“Ole’s at the wheel!” – No Filter UCL: Man Utd vs PSG

"Ole's At The Wheel!" - No Filter UCL: Man Utd Vs PSG

RSS - "Ole's At The Wheel!" - No Filter UCL: Man Utd Vs PSG Sport News Today

With the knockout stages upon us, #NoFilterUCL takes fans inside the greatest club football competition in the world.

Caretaker Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks ahead to arguably his biggest test in the job so far when Thomas Tuchel's French champions visit Old Trafford on Tuesday evening.

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  1. Yahya Hassan

    Ole’s at the wheel
    Tell me how good does it feel

  2. commentsrmymiddlenam

    I would injure myself in a heartbeat if it meant winning the UCL in the last minute of injury time.

  3. SufamiDan

    This ain’t a huge night for United, it’s a huge night for PSG.

  4. Lloyd Christmas

    Yaayyyyyy no more sleeps

  5. Tony Marshall

    What a great interview with Ole, legend

  6. Occasionally Grumpy

    3:44 respect but I can’t stop laughing….like who else would admit it but everyone does it right?

  7. Frederik Wurtz

    I Dont support or like United particually much but i gotta say ole is a fantastic guy and makes united bloom 😄

  8. lemz manutd_

    It’s time to show passion is greater than money.

  9. Just reading the comments love the amount of support we’re giving united
    GGMU 🔴

  10. RDopey 03

    Honestly most of the pressure is on united. PSG are without Neymar, cavani and meunier so they aren’t expected to win but united have all key players fit so they have no excuse to lose

    • They are the French champions and have an enormous amount of talent in their squad even without the absentees. I’m pretty sure their fans and most of France still ‘expect’ them to win.

    • fredrik andresen

      Mbape, draxler and di Maria aren’t that bad either

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

      Yeah also lots of the pressure is on United because their delusional fans are putting it to them. Plus I don’t see any PSG fans making predictions in the comments.

    • Melancholy Happiness

      Mourinho mentality mate ssshhhh 🤫

    • Rap Angel

      +Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD we’re not delusional we’re confident there’s a difference

  11. RateOfChaos

    I’ve got to admit even as a Liverpool fan I still like ole the man’s impossible to hate

  12. Ghost Face

    If he starts screaming as soon as he touches English soil then I’m pretty sure he will have lost his voice by the time that bus gets to Manchester 😂

  13. Jacob Young

    Didn’t know Theo Walcott was a Paris fan – 1:25

  14. 5Oblivion

    Ole’s half Manc, half Norwegian accent gives me life.

  15. vybhav badri

    Does anyone else just love how ole speaks about man united. He is a genuine fan like the rest of us. I don’t care if he gets the job full time or not, I will always remember his time as a wonderful time for united where he always had me smiling

  16. Triss Merigold

    Ole 11 years at United : 1 Champions League 1 Treble
    PSG Throughout their history : 404 error not found

  17. George Banning

    Annnd united fans come crashing down to earth

  18. rizwanzulfiqar2

    Fair play PSG were too good for us

  19. 2 niil mate. Always liverpool ❤❤ ynwa

  20. Manchester United 0 – 2 Paris Saint Germain. Pogba sent off 89th minute, second yellow.

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