Odell Beckham Jr. trade proves Giants should fire Pat Shurmur, Gettleman – Stephen A. | First Take

Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Proves Giants Should Fire Pat Shurmur, Gettleman - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Proves Giants Should Fire Pat Shurmur, Gettleman - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Louis Riddick joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to try to make sense of the New York Giants' trade of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns and what it could mean for the future of head coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Dave Gettleman.

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  1. Priince Brvce

    If I was a Giants fan I would be punching air!!

  2. Khalid Shabazz

    Fire the Giants whole organization hire Lawrence Taylor

  3. Baller_Eli #MJINNOCENT

    Times are hard rn as a Giants fan not gonna lie 😂😂😂.

    • Jzeke 420

      They been hard for you since 2011 don’t act like it’s something new. Yall are a dumpster fire of a franchise

    • The Flash 2024

      As a Patriots fan, this does put a smile on my face

    • Batrix phantom

      Well I’m a browns fan

  4. Lil Dagga

    Best thing to happen to Odell actually. He has a QB who can actually throw the ball deep and accurately. Has multiple weapons to help keep the defenses from keying in on him and he now has a fan base that will never turn on him

    • Quinn Dang

      +Carson Pilant I don’t think that’s a priority for him. Because he signed 5 year deal with NYG in August. I think for OBJ it is and always was about the money.


      +Don Glo Neri For real

    • Mike Edinger

      I’m glad he’s gone 9 touchdowns combined in the last 2 seasons isn’t great

    • Mike Edinger

      Simon McQuinn can’t take those rings away though

    • Big Street Reppin

      Yep I’m happy for Odell. I hope he succeeds with Browns. They are going to be very exciting offense to watch next season. Cant wait!!

  5. Spidey7747

    When the offseason is better than the Super Bowl…

  6. KentVizer

    Baker Mayfield was just handed the keys to the kingdom

    dont blow it


    It will be ok giants fans you got ELI 🤣😂🤣🤦‍♂️ somebody save Saquan Barkley from the giants please

  8. I'm 6'2

    Giants better plan on tua or sunshine from Clemson.

    • Shane Douglas

      Lol Sunshine

    • Isaiah Capers

      I’m 6’2 sunshine 🌞 lol remember the Titans

    • totalba69

      I’m 6’2 lol sunshine! I see you

    • C Truth

      +Anderson132100 Fromm is going to be Tom Brady’s replacement. Brady will leave in 2021. The NYG will likely, pass on Fromm they don’t want anymore “Daddy’s Boy’s.” Dealing with Archie Manning for 15 years has been hard on the organization. Pushy football fathers are a boil on the side of the NFL.

    • C Truth

      +Mrberry11 Gaming Lamar Jackson is making big noise in the NFL.

  9. 404 Da Don

    I never heard Max talk so fast 😂 he so pissed I think this is his version of SAS rants lol

  10. The Abstract

    Probably one of the dumbest moves in NFL history.

    • PHILLY VIBE Im definitely being a wise guy saying trade Barkley, they will never. I agree Barkley will help QBs, but his rookie deal is up after 4 years, 5 if they pick up the option. So after 4 years where will Giants be, cause Barkley will command a ton of money at free agency that Giants prob won’t spend on a RB. If Giants draft a QB this draft, it will take at least another 2-3 years for a real pass game to develop and Giants are contenders. At that point Barkley is at the end of his contract. That’s all I’m saying. They won’t trade Barkley after spending #2 overall on him. But look at some of the RBs that went after Barkley, no slouches either.


      D P not if they get the right guy we’re entering diff times now my friend. Qbs are getting more and more talented that are coming in and cause the cba like I said are getting on teams loading up with talent witch helps hem right away and with the league changing so
      Much to protect the qb they are coming into he league and lightning it up . Proofs in he pudding. Some examples are my qb wentz boy was a mvp candidate before he got hurt his 2nd year. Look at mahoomes who was mvp his 2nd year l. DeSeAn Watson; Mitch truibiski, Jared Goff, dak Prescott, baker mayfield. nd that’s not to say the qb y’all gonna draft is guranteed to come in and dominate but nowadays these qbs for all the reasons I said above are finding success early. Your thinking way go ahead your self worrying about Barkley’s deal when it’s up. When the time comes they gotta see where y’all at as far as salary cap who’s on the team and go from here but a rb is insanely important and a talent like him his rare to come by.

