Mike Greenberg: ‘Tiger Woods is the most exciting athlete in the world to watch’ | Get Up! | ESPN

Mike Greenberg: ‘Tiger Woods Is The Most Exciting Athlete In The World To Watch’ | Get Up! | ESPN

RSS - Mike Greenberg: ‘Tiger Woods Is The Most Exciting Athlete In The World To Watch’ | Get Up! | ESPN Sport News Today

Mike Greenberg explains how Tiger Woods takes sports to new exciting levels, even when he doesn’t win.

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  1. The Alex Sports Show

    As weird as that sounds because it’s golf, Mike is right… Watching Tiger on Sunday was extremely entertaining.

  2. Dolly Llama

    Tiger Woods is the single most effective presence in their sport… ever

    • WizManBallin

      +Dolly Llama – Don’t let Lebron hear you say that….lol!

    • Azza Azza

      LeBron who…lol

    • Michael Overton

      C B only thing Tiger and LeBron have in common is the same birthday that’s it. I really like LeBron but he not even close to moving the needle in basketball like Tiger does golf

    • WizManBallin

      +Michael Overton – I was saying the exact same thing you did…just in a shorter sentence.

    • Michael Overton

      WizManBallin my bad lol

  3. Thomas Ross

    Most people do not know how difficult golf is, the pros make it look easy, tiger in his prime makes it look easy

  4. Hikidun M

    Tiger is a living legend.

  5. Lexicon Prime

    Most dont understand the statement at all lol. People who dont even like Golf will watch because of the guy. I dont care about football and Ronaldo or Messi isn’t going to change if I watch it or care. Tiger is different. Forget other sports if it hurts your feelings. Tiger is the most exciting golfer in history. Did you see that crowd? Did you see the ratings? Dude is exciting as hell.

    • I Plead The Fifth

      Lexicon Prime If tiger’s playing I’m watching thursday-sunday no questions asked.✌💯👻

    • Randy Krank

      And all done with the Nikey Swoosh on. Now that is funny and ironic.

    • notformebeaky

      What exactly is “exciting” about Woods golf? He’s no more exciting than many other longer hitters in the game.
      He’s also a complete prick. There’s plenty other golfers I’d rather watch than the terminably miserable Woods.

    • Lexicon Prime

      +notformebeaky ok bro. Keep in mind you represent 1 person. The millions that tune in just to see Tiger compete represent millions. You do the math…

    • notformebeaky

      It’s maths, not math.

      I’ve still not heard a reason why people actually like him.

  6. Daniel Joseph

    Golf is indeed boring. But when Tiger is in contention, on a Sunday, it gets VERY real and extremely exciting.

  7. fred valentine

    I played with Tiger and his dad once when he was 12 at the Navy GC in SOCAL. He loves golf. He was great to play with because he was having such a great time and really was enjoying time with his dad. Win or lose, he is in his element when he is inside the ropes.

    • ricky100593

      What did Tiger shoot? And what was Earl like?

    • br 1251

      fred valentine
      I played golf yesterday with Tiger at the Masters course in Augusta.


      fred valentine Are you a veteran? Thank You for your service! I worked at Navy GC in Seal Beach during the summer of ‘04, heard some good stories from the old timers about Tiger and his Dad.

  8. CityofLos

    Ive only every seen golf to watch Tiger in my life. I cant explain it, but seeing him in the final round when hes in contention it draws me in. You watch for him not the sport

  9. Jeriah Bowers

    Anyone saying golf is not a sport or Tiger is not an athlete. I would LOVE to meet you at a golf course and see you play and struggle like you never have in your life at any other sport before.

    • Man In Black


      We didn’t even get into all the fat asses that play in the NFL. I guess they aren’t athletes either? There is no consistency in your argument but then again you’re a moron so why should anyone expect you to think logically.

    • notformebeaky

      I love golf, but it’s not an athletic sport.
      1. You wear trousers and non athletic shoes to play it.
      2. Your heart rate is not raised above about 80
      3. You play a static ball.
      4. You walk everywhere.
      5. You don’t even carry your own equipment at pro level.

      You can’t compare golf with actual sports like Football, Rugby, Boxing, Tennis, Athletics, Rowing, Cycling etc.
      Saying golf is a sport is like saying Crown Green Bowls, snooker or ten pin bowling is a sport. It simply isn’t. It’s a game which falls loosely under the “sports” umbrella, but it’s certainly not athletic, and thus Woods or any other golfers are not athletes.

      Golf is highly skillful, requires great coordination but it’s not really athletic. A pro will only hit about 35-40 full shots over 5 hours, that’s not an athletic sport.

    • +EMANeleVenElevEn you can be fat and play football. Not a sport?
      ChEcK mAtE

  10. Sports_Grinder

    Serena isn’t close to him in terms of attracting viewers….I don’t remember such coverage when Serena came back from having her baby

  11. Polar Bear

    I’ll say it, most of us wouldn’t even be into Golf if it weren’t for Tiger coming into the picture. Most won’t say it, but the ratings and attention of the crowds show it! I even play Golf and watch college Golf because of him! I won’t lie! Tiger has made the sport popular!

  12. Callene Reese

    Tiger bring people to the game that no one else vsn bring. I don’t watch a ounce of soccer and I don’t watch golf unless Tiger plays.

  13. Slip The Jab

    Tiger has made Golf appealing for more than just one demographic & generation… When Tiger plays I watch, when Tiger is not apart of what’s going in golf it doesn’t matter to me… I watched Tiger rise and fall from grace. Now I’m back for the comeback story. To see him shut up all his critics. I’m a fan of Tiger more than I am of golf, yet because of Tiger I have found interest in golf that was never there before Tiger…🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️

    • binkyxz3

      You miss a lot of exciting golf by only watching when Tigger play

    • Slip The Jab

      binkyxz3 the point is I know that now, but it’s because of Tiger that I do know that…🏌🏾‍♂️

  14. Marty Moffatt

    It was the first time i’ve taken a sunday to watch a final round in any tournament in years.. All because Tiger was making a move…

  15. Sheldon Diaz

    I’ll only watch golf if Tiger is playing

  16. I do not watch golf unless tiger play

  17. John Hope

    This is the best, most accurate description of just what tiger means to sports.

  18. Thomas Mack

    You don’t have to “feel” like it was an event on Sunday…..I was there and it was. The electricity in the air was beyond anything I have ever seen. I was fortunate enough to get to the course Saturday morning to watch and follow Tiger finish his second round. And then watch him hit balls before the start of the 3rd round. There was no way to follow him the 3rd or 4th round because every fairway was so deeply lined with fans…..all rooting for Tiger. The roars could be heard throughout the course when Tiger did anything worth clapping for. And there were plenty. Even if there was someone putting on the 18th hole for birdie and Tiger came up on the jumbotron……it would not have mattered if that player was in the middle of his putt….if Tiger did something worth yelling about, it was going to happen. This may have been St Louis…and no we don’t get many PGA events here….but take it from me…..everyone came to see Tiger.

  19. J-swizzle 19

    5:59 “Golf is a sport where everyone who plays great doesn’t always win”
    oh… you mean like sports? Good opening thoughts but that last statement was straight up stupid.

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