowns away from first take

  6. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    How does Charlotte stay so trash


  8. Blo_lilmoe 3

    Tyler ulis would be the closest thing to muggsy

  9. Atrocious D

    Muggsy has some real insight, I would love to see him on the show more. Charlotte can’t get any clout because Hornets Management doesn’t know what they’re doing…

    • supernubish

      I don’t really comment on youtube clips, but as you mentioned, Muggsy has some real insight. What he said about the scoring being entertaining, but the game has less substance these days… that really struck a chord. It really feels like the game is almost stripped of all individualisme defensively, and all stars are born on the other side of the ball.

    • Sports clip fanatic

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Kemba might leave
      And the fans like us will too

    • Shin OSRS

      Agreed, very intelligent man.

    • Atrocious D

      +Sports clip fanatic Feels bad man 😦

    • Atrocious D

      Wow, thank you for all the likes everyone!!

  10. the wind cries cool

    James Harden just got fouled by muggsy’s comments

  11. Muggsy Bogues would average 15ppg in the nba today

    • K.T. Harmon

      No hand check no big man in the shiiiiit he would average 20 easy

    • K.T. Harmon Thats a stretch

    • Caris LeVertical

      No team would play him long enough to accumulate 15-20 a night . He would play 14-16 min tops .

    • K.T. Harmon

      Los what man y’all better go look at mugs again an who he played against and got buckets on

    • K.T. Harmon

      Caris LeVertical go back and look at mugs again bruh just on defense alone he’s gonna be on the court nobody D up 94 no more

  12. Demonic Rabbit

    The Monstars are stealing away Mugsy’s lifeforce as we speak.

  13. Sheldon Jackson

    Mugsy lips black dab , I know he been on gas since retiring 😂.

  14. 1-800-Wavy

    Muggsy bogues sounds like DL hughley. 😂

  15. You SeemConfused

    As a man as small as muggsy I look up to him lol 😂 size of a boy heart of a Lion Mind over Matter

    • Jrad Israel

      You SeemConfused I just watched apacolypto twice the other day

    • No_Diggity_No_Doubt

      It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

  16. mambamentality0001 001

    I take steph russ kyrie and dame ahead of kemba

  17. JusMykeTV

    Muggsy, my guy MJ put you in Space Jam. 💯 glad you got your game back from the monstars at the end.🙏🏽 Bless up

  18. Umi Smith

    Mugsy looking like a dehydrated Roy Jones Jr

  19. JusMykeTV

    Muggsy = Yoda (wise)

  20. MrKing8050

    Those mid 90s Hornets team with Muggsy, Zo and LJ were legit

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