Most IMPORTANT Champions League Players XI

Most IMPORTANT Champions League Players XI

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Which player is the most vital for the success of their club in the Champions League this season?!

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  1. Football Daily

    Manchester United vs PSG – score predictions?! ⬇️

  2. 4-0 united

  3. Real Madrid: The referee.

    • Joe Averell

      +Rob blown over by the wind…. Like Suarez every weak?

    • Isack is Back!

      fadedomega135 hahahahaha no likes

    • fadedomega135

      Isack is Back!

      Why would I care?

    • The Baitmaster

      Rob Rob The amount of penalties Chelsea was denied is how many brain cells you have; 5. A Voice Of Reason couldn’t be more right and you have shown a complete bias by saying he is wrong. Your stubbornness matches only your stupidity.

    • Rob has Messi in his picture… okay bud

  4. Bernardo Silva is phenomenal player and an integral part of Pep’s City but Fernandinho is more important than him IMO. He’s basically the Busquets of the team.

  5. Teddy Smith

    You should make a top 11 of every team individually in the premier league this season, and match them up with the teams in the league to see what side actually have the best players.


    Lewandoski for Bayern

  7. Henry Lable

    Should have bing Erikson or son over dele

  8. Salim Salan

    Honestly jordi alaba is a huge part of Barca don’t argue with me

    • A Crip Bear

      Edgy Cats
      The left back with the most goal contribution this season and has only featured in 1 Of Barcelona 4 losses this season. Also he was dropped for personal issues with Enrique do you think Marco Alonso is favoured over Alba.

    • linushorn03

      Sure he missed 3/4 UNL-games but come on, Messi didn’t play any y’know…

    • Edgy Cats

      +linushorn03 not in nations league. he wasn’t even picked by enrique

    • +Abrar Masood no he isn’t lol

    • Don’t let his pace fool you into thinking that he can’t defend

  9. Mensud Omerovic

    Robertson more important player than Alaba, Marcelo, Alba??? SERIOUSLY?????????

    • Markus Nawrocki

      Alaba isn’t that good anymore

    • +Markus Nawrocki he was good 3 years ago

    • Edgy Cats

      +Mensud Omerovic Robertson isnt even English mate lmao

    • Kieran Tierney Enthusiast

      Marcelo and alaba have been nothing special this season. Jordi Alba has been the best left back this season with Robertson second. If he was Brazilian he’d be hailed as the best left back in the world. Fact.

  10. Mehar Nazar

    Why did you put Robert Lewandowski on the cover ?

  11. Mensud Omerovic

    No Lewandowski??? He has more goals this season in UCL than any other player.

  12. Ayan Mishra

    Gomez isn’t out for the season that’s fake news. 4-6 weeks, will be back by April.

  13. THE DON10

    joe gomez is out for 4-5 weeks not rest of the season,rivals fan wish for rest of season and now they even put in this video.

    • THE DON10 Gomez is unlikely to play a he has to have surgery, he could be out until at least April

    • Premier League Freak

      +CLJ Surgery is now completed, and in 4 -6 weeks, he will be playing

  14. Blade Runner

    Should have Pjanic there. Juve midfield is dysfunctional without him.

  15. mudassir awad

    No matter how many premier league players you put in the list no premier league team will win the ucl in next 3 years

    • Matt Tully

      i hope you remember the era about a decade ago where it was 3 english teams + 1 other in semi finals. cycles. and if u think ronaldo leaving madrid doesnt affect spains dominance in the competition you are mad. he scored 43 goals in the last 3 campaigns that they won it. barca havent been close in that time in spite of bestest ever ever ever messi.

    • thecarprocker 98

      Liverpool got to the final if Ramos wasn’t a cheating waste of oxygen liverpool could have won and if loris crapious wasnt in between the sticks

    • thecarprocker 98 you were never winning that game regardless, Madrid in extra time know how to win and with penalties even more so

    • Macaulay Mcgregor

      Sam Geee I think if we have learnt anything from 2018 it’s England can actually win a shoot out it is possible

    • Mario Kolev

      As a Milan fan, I very much remember that.

  16. Siriesti Chotkan

    How dafuq is deli ali in this while there are better options

    • ardhenn slemmer

      It is about the most important player for that team…so 1 player for each team. Not sure why they did 2 Liverpool players tho.

    • Milad Ibrahim

      Cause he is English

  17. Gonçalo Sousa


  18. Enda Reddan

    David Silva, Sterling, Agüero and Laporte

  19. Matthew Launchbury

    Messi should win the world cup instead of champiions league

  20. thompson223

    Dele Ali over eriksen or son for spurs, lewandowski on the picture but not the list, Robertson over alba/Marcelo? This confuses me big time. As Gus Hiddink would say “thish lisht, itsh very shloppy”

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