Michael Jordan jokes 6 titles more impressive than James Harden, Russ Westbrook streaks | NBA Sound

Michael Jordan Jokes 6 Titles More Impressive Than James Harden, Russ Westbrook Streaks | NBA Sound

RSS - Michael Jordan Jokes 6 Titles More Impressive Than James Harden, Russ Westbrook Streaks | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Michael Jordan meets with the media to discuss what it means to host the 2019 NBA All-Star game in his home state of North Carolina, (1:02) why he believes it's important to play hard in the All-Star game, (2:35) how proud he is of Charlotte Hornets players Miles Bridges and Kemba Walker for making the All-Star rosters, (3:44) his old battles with Dominique Wilkins, (4:35) Russell Westbrook's triple-double streak and James Harden's 30-point streak and (5:27) having the 2019 NBA All-Star game fall on his 56th birthday.

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  1. Tarantula Guy

    LeCunt left the east because he was being pushed to 7 games by Miles Turner and Jayson Tatum 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Brief Keef

      and now he’s gettin washed by trae young and the hawks and gettinf smoked by the 76’ers

    • Aaron Williams

      Brief Keef true… how did they do in the playoffs the last 8 yrs again?

    • Aaron Williams

      Rambo The Fucking Machine I get it now you’re 10.

    • +Aaron Williams look at him now. He might not even make the playoffs. If last year’s Cavs were in the west, he ain’t making the playoffs. Harden almost knocked GSW in 7 games. Meanwhile Le36ron can’t even get one! So what does that 8 Finals appearance mean? Nothing. The true Finals already happened in the west.

  2. earlando salazar

    The 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐…always gonna have a home here in Chicago MJ💯#SEERED

    • RedLightning17

      As a Chicago native I hope he stays away till we’re respectable again. Right now we’re an embarrassment to the whole city and the league

  3. Abraham Lincoln

    Stats are important when you’re playing arcade mode

  4. Head Honcho Ben

    Can somebody tell where lebron was mentioned in this video ??? I’m scrolling thru the comments and all I see are bron comments mainly from ppl who claim they hate the fact that he’s brought up all the time 🤦🏽‍♂️what’s wrong with you ppl y’all are weird lol

    • Somregularguy

      Shaun King don’t forget he needs a rookie named Scottie Pippen to get out of the first round or a roleplayer to save his legacy like when Lebron was in the 97 finals lol

    • +This Guys Toupee are u seriously comparing the power of the media back in the 90s to how it is now?

    • +Kaito Kid how is he overrated? Before I answer u, I know he’s a great player. I’m not hating. I’m a fan of the game. MJ isn’t my favorite player. Now… To answer u, LeBron has been in a pretty weak conference almost all of his career. So he gets to reach the finals easier than the studs in the west who bleed their hearts out to reach the finals exhausted yet he only wins 3 out of 9, one of them very questionable (2016) and in all of the 3 rings he had 2 superstars with him when no other team had such accomulative star power.
      Moreover, since he’s been the best rain maker for the NBA and partners (him being the most durable and the smartest NBA player/business man which got him selected to for the support), which explains why I have never seen him not getting critical 50/50 calls from the refs. As for this basketball abilities, dude can always drive to the lane pummeling people, get them fouled and get himself free throws. He has very high BB IQ I admit and he’s one the best facilitators of the game currently. He was a beast defensively in his youth and a not bad closer. And that’s about it. Skill-wise he’s not even top 50 all time (I define skill as the ability of using lesser physicality in order to achieve an offensive or defensive objective). He’s not a good leader (he quits on his teammates and disappears in critical times). He doesn’t have the killer mentality. His game doesn’t allow others to bring their best version.

    • +Kaito Kid yet somehow lots of people consider him to be the best of all time… If that’s not overrated, I don’t know what is.

  5. Adidas Man44

    If Jordan had no championships he is still more impressive than all of them combined..he played in a era where they actually played defense and the lanes were not open for people to get uncontested dunks and layups!!! FACTS!!!

