Michael Vick opens up about his time in prison and dog fighting | Highly Questionable

Michael Vick Opens Up About His Time In Prison And Dog Fighting | Highly Questionable

RSS - Michael Vick Opens Up About His Time In Prison And Dog Fighting | Highly Questionable Sport News Today

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  1. Vick is a BOSS

  2. Matt Mørke

    lmfao em nasty azz spaghettizz

  3. devon long

    People are still talking sh*t about Vick? Most athletes/celeberties wouldn’t even talk about their time let alone how it felt like. Michael knew what he did was bad hes now a changed man godamn people have some good in you heart. Hes still one of my favorite athletes ever.

    • Frank Kepler

      +adrienne oliver Vick didn’t fight with animals it is like your saying that luckily Don King didn’t hurt in the ring. Leave link to matadors & audience getting hurt.

    • Mckina Artis

      Devon long do you know them dogs still have issues they had to put one down five live in a free roaming jail because they can’t be put with familys.. I hope he gets that brain disese that slowly takes his mind and body….

    • Chip Plylar

      devon long that man got fucked to hell & back.

    • Chip Plylar

      Mckina Artis ,that man paid for his crimes..You need to learn how to forgive bc it’s sad.

    • Mckina Artis

      +Chip Plylar if I thought he was really sorry I could but this low down DIRTY Rotton Shell of a man isn’t he’s sorry for getting caught he knew it was wrong just didn’t think he’ll go to jail…. LMFAO and he’s sorry yeah oooookay…

  4. Benjamin R.H.

    Vick paid for his crimes. Prison is hell.

    • Ferdinand Alexander

      +adrienne oliver  Why not? And I’m not saying that the are or that they’re not. I’m saying the only ones saying they’re less valuable is us. We really don’t know in the big picture. I do know they are sentient beings, seem to feel pleasure and surely they feel pain. Humans in the their self-aggrandized reality think everything is here for them and it’s not necessarily true. That mantra is rooted in the religious crap many of us have had crammed down their throat.

  5. Ingemar Kenyatta

    When you are a millionaire with the potential to make more millions it is difficult to be bitter, lol.

  6. Qwerty Metastin

    I have a lot of respect for Vick

  7. I am not perfect…far from it. Until tonight, I didn’t even know this athlete but I really hope Vick is genuinely sorry for his wrongs…those poor dogs that suffered… His involvement with the Humane society, if sincere, is a positive step in the right direction, and I hope it instils within him a new-found appreciation, greater understanding and deeper respect for ‘life’ in all forms.

    • Liana Ge.

      He isn’t sorry… he spent 7+ years torturing defenseless animals… he is clearly a psychopath/sadist and there is no rehabilitation for someone like him. he isn’t capable of human emotion, so please… don’t listen to his bullshit 

    • Bill Mitchell

      +Liana Ge. Look your just complaining about nothing , hes not doing it anymore . Whats there to complain? He said hes sorry about it , you cant change a mans words lady, okay?

    • Bill Mitchell

      But it’s been years since he has done any kind of animal abuse . He’s not just saying sorry , he’s helping abused dogs now . He’s not just saying sorry

    • TheViviid

      I don’t think you understand what prison is buddy.

    • TheViviid

      +Jowy Zexen No one cares about what, specifically?

  8. Christopher Adams

    Some of these animal lovers would allow a g
    Dog or a bear to slaughter their own newborn child before they pull the trigger. You can’t reason with these people because they are mentally separated from society.

    • Christopher Adams

      Loving animal more than yourself or people is a sign of an acute mental disorder

    • Troy Young

      +Christopher Adams that would depend on the individual’s circumstances and how they’ve been treated in life.  If they’ve been burned enough times, who’s to say that their choice is because of  ‘an acute mental disorder’?

    • Marcus Unitis

      +Christopher Adams
      To have compassion for a living thing is not illness.

    • Troy Young

      +Frisco Felon you can’t love another living thing too much, but at the very least, we could simply stop harming other living things.

  9. Stokes

    I’m happy Vick has changed himself for the better…Waiting for “Vick sucks” comment in 3… 2… 1…

  10. GotRings Bruh

    Vick donated more towards helping dogs than any of you dog lovers in the comments ever have or would. I have a dog and obviously I am completely against dog fighting. That being said, Vick made a mistake and did the time. Wishing the same thing against Vick makes you way worse than the man he was. He took advantage of his second chance and is as respectable as they come. 

    • karl wills

      I agree,,vick comes across as a great guy.

    • Daniel Upsdell

      +Bro Brah    very well said ,   put yourself in his shoes would any of these people changed for the better liked he did   I do not think so. ,

  11. 800baileyc

    I swear if Vick killed a human he’d recieve half the hate he gets.

    • usgalsen

      +TheViviid You’re absolutely right. I deleted the previous post. That person, indeed, has no clue what “fact” is.

    • Ahsanullah Nasir

      100%! Morons!

