Michael Jordan ‘is a defectively competitive human being’ – Max Kellerman | First Take

Michael Jordan 'is A Defectively Competitive Human Being' - Max Kellerman | First Take

RSS - Michael Jordan 'is A Defectively Competitive Human Being' - Max Kellerman | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman, Will Cain and Molly Qerim of First Take react to Michael Jordan's remark that his six NBA titles are more impressive than Russell Westbrook's current triple-double streak or James Harden's 30-point streak. Max says that his comments are both authentic and admirable, and that they speak to his competitive spirit.

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  1. dabby dabby

    Don’t forget….two three-peat are hard to accomplish.

  2. Tarantula Guy

    Remember when a 40 year old MJ dropped 41 on prime Shawn Marion? A washed Shawn Marion clamped LeCunt in the 2011 Finals.

    • CJ BRICKCoLLum #SonOfRajonRondo

      Dantae Johnson Just like Le3-6 Let Delonte West Get To His Moms Cheeks LMFAOOOOOOOOO

    • Flyin Brian

      +A B ummm theres an entire YouTube video of lebron getting abused by Terry in that series 🤣

    • Flyin Brian

      +A B does this look like Chalmers and Bibby to you mf?


    • Fredrick 2kj

      RAP1D EQUAL1ZER i agree with all of that except Wilt & Bill …. idk where everyone gets this crazy idea that centers were smaller back then …. the average height of a center was actually an inch taller back then Wilt just makes everybody look tiny he was 7’1 barefoot….

  3. Tarantula Guy

    The 3-6 mafia is about to invade this comment section.

    • Afonso Henriques

      +Rick Curtis false. Proves that you know nothing about the history of basketball.

    • Rick Curtis

      Afonso Henriques it’s not false there was like 8 teams majority of the league was white stop being ignorant

    • Afonso Henriques

      +Rick Curtis damn .. You guys are dumb as a bag of rocks. Keep leaving in you’re prisoner of the moment bubbles. Go and study the history of basketball and then come talk to me.

    • Rick Curtis

      Afonso Henriques what percentage of whites played in late 1950’s I’ll wait

    • Afonso Henriques

      +Rick Curtis who are the players Russel guarded one on one? Do you know that Russel wasn’t even top 5 in height in his time? Check the record of win and losses between him and wilt for example. Bill Russel was a player that did exactly what he needed to do to win .. Never disrupted offense or defense .. The way he played his team won. 11 out of 13.

  4. silversurfer

    Max finally doesn’t sound like he’s dying to play DA here. Quite simply: the very, very very best are often a little nuts with their competitive desires. Good. I don’t have to live with (or play with) them. I WANT athletes with a killer instinct. See: MJ, Kobe.

    • silversurfer

      +That T-shirt Guy Yeah, Rune King maybe. Thor holds my beer otherwise. Thanos is on par with Odin while I am but a demi-god.

      *flies off and sulks*

  5. Yup. The GOAT coming back to let these dudes know what their playing for. That O’ Brien Trophy.

  6. Majuro oss

    Jordan WANTED and DID guard the best player on the opposite team each match up while Lebron is purposely guarding the worst offensive player on the court and not guarding another player in the small forward position like KD and Kawhi because he knows he will get cooked by both

    • yung elplaga

      Jordan was gettin guarded 1on1 while teams now switch and throw everybody at you throughout the game

    • VividRich

      That’s a BOLD FACE LIE. Scottie pippen ALWAYS guarded the other team’s best player. Dude legit one of the best defenders of all time, if not the best. Stop it.

    • VividRich

      +Tuby Snizzy lmao yall haters really foolish bruh.

    • Stephen Surry

      +Tookie Clothespin He shouldn’t HAVE been allowed to do any of all that. Teammates matter. Have a proper PG run the offense and LeBron should play off the ball….but…..that didn’t happen and will never happen unfortunately for his career.

    • VividRich

      Lebron guarded the other teams best player most of his career but since he’s gotten older and has also a larger load to carry on offense, he can’t do that anymore. Harden much younger and plays zero defense but the excuse yall make for him is cause he has to carry the offense so much. But when lebron does it, he trash. Before the past two years, who guarded Kawhi and kd when the cavs or heat went against them? Where was the hate when lebron locked down whoever had the hot hand 1-4?

  7. Al Capwned

    The ONLY reason MJ doesn’t have more than 6 rings.


    • Blunt Sessions

      Gambling lol

    • Nope.. PISTONS.. LMAO

    • Mother Plunger

      +jeprox are you stupid? Those pistons teams with rodman, laimbeer, isiah thomas etc won back to back championships, once going through jordans bulls. They lost once in the finals to the lakers with magic, kareem and worthy and once to birds celtics in a conference finals. Get your facts right. The bad boy pistons were tenacious and all time great. Lebron wouldve gotten eaten up alive on the court with those men.