  6. Ross Best

    *Could you imagine Jordans agent helping orchestrate Larry Bird, Magic, or Hakeem to request a trade to join him in Chicago!?? OR MJ going on ESPN saying “Id love to have Karl Malone on my team” 🤣*

    • Ian Bellen

      Lmao people are underestimating Scottie and his contributions. Scottie is no reliable offensive force ok, but he was like Lebron but focused more on defense. He was a combo of Lebron’s physique and playmaking, and Kawhi’s defense. Hell, he made the playoffs with Jordan, unlike Jordan who obviously needed Scottie.
      Stop overlooking Pippen, he is probably the most underrated HOFer.

    • corkystorky

      +Кольо Терориста a very old bench player george gervin, a legend nonetheless

    • daniel savy

      Кольо Терориста Jordan has Hall of famer so in his him including him , Scottie, rodman are all Hall of famers , Grant is one of the most underatted players of all time . Charles and Shaq said that..and he has Steve kerr.in his team a great shooter..pistons were old.larry and magic were old..and there was no real competition to MJ in the east .only Malone and Stockton were there..MJ was greatly favoured by the refs because he was the money making machine of the NBA..

    • He had Pippen Lebron has Kuzma great player but no pippen

  7. Korey Paul

    Superstars are born in the playoffs and Finals.

  8. Shut up and listen to the goat speak 😤😤

  9. A Friendly Hobo

    Somebody give MJ the captain obvious award.

  10. Dakeem Isaac

    MJ be careful of the LeEspn and the 3-6 mafia

  11. KingTim25

    Nba champions are the only players to really be remembered. Theres too many stars from back in the day that we dont talk about because they dont have any rings.

    • Jontae 1of1

      KingTim25 it’s players that YOU don’t talk about.. true basketball nuts talk about players that were great ring or ringless.. don’t say we

    • Edgar Ramirez

      +Jontae 1of1 That’s not all true. I see it on every sports channel everyday. Players that go unheard of and forgotten bc they never won chips but yet changed the game forever. Changes that were made 30 plus years ago that still affect today’s game but nobody will ever talk about them bc they never won it all. That’s his point.

  12. Damn he’s still a troll even at 50 or 60 or whatever age he is lol

  13. King Dang

    I swear it’s so rare to hear MJ speak. Man tends to stay away from the media

    • Russel Keith

      He’s promoting the all star game

    • Trent Fable

      MJ smart.. you speak in public you find that no matter what you say today, you’re a racist or woman hater or something .. better to just keep to yourself if high profile.

    • lolhahah21

      +chefawkes why?

    • Voice of Validity

      Jordan might be Kawhi undercover, have you all seen them together?

      Both play defense and offense, both won FMVP and DPOY, I mean, I’m no conspiracy theorist but…

    • LastMan Standing

      King Dang rarely ofcrz hes no longer playing wtf

  14. Jason King

    Kobe speaks just like this man as well lol

  15. Why do you guys always have to compare? Enjoy what’s in front and respect what came before. Lebron & Jordan are possibly two of the very best talents we’ve seen but play in two different Eras. They’ve both won championships so all those 3-6 comments don’t matter because he still has 3 rings… show some respect for the greats of this game smh

  16. Brandon Lee Jr.

    Michael Jordan retired 15 years ago but his mouth is still playing

  17. blax alpha

    gods are eternal- goats are slaughtered- mj the eternal god has spoken, kneel & humble yourselves

  18. yameteh kudasai

    Don’t get distracted that lechoke and his fellow stars get outplayed by 1 star in 2011 nba finals.

  19. Jordan is the closes to perfection when it comes to basketball.☝🏾😔 #🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅

  20. Chris John

    The NBA soft as hell right now and that’s for sure . I mean what would you expect when the so called “face” of the NBA is a Babyface.

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