    • SweetDWillie

      Right or if he was white

    • SweetDWillie

      I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even fighting dogs but he was hosting them. I could be wrong tho. Either way it’s wrong and fucked up but it is just an animal. It’s no different than a cat, squirrel, deer, cow, pig, frog, or fish. He did his time and learned from it so let’s move on. He’s the one who has to live with it not us. Stop projecting your insecurities. Much love to michael

    • sblack812

      Facts 100

  12. 2dasimmons

    Wow. Michael Vick has a great complexion! This is a handsome man. Just look at his skin, then at the complexion of the (2) other guys. They look practically pink. Yikes.

  13. Kendrick Triplett

    Is it me or did Mike seemed hungry during this interview? He kept rubbing his stomach like food was cooking off camera. lol.

  14. NJKilla94

    My dude Vick

  15. nomibe2911

    It’s clear that Michael Vick was railroaded by that ridiculously long sentenced for dogfighting. It was obvious that the Judge made an example of him with that ridiculous long sentenced.

  16. furstenfeldbruck

    I really like Michael, instead of leaving prison and digging himself into a deeper hole he went back into football. He didn’t care about the money or fame, none of that matters to him, football is his passion. He used the money he made from football help homeless animals all across America. 

    Michael knows what he did was wrong, I can tell he knows it, and that’s all I need to forgive him. 

    • +Staffiez B.T Ha ha ha!! LOVE that comeback to sweetness 583!!!

    • +joan Jones Ask the dogs where their kindness was! Idiot!!

    • Gidget Hrobowski

      +T. Dwyer, they dead, how are we going to do that??? Also dead is Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Zack (sorry can’t remember his last name – white kid) and numerous other black people killed by police…

  17. Mikelis Brown

    Alot of celebrities spoke out against animal abuse during Micheal Vicks whole debacle. But no one wants to post anything against police brutality online.. Worried about a dead pit bull and not a dead person. Not saying animal fighting is right but lets get priorities staright.

    • Ronald Lassiter

      +Carina Miyo if you say so. I’m not sure when a poll was taken but, OK.

    • +29larron Marcy M is right….if a white athlete did the same things as Vick did, he would be in just as much trouble, probably more because there is an inherent racist perception that black men are know for dog fighting and running illegal underground drug and dog rings. When a white celebrity gets busted for it, its WAY BIGGER NEWS and he’d be hated even MORE because its not really seen as often in white culture. And I’m not white, if that’s what you’re going to say.

    • 29larron

      +Tom Smith ok Tom

    • ronnie thornton

      In my opinion, I think the love for dogs over minority human beings stem from slavery. On the plantations, dogs were used to run down runaway slaves and used to attack slaves when they were “out of line”.

    • James Brown Fan

      Say it louder for the people in the back. Vick paid his dues so these people need to shut up and keep it moving

  18. Teren Kowatsch

    Fun fact: Michael Vick has the most donations to animal foundations out of any professional athletes ever. PETA actually vouched for him.

    • Teren Kowatsch

      +Phil Ashbee PETA vouched for him. The people who actually have a right to hate him forever vouched for him as an upstanding citizen and said he changed. People can actually realize the error of their ways. Granted, prison probably helped him realize this, but he still changed. Talk to anyone who knew him before and after and they will tell you that he was changed. What he did was repulsive and evil, but very rarely should one be exempt of a second chance.

    • Phil Ashbee

      And PETA are a bunch of idiots, just because they vouched for him doesn’t mean anything. Watch the Penn and Teller Bullshit episode about PETA, they are a ridiculous organization

    • oprin10

      +Teren Kowatsch really look into PETA and what they actually do behind the ads sometime….. yeah it surprised me too. Doesn’t surprise me at all that they’d take his side though.

    • Cynthia X

      does not excuse what he did

    • Lisa Fleming

      +Phil Ashbee Exactly, the donations of the powerful cannot hastily heal the broken bones and harrowing experiences they, so callously inflicted.

  19. Kevin Jackson

    Vick SERVES HIS TIME AND PAY HIS DEBTS and 6 years later, people still hate him and want him out Pittsburgh.  But those same people sure were quiet when Ben Roethlisburger got into that trouble…..

    • Ummm he was never found guilty bro. If that’s the case jameis Winston is a rapist, Kobe Bryant is one, colin kaepernick and a bunch of other atheletes are.

    • Justin Boseman

      +Michael Babcock The same people talking crap about killing dogs are the same people who sit silently while women abort their kids. I’m pretty sure you ain’t saying all the women who have killed they kids gotta pay

    • WVgunfun

      +Kevin Jackson I’m a Steeler fan and I’m cool with Mike Vick. I’d much rather have him than a woman beater….dogs are just dogs.

    • +oprin10 guy spent 2 years of his life in prison, lost millions and is now doing interviews about probably the worst time period of his life (which many ex-convict celebs don’t do). What more does have to do to show remorse?

    • +oprin10 and tho dog fighting is very very bad… it’s not sociopathic considering it is the norm in many rural and urban communities.

  20. TraumaER

    One of my top 5 heroes of all time. (srs)

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