    • Josiah Bjorke

      He played baseball because he was suspended for gambling stuff. The league kept it on the DL because they didn’t wanna damage the rep of its face lol

  8. Al Capwned

    That Michael Jordan story at the end of the clip really does embody why MJ was so great. He’d antagonize you before a big game not to throw you off, but to pump you up. So you’d give your best against him and he’d let you know on the court that he was better than the best you gave him… Damn.

    • NewYork975

      That might have been the coolest thing Max has said on this show. MJ was a straight killer, I would have loved to see him playing in this era.

    • Mike Chan

      then why did he have to push off russell on that last shot?

    • googleiscomplicated

      Jordan is a Mars in Scorpio he goes deep into the physical battle to the bloody end!!

    • Anthony Fernandes

      +NewYork975 thats what i said too Max just droped the Mic.. like Mike 🏀🎤🐐 🙌🏽💪🏽 #23 for life

  9. Pretty Dope

    3:15 – 3:37 made the whole video worth it.

  10. krion of Laguna

    Mj is successful bec he listened to his coaches and sticks to the plan or plays and a team leader. HE NEVER STAT PADDING HIS STATS BEC HE LET THE GAME DICTATES THE OUTCOME!

    • MrMoneybagz813tv

      TheRealist 811 jordan got a different coach in the 90s

    • +black senju he also won defensive player of the year. So he was literally the best offensive and defensive player in the league before he started winning chips.

    • sheldonxp

      +TheIGGod At the end of the day basketball is a game. I would rather be friends with people I played with than to just have their respect and forgiveness but not lasting friendships. Life is bigger than that.

    • BrutalAsBucs

      black senju jordan played through hand checking, he would drop a 100 a game by todays rules

  11. Latest Sierra Leone Music

    The GOAT speaks

  12. December 2016

    winning scoring title and defensive player of year at the same time is harder


    • Detroit Banks

      I believe he won mvp of season or championship that year also

    • mansonlamps

      No title but mvp dpoy and a scoring title n a steals title has Lebron done that?

    • December 2016 he also won the MVP that year as well. And the dunk contest just for some extra icing on the cake.

  13. Gerardo Lopez

    set up the game winning shot and knocked it down. GOAT!

  14. makis papachristou

    No…Michael Jordan is THE most competitive human being in the world.

    • abhishek deep

      You definitely do not know about Cristiano Ronaldo 😀

    • Armani_h21d

      Gtfoh 🤣🤣👎🏽

    • *defense* Bulls6

      abhishek deep yeah, he’s competitive but Jordan is so competitive, so competitive that like in the title, it’s a defect to his life sometimes. Unlike, Ronaldo or other great competitive players from all of sports, Jordan even is really really competitive even in his daily life, not just sports, gambling and always trying to win against everyone in everything. And that has resulted in some bad stuff in his life too. But he himself has stated multiple times, even in this interview that he’s still evolving and getting better as a person.

  15. Critical Labz LLC

    Michael Jordan Failure commercial is my favorite commercial of all time… His comments like this always make me think about it.

    • Ross Best

      Critical Labz LLC *I Know 1000% what KD & KYRIE doing after this season! **https://www.facebook.com/groups/967348520070287/*

  16. FRE FLO DO

    MJ was cut from a different cloth. I know for some it gets old to hear it, but few were as brutally & relentlessly competitive as he was. Don’t let all of the commercials & Space Jam movies get it twisted. On the court, he was not a nice guy. I don’t mean that he was a dirty player, I mean he wasn’t trying to be your ‘friend’. And if you were his teammate, he had no problem getting in your face to snap you back to reality if you took your foot off the gas for even a second. He held himself & everyone around him to the highest competitive standards. And it worked!

    By comparison, LeBron at 3 rings saying he has nothing left to prove is clearly not cut from the same cloth at MJ. MJ would’ve killed himself trying to beat who was ahead of him as Magic was his predecessor. LeBron didn’t even tie Kobe’s 5 ring count.

    • Jason Dyrkacz

      It’s a question of who would you rather have. The guy with the legendary competitive streak with the skills to back it up or the guy with nothing to prove?

      I pick the former every time.

  17. Cobra Kai

    Miami heat retired Jordan’s jersey and he didn’t even play for them lol

    • ☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠

      Don’t forget Jordan also played for OKC as well after he retired the first time what kind of basketball idiot wouldn’t know that???

    • pikachu Reynolds

      +☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠ okc didn’t even exist 🤦

    • +Fly Pelican STOP LYING!!!!!

  18. W McArthur

    Anybody that says MJ isn’t the GOAT , does not really know Basketball , It is really not even close . If I was starting a team, I would choose Kobe over Lebron . Lebron will get you stats and win games but Kobe and MJ win championships.

    • yung elplaga

      Hmm, give them the coaches lbj had and the squads outside of miami see what they do then

    • jliveslife

      All time?I got
      1. lonzo
      2.kareem same amount of championships scored more points than Jordan crazy MVPs one in college and high school better career than Jordan

  19. 6 champions with hard fouls and hand checking. Michael is the only GOAT.

  20. The last minute of what max said that Jordan made sure the other opponent brought there A game so Jordan could destroy them and make them look like a fool on the court that is why Jordan the goat

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