    • Mike Edinger

      Blue God generational talent ? he can’t even get close to how he was before he got injured..

    • Mike Edinger

      All Alone they’re not generational talents though. And randy moss never won a ring either..

  11. j0epark1

    Stayed up all night for this take. I wasn’t disappointed 🤣

    • Golden.Boy

      PGVO I hope so lol

    • Shinobi Wolf

      j0epark1 wasnt dissapointed that stephen a is acting like a ghetto????? hes a thug eversince

    • Cliff Ballard

      U stay up all night just to hear these clown’s opinion?.. Dude U need 2 get a GF or something..lol

    • +Cliff Ballard lmaoo why you gotta be so honest

  12. Randy G

    Damn first the Knicks traded KP, now the Giants traded their franchise, once in a generational talent in OBJ for basically a four for four meal at wendy’s 🤦🏽‍♂️😬…. Max , Molly and New York sports fans are punching the air right now…. my condolences to ya’ll 🤣😂😂🤣😂🙏

    • Bobby Blue

      Randy G Dave Gettleman is a idiot the man gave Cam Newton absolutely nothing to work with accept practice squad players. I tried to warn New York Giants fans but they wouldn’t listen 👂 Dave Gettleman is a bum who has no business being a GM.

    • Deniz Atabey

      Randy G Saquon is the franchise

    • OBJ is NOT a once in a generation talent lolol. Calving Johnson, Randy Moss are once in generation physical specimens. OBJ is just an ordinary that has over exceeded. You don’t watch him and see gee I’ve never seen this before. Or that. Get outta here with this b.s.

    • SoldatCrinale

      Tell me when obj meets up with Calvin johnson and Jerry rice. For all I know AB is out there lighting up the NFL but no one calls him a once in a generation talent….but he keeps outperforming the one guy that gets that label.

  13. LA Clippers

    Macaulay Culkin isn’t the only one lost in New York.

  14. laidbacc9

    I knew Max was gonna lose his mind after that Beckham trade

  15. Jimmy Jux

    Giants traded Beckham snacks jpp Vernon apple n kept eli.great job lol

    • They were a year removed from a 11-5 season.+Boss Boi


      I don’t get how everyone so blind to what’s goin on. The giants know exactly what they doing. Yea they kept Eli for reason and they shipped Odell for multiple reasons. Giants are about to start something good as long as they get the qb right once they draft one. But Eli staying and Odell going as a combination is def to get a higher draft pick. And at same time it lets Eli start another year without them
      Having to cut him after all he’s done in past for giants. After this year he bette be ready to retire though. Now as far as Odell goes. I get it. It must be like shock treatment to see him go. He’s a generational receiver but let’s be real the amount of money he makes just isn’t worth paying to receivers. And he is incredibly injury prone missing multiple games since he came into the nfl and has missed an exceptional amount the last 2 years then you tie in his unpredictable behavior and it ends up being just to much risk to pay that money let alone to recievers.’when’s last time a top receiver even was on a team that won a super bowl. It’s simply unessacery to pay that money to just one person when it could be used torwards multiple players at areas witch are more important in today’s nfl. It’s my
      Opinion but I think the best places to spend money is On the offensive line and defensive line. Everything starts in the trenches. O line protects the qb most important player in game while giving time to throw open recievers
      And open the run game witch flows any offense and the d line being good can make great qbs mediocre once the hits and pressure come in. And a really good d line makes the whole secondary better. Giants got Barkley one best running prospects in long time and are up soon to draft a qb. So moving guys like Odell gives y’all money that can now be used better spent elsewhere. You ny fans will be over it soon enough trust me esp once Odell’s hurt yet again sitting on bench in Cleveland getting paid all that money for nothing. The best ability is availability

