NFL GM who drafts Kyler Murray will have guts – Mel Kiper Jr. | First Take

NFL GM Who Drafts Kyler Murray Will Have Guts - Mel Kiper Jr. | First Take

RSS - NFL GM Who Drafts Kyler Murray Will Have Guts - Mel Kiper Jr. | First Take Sport News Today

Mel Kiper Jr. joins Max Kellerman and Will Cain on First Take to debate whether the Arizona Cardinals should take Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Kiper also breaks down what NFL general managers and scouts will focus on at the combine and the quarterback Murray reminds him of.

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  1. Hi Im Paul

    He is a beast

  2. wildlion423

    I feel bad for Rosen ☹️😲

  3. Hockey Frapps

    He called Russell Wilson thick lol

  4. kalel 311

    Looks like baseball is losing the black athletes fast

  5. Ghost Kid111

    If I were the Cardinals I would take Bosa with the 1st pick then try to trade Rosen for a top 10 pick and get Murray

    • Ghost Kid111

      +Mali Simumba you can add more than just Rosen, like a 3rd rounder then maybe a 2nd rounder for next year etc

    • Brock Lobster

      Josh Rosen isn’t first round material. You can probably get, at most, a 3rd or 4th rounder for him if you can send him to the right team.

    • John Haver

      Rosen brings a 2nd round pick in return. He did nothing last year that raise his value. He’d probably be the 3rd QB off the board in this draft behind Haskins and Murray

    • chris Awsome

      Ghost Kid111 cardinals need an o line first

    • +Ghost Kid111 no one would give that up for Rosen + 2nd or 3rd rounder, when they can just draft murray



  7. Priscilla Wilcher

    He might be the next brees. But don’t let the pats get him

    • Michelle Dienert

      Ha ha ha… the next Brees… good one !!! There is ONLY ONE Brees… and Murray AINT and NEVER will be Brees.




    Kyler and Haskins better then some OB,s in the NFL right now they both will succeed just watch

    • Sports with Nick

      Kyler made the right decision in every way: This is what he wanted to do & the $$$. With that said, the man is my height (5 foot, 10 inches) and that is obviously terrible. Reacted to this decision on my channel today.

  10. mike martin

    NFL rules are so different from the days where short guys playing Qb was not gonna get a chance.. there protected from hits, all teams are in shotgun.. his main problem will be accuracy..small hands

    • Joel Driver

      Murray completed 69% of his passes last year and set the all time QBR in the history of college football. That’s a higher percentage than Drew Brees and Russell Wilson had in college. You’re wrong…way wrong.

  11. dylem Worthington

    Jacksonville should get Kyler

    • John Mack

      That is a pretty good place for him. They have Fornette a decent offensive line and a defense. This is probably his best landing spot. I think he’d be a bust for most teams.

    • Levi Sowell

      i fully agree, been saying this

    • Remington Steele

      They should get a time machine and go back and never draft Bortles.

  12. thegsme54

    I think ‘THE FINS WILL WIN’ believes that Dwayne Haskins is better than Kyler Murray.

  13. Don’t think a lot of you guys watched him play , Oklahoma offensive line was very big and he never had problems looking over them

    • Boruto Hyuga

      I don’t think you understand the size difference between college turn nfl

  14. dbreiden83080

    Whatever Kiper thinks the opposite will happen.. Drafting a QB this small is very tough. Even in this QB friendly league..

    • Sharrieff Muhammad

      dbreiden83080 he’s 5’10 5’11 200 what are u talking about

    • Brock Lobster

      Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield

      Height isn’t as big of a factor as people like to make it out to be. The average NFL offense is changing to fit guys like Kyler.

    • dbreiden83080

      +Sharrieff Muhammad

      He is not playing DB or RB..

    • Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs

      +Sharrieff Muhammad Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are both hall of fame qbs and are around the same height.

  15. Jazzy Jeff

    No SAS, No Shannon, No Thanks

  16. Kyler is better than Dwayne. Simple

  17. Tarus Morgan

    People act like college lineman aren’t 6’3 and 6’4..

  18. Joe Immorlica

    So what’s going to happen when Kyler measures 5’-8” 165 at the combine?

  19. Karus Hunter

    Mel kiper is a kid in a candy store every year when the draft comes around lol

  20. Jeremy Jackson

    Let’s be honest, Tim Tebow was a more capable NFL level Heisman winning quarterback.

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