“Mountains are there to be climbed” Ole Gunnar Solskjær reacts to his first Man Utd defeat

"Mountains Are There To Be Climbed" Ole Gunnar Solskjær Reacts To His First Man Utd Defeat

RSS - "Mountains Are There To Be Climbed" Ole Gunnar Solskjær Reacts To His First Man Utd Defeat Sport News Today

Ole Gunnar Solskjær reacts positively after tasting defeat for the first time as Man Utd manager. After losing 2-0 and Paul Pogba to a red card he concedes that they have a mountain to climb, but wants his team to learn from the experience.



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  1. Arsenal and Chelsea fans laughing at us have fun in the Europa League somewhere in Russia
    Oh and 6-0, Sarriball😂😂😂😂

  2. Mehmet Tekagac

    We still believe in ole

    • Red Devil

      +Amitabh Bachchan Sarriball is very effective init.

    • +Sam Witwicky only because the ‘first real test’ changed every time he passed the ‘first real test’. Tottenham away was the first real test, and he passed it.

  3. Mohammed Ali

    Just say it as it is. Sanchez lukaku Mata not good enough!

    • Shergillbert

      Lingard n Herrera are hardly world beaters either.

    • Irunbuilds Boy

      itz Isam but apparently according to your fans he’s all of a sudden better than lacazette? Banter club 😂😂

    • Bruce Lee

      No good leader will do that lol, shoot your teammates in the foot.

    • aikhong16

      They suckkkkkkk

    • Eesa Khan

      Shane Round fitness reasons
      Or that he had to give the other players a chance since Lukaku can only take Rashford a place and sometimes old might wanannchoose some 1 else

  4. Young Thug

    Alexis and mata are done. Mata has lost yards of pace and can’t track back, Sanchez comes in off the left into the middle which is where Pogba thrives meaning both of our fullbacks get attacked. If martial and Lingard are out now we’re in trouble for top 4

    • Mr FreshBest

      I think Herrera should be sold as well. Like he just doesnt add anything. His passing, for a midfielder, is kind of crappy. He’s not technically gifted, not strong. The only good trait that I see about him is that he rarely makes unacceptable errors when he United dont have the ball. He’s really cautious which is good I guess.

    • Young Thug I think we can still do well in the league. It’s just that like the manager said, it’s a mountain to climb now in the champions league. And with Pogba missing, it’s gonna be even more difficult to score goals at their home ground.

    • Matic slows down our play he holds onto the ball way too long done it all game and it was so frustrating. He’s been decent in the league but he’s clearly nowhere near the level we need if we are serious about becoming great again. Matic, young, Shaw, mata, Sanchez aren’t good enough and we need better players in their positions

    • +tom colton sanshez hasnt shown anything at united? Last few months at arsenal he was poor, shouldnt have signed him in the first place

  5. Arif Alam

    Sanchez should just retire and pursue a piano career cos that’s his best performance he has had for united. Gets paid 300k a week to just give the ball away. Completely useless

  6. Ryan Singh

    Very well said. No hiding, no excuses, and still optimistic. Give the man the job

    • Chucky Doll if we had jose we would of lost at least 4-0

    • John Mulcahy

      Chucky Doll fergie wasn’t exactly a genius of a footballer and he did ok in management 😁

    • TheDjcoridon

      +Chucky Doll doing a better job the jose not saying not jose isn’t a good manager I Judy think English clubs ain’t for him I think ole deserves a chance!

  7. The Bizness

    At least we died on our sword rather than cowering like wimps. I’m with Ole all the way and I’m liking the positivity.

  8. zerisenay semere

    We have to be give full job Ole.

  9. LashedToTheSlaveStick

    Ole to put on the kit and score 5 in the 2nd leg

  10. I still think ole should be permanent even if we get knocked out cus if u think abt it in Pl an fa cup we have a decent enough squad to compete but when it comes to the top Europe clubs we’re far from them. We need to make ole permanent an in the summer makes top signings we need Rw a Rb another St another solid midfielder and a leading Cb to play with baily and lindof, we need these signings cus if we get Cl next season we can then compete with the top dogs and also get title race in Pl. gettin knocked out if Cl shouldn’t make it that ole shouldn’t get it hes changed our rhythm him an phelan

  11. Why are people acting like this shows he’s a bad manager? We’ve been fundamentally changed since he came in and we’ve improved so much, and personally I never expected to beat PSG, they’re a top team and we simply don’t have the players to match them, especially in defence

    • Maybe they lost much money I guess LOL

    • Life Recordings

      +LFC Timur won the norway league with a bottom half team using only youth *twice*

    • Red Devil

      +LFC Timur Was that what I was asking? I know Klopp is a good manager. However he too has gotten a team relegated so the argument that Ole is a bad manager because he got Cardiff relegated is invalid.

    • +Red Devil The team he got relegated, he also promoted. They were overachieving

  12. Ethan Draper

    All the haters out in full force tonight. They’ve been silent for nearly 2 months. One defeat in 12 isn’t bad.

  13. I’m not a united fan but was curious to see how ole would react to defeat. I’m impressed. I don’t think he’s said said a wrong word since he’s joined. Always honest and positive. And believable. Great job so far

  14. The Frenchy Mancunian

    Victory or defeat, GGMU all the way guys ❤️

  15. Daniel Edgar

    Ole is the man for Manchester United. jus 1 lost out of 12 how can we judge him wrong? Ole is the man

  16. Keith Hiew

    Yep, it’s a reality check. Remember when United were strolling to the Premiership under SAF back in ’96, ’97 and are still being beaten by teams like Juve and Dortmund home and away. But they learned. Same with these guys, they have to learn.

  17. maddy love

    Journalisit – it’s a mountain to b climbed

    Ole- mountains are there to be climbed…

    In your face journalist….!!!

  18. Lukas Geisler

    Solskjær Always says the right things at the right time, he is so professional and such a great person

  19. Real Brethem

    Even as an Arsenal fan I can’t hate on the man. Love the optimism and energy he brings. United should give him the job

  20. Got to love this guy for backing up his players! If it’s maureen he will blame the referee, players and everyone like a cry baby!!!

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