Neymar looks like he wants to ‘referee the game’ – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

Neymar Looks Like He Wants To 'referee The Game' - Craig Burley | ESPN FC

RSS - Neymar Looks Like He Wants To 'referee The Game' - Craig Burley | ESPN FC Sport News Today

Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Julien Laurens of ESPN FC react to the PSG vs. Napoli game in UEFA Champions League Group C, and the performance of Brazil star Neymar.

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  1. Sam Geee

    He shouldve easily had more fouls given though.

    • Jalen Collins

      Poulsen Jackson he won the debate you lost and I donโ€™t even like Neymar tbh

    • The Great Neymar

      +Poulsen Jackson Are you out of your mind? Neymar is the best player, so underrated, its starting to feel like the world will becomes Donald Trumps vision.

      Neymar was easily the best player on the pitch despite being sloppy for 1 minute.


    Love that ESPN covers soccer โšฝ๏ธ
    And even though itโ€™s hard to understand these analysts sometimes, I appreciate their insight ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  3. Jay Gonzalez

    Itโ€™s normal he got frustrated but obviously he needs to control it more on the important games

  4. eBron James

    These guys are waffling. Neymar was elite

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

      Pfft Neymar is far from Elite. Still better than Raheem Sterling though.

    • Luis Medina

      eBron James Elite? You don’t play elite and get a draw. Imagine if we said Messi had an elite performance but they only got a draw.

    • Yonis Ali

      Luis Medina you can play elite and get a draw you can lose and play elite hence Ronaldinho vs Chelsea

    • The Great Neymar

      +Luis Medina Imagine we label Messi Goat without a World Cup

  5. Neymar was amazing today, controlled the game and showed heโ€™s the best player on the pitch.

    • The Great Neymar

      He was the best player on the pitch but he did moan for a bit but that had everything to do with that mother***ker ref who was refereeing for Napoli.

  6. Neymar actually played well, he had stupid moments here and there but he was psg best player by far.

  7. MBA Studios

    Whatever he does, they all are waiting to point their fingers at him and blame

  8. MBA Studios

    Almost everyone screams at referee when they don’t get the foul, they even get yellow carded but why you blame only to neymar. I don’t understand that. He should’ve won more free kicks. This analysis are garbage

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

      Pfft Neymar always screams at the ref when he doesn’t get a foul though because the refs know he is Diving. Pfft

    • MBA Studios

      +Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD go and watch the game again. Don’t talk

  9. Oba*** Man

    What happen with the clear hand ball?
    This is laughable Neymar was untouchable, there was a counter attack that the defender was pulling back Neymar shirt inside the 18 yard box and he dribbles pass them til ,the defender knocked him down.

    • Poulsen Jackson

      +Oba*** Man More than you do bitchass.Neymar complains a lot when he gets man handled a lot. You don’t see messi or hazard complaining.Truth hurts!

    • +Poulsen Jackson You don’t see Messi comlaining ? Lmao he even got suspended because he complained with argentina

    • +Poulsen Jackson Typical idiot, you stated something not me, you are the one that bringed Messi in this conv’ you idiot. Everything else you say in nearly as stupid as you can be, and now that you realized you are idiot you talk about moms like every fucking internet warrior.

      You want an other example of why you are a dumb internet warrior ? What did Hazard said during this world cup ? Ref was biaised.

      There is even video of Messi like this “” , but all you can do is talking about mom on internet while you can barely get out of your basement without being scared of dark.

  10. Carly Steeve Augustin

    British journalist never had a good judgement on Neymar.Don’t you see the referee was quiet when it comes to a foul against him?Why are you talking trash for no reason “old and new Neymar”?It’s the same Neymar and he’s mostly right when he got fouled.

  11. Hiram Carrero

    PSG wants Neymar to drop in and carry because they want to push the full backs high. Meunier was basically a RW all game and Veratti, Draxler and Di Maria were way too close to the CBs all night. Plus Neymar got fouled multiple times with no calls and there was a clear (but soft) penalty missed by the ref. If I was Neymar I would be angry too


    Neymar needs messi suarez Iniesta they kept him in check in terms of they always defended him when he got fouled they were able to calm him down and he just kept playing

    • Marcus De Villiers

      First of all Barcelona the ref moves with you. Barca players don’t argue for fouls they get it

  13. ForzaLife

    Neymar haters back at it again…Neymar played brilliantly and the referee was biased

    • The Great Neymar

      I expect Barcelona to win the CL again this season without VAR, last time UEFA helps Spain out.

  14. kevin martinez

    Neymar played great for the most part but on those chances, where he gets the ball inside the box, he needs to start looking for his team mates instead of trying to go for glory all the time. But for the most part played great, excellent dribbling skills which I love to see and created many chances

  15. Bon Drason

    Neymar was elite

  16. carol gruber

    Lady Craig Burley, countess Steve Nichols and madam Moreno would go hungry if they could not “cannibalize” Neymar. I suppose if they were coaching they would in no way sign Neymay even though he is light years ahead of anything Scotland ever produced, or good ol England for that matter.

  17. Husnay Sharif

    They are right
    They got a point
    Just learn if there is to

  18. Cool GamerS

    What I donโ€™t get is why do espn always hunt for Neymar go to Messi or Ronaldo

  19. Jonathan Skinner

    At the end of the day, none of the haters actually affected neymars game through the years

  20. Clint Allen

    You guys stop killing neymar.

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