    • Azrael6394

      +Nicholas Morris Ahhh Yes your just another Clown N.Y. fan who never blames management or the owner for the Knick Jets Giants for being shitty organizations, you the blame the player because hey he doesn’t act like an obedient proper well behaved Negro. I’m from N.Y. and every Giant and Knick fans are pathetic and afraid to keep it real.
      You think OBJ is the problem not that washed up has been Eli whose been garbage and should have been traded about 3 years ago. Like I said real delusional

  16. Thieso 14

    The Giants have officially become the New York Knicks 🤣 They will stink for a long long time!!!!

    • Shakuntala Bista


    • s1r_magnus

      We’ve already been stinking for awhile now.

    • Mod Jay

      Sad but true

    • Possibly. Depends on how the next QB plays. We get someone who can ball, we might be okay. We screw this QB draft pick, were screwed for 10 years


      Thieso 14 lol A lot ppl are narrow
      Minded and know nothing about football. It’s a lot bigger then a guy that puts up good stats. The giants made a solid move. Ppl and ny fans crying about Odell being traded and Eli staying will be thanking front office in near future. First off the whole Odell Eli decision was for many reasons. For one Odell was moved to dump that crazy salary he was getting paid and to get more draft picks. And Eli staying that starter is so they can lose a lot
      Games again to get a high draft pick and at the same time it allows giants to show appreciation to Eli for what he’s done in the past by starting the last yr of his giants career. Not to mention they couldn’t trade him anyway he was untradable esp with his contract. Giants are gearing up for what’s to
      Come in ny once they draft their next franchise qb. Now also Odell was traded like I said to
      Dump tbat crazy high salary witch is rediculous to give to any receiver. Not that he’s not worth it from a production stand point and making them money but bottom line is paying that kinda money to reciever is a trap. When’s last
      Time you even seen a top wr on a team
      That won a super bowl?…. exactly. The money they was giving to one guy could of been used for multiple players or a player At a position that has a far greater impact for the team and the other reasons that played a factor in their decision to move him is him being highly injury prone. Dude has missed multiple games every year since his rookie year and a substantial amount the last 2 years. And common sense and history tells you it’ll only get worse as he’s getting older and as the body breaks down from wear and tear and then to top it off his unpredictable behavior. It just ain’t worth it on so many levels. You build a contender thru the trenches( o line and d line) those positions have a far more greater impact on a teams success in general and to their counter parts. A good o line protects the qb obviously witch is
      Most important player and it opens the run game up and with a generational talent line Barkley running behind a top line in league… wAtch out. And the o line gives qbs time to throw and develop routes and good qb to without time can throw open recievers let alone with time. The d line is extremely effective and can literally turn a good qb mediocre for the game effecting everything in passing game and running game.A good d line to can cover up weaknesses in in secondary making mediocre dbs look good. Bottom line is giants know what they are doing and remember they got to and won 2 suoerbowls because they were nasty in the trenches so they going back to that.

  17. Frenchy Ball

    I see the NFL has been acquiring its marketing skills right outta the NBA’s playbook

  18. TheDecapitator92

    Us panther fans tried to warn you. He ruined our sb caliber roster

    • TheDecapitator92 Gettleman got the Giants job based on the SB we got to which was Marty Hurney’s roster. The day he let Norman walk for nothing should have been his last damn day as GM. He almost added Greg Olsen to that talent exodus before he got fired.

    • TheDecapitator92 Also dont forget he was responsible for the horrible Matt Kalil contract we are stuck with now.

    • Maurice Smith

      Don’t forget the clown left Steve Walk too.

    • Slim 803


    • Alan B don’t forget not signing Steve Smith as well.

  19. Angela Brown


  20. jeremy cruz

    Knicks: Trade Porzingis

    Giants: Hold my beer…..

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