NFL Free Agency Special with Field Yates and Adam Schefter | NFL on ESPN

NFL Free Agency Special With Field Yates And Adam Schefter | NFL On ESPN

RSS - NFL Free Agency Special With Field Yates And Adam Schefter | NFL On ESPN Sport News Today

NFL Insiders Field Yates and Bill Barnwell break down all the latest news, including the blockbuster trade that sent Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns, with the start of the league year and free agency.
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  1. Izaiah Wright

    Ab go to the Patriots

  2. Andres Garcia

    I just waiting for cards to get someone

  3. deshawn moore

    Raiders should trade Derek carr and number 4 pick to cardinals to get Kyle murry he is a very accurate playmaking quarterback if he can avoid the big hits worth the risk

    • deshawn moore Why would the Cards want Carr? Dude is way overpaid.

    • deshawn moore

      +Kev In carr is not as overpaid as people thing 20+ is the going rate for quarterbacks and for Derrick carr a change of scenery is all good

  4. deshawn moore

    ryan tannehill is a backup because of health risk

  5. deshawn moore

    Giants regretted the obj contract and his antics so their loss brown’s gain

    • Sanctum Sanctorum

      Is it though?


    • jessica bremer

      I agree. Probably a reactive move to keep fans/ team happy then, but didn’t play out the way they wanted. As is pro sports and contracts.

    • deshawn moore

      +Sanctum Sanctorum yes it really is dont over think it

  6. Supie badazz


  7. deshawn moore

    Leveon bell waiting was a smart move for his body because the Steelers would of ran him to the ground

    • Bench Warmers

      deshawn moore if last yr would’ve been his last yr reguardless he could’ve proved more of his worth … now he’s got to get all the way bac into football shape

    • jessica bremer

      IDK, under Sam Darnold and Company, an mediocre team, that outside of Sam Darnold, I can’t name another good starter on their offense, until they traded for Bell. He easily became their biggest offensive threat over night. I predict Bell having a bad season unless anyone feels the Jets have a strong enough pass game to offset that. Yet to be seen.

    • jessica bremer

      He is a star running back that hardly ever ran by committee. He’s a 3 down back. If he wasn’t he would not be L. Bell.

    • Bench Warmers

      jessica bremer he could’ve easily went bac this yr SEEING CONNOR PLAY .. he didn’t have to carry it as much

    • deshawn moore

      +jessica bremer just like S.Barkley did with a broken team but he was still beasting as a running back with a broken line

  8. deshawn moore

    Leveon bell is a all around threat 130 yards average a game catching and running

  9. deshawn moore

    Cowboys should trade DeMarcus Lawrence for a 1st round pick or 2 or 3 2nd round pics because of health and money bad combo

  10. therealneil noone


  11. therealneil noone

    Go Browns!!!!

  12. Damian Hills

    Are they a playoff team now

  13. Robert Mchammel

    Are the 49ers even looking for a big name wide out

    • jessica bremer

      apparently big named WRs are expendable these days, and maybe not worth all that $$$. Work that draft pick magic.

  14. J_rab101

    That banner is reserved for baker

  15. Steve Papabear

    Falcons made moves on signing 2 offensive linemen to protect Matt Ryan more. What you think and what should they have done in the free agency market or should do in the upcoming draft?

    • jessica bremer

      Straight up best talent available on the defensive front, draft and free agent wise. strong defensive draft this season, good luck.

  16. Schefter 👎

  17. Evan Blythe

    That insider texting stunt was so BS

  18. jessica bremer


  19. I never thought I’d see the day people actually hopping on the browns band wagon

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