Paul George has moved up to No. 2 in Tracy McGrady’s NBA MVP rankings | The Jump

Paul George Has Moved Up To No. 2 In Tracy McGrady's NBA MVP Rankings | The Jump

RSS - Paul George Has Moved Up To No. 2 In Tracy McGrady's NBA MVP Rankings | The Jump Sport News Today

Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to Paul George's triple-double (47 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists) in Thunder vs. Blazers, and discuss where the OKC forward is in their 2019 NBA MVP rankings alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks and James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

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  1. Iceman GG

    This is gonna be an extremely close MVP race between Giannis, PG, and Harden. Giannis been the most consistent from Opening Day till now. Harden is on a historical tear that makes you forget about the start the Rockets had. PG’s dominant impact on both sides of the floor for the thunder during Russ’ shooting slump has been amazing. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these picks personally. But ik Rockets, Bucks, and Thunder fans feel differently😂.

  2. Im Blue Da ba de ba da ba

    I’m so glad he stayed in OKC. He’s proving all his doubters wrong

  3. My Wife Left Me

    It’s between Giannis and PG to me idc Harden and Rockets fans come at me.

    • Caleb Kabera

      I’m not a rockets fan but Harden is Mvp period

    • willburd bath

      the way i look at it is. if the player got hurt and the team didn’t have them how bad would that team be. that’s why i give it to harden and not giannis. the bucks have another all star they have a former ROY a very good point gaurd a seven foot sniper. this bucks team is stacked and if giannis left they would still be a high seed. if harden went out the rockets fall out of the playoffs

    • Shane Robinson

      Brian Chu he not staying in blowouts stat padding either lmao harden is embarrassing himself to keep this streak alive lol

    • I couldnt agree more. 1. Giannis 2. PG 3. Harden. Harden will not win mvp even if he averages 40, 5th seed wont help him. only way to put Harden back in the conversation is for the Rockets to climb at 3rd seed or more

  4. LeeTravius Mckay

    Paul stop hating on Paul George

  5. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    This is gonna end up being closer than Russ and Harden from 2 years ago.

    • Dominater 111

      +Stephen Hackett Russ has best defensive rating in the league you crazy saying Russ does not get back on defense 😂

    • Dominater 111

      +Stephen Hackett no it’s true Westbrook does lead the league in defensive rating and Westbrook just had a way better season then harden stop crying 😂😂

    • Stephen Hackett

      @Dominator Okay dude. You have no clue what your saying. Do your parents know your on the computer thinking again? Have fun being delusional.

    • +Stephen Hackett what are you smoking my man harden didn’t beat okc, the rockets beat okc smh. when russ was off the floor that season the rest of the thunder had the same net difference as the fkin nets lol take harden off of the rockets that year and they were still a playoff team. russ statpadded for sure and chucked up a bunch of empty shots but lets not act like he had any choice, he had a pre-emerged oladipo and a rangeless steven adams as his 2nd and 3rd option lol meanwhile harden had 2 sixth mans of the year with range and an actual team of roleplayers plus dont even get me started on hardens defense my man
      side note: russ didn’t play defense well that season coz he was carrying the highest usage rate on offense in nba history and its true this season he did lead the league in defensive rating for a time its not hard to search that up my g, the difference between him then and him now is that he statpads maybe only 1 or 2 rebounds everything else is legit :/ the thunder are 9 and 1 the last 10 triple doubles he’s gotten (that doesn’t sound like statpadding but actual winning ball if u ask me) plus if he statpads his stats as much as u insinuate then why isn’t lebron or durant averaging 40ppg that’d definitely give them a better case for mvp fammm

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    Giannis has been dominating since opening day harden has been a historical run and Paul George is the best two way player on both sides so it’s going to be an extremely close mvp finish

  7. Lil Dagga

    It’s between Giannis and PG honestly

    • Donte McLemore

      Lil Dagga facts

    • Sotero Mares

      How? Harden has better numbers than him in every category that matters. PG has more wins, but he doesn’t have that many more wins.

  8. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    It’s Giannis and PG 🤷🏾‍♂️for me they’re both candidates for DPOY too while being the highest scorers and best players on their team

  9. King Dang

    Gotta respect PG , props to him for staying and proving everyone wrong ! This man has been on a tear this year 🔥

  10. Wtf paul pierce talking about lol 😂😂

  11. John Young

    PG proved he was over harden when he led a 26 point comeback on houston the other night and scored more than harden

  12. LA Clippers

    The PG-RW bromance is the story of the season. PG13 would have never gotten MVP talk had he played next to LeBron. He would’ve been bashed and in trade rumors.

  13. Prime Zero

    Funny thing is Paul George beats both Harden and Giannis…LOL!!!

  14. PG number 1. I would rather have a guy who locks down the other teams best player , drops 30 every night , hits big shots grabbing boards and plays along side one of the other best players in the NBA over a guy who flops and gets to the ft line 20 times a game.

  15. Smooth Ballin White

    *Just cuz your usage rate is high doesn’t make you the MVP. Just cuz you shoot 30 times a game and go 12/30 doesn’t mean you’re the MVP. It means you shot it a lot. I don’t know what Pierce is thinking but it’s wrong*

  16. Elann Suvat

    PG is the No. 1 MVP spot for me.

  17. umm but Paul Pierce and ESPN James Hardens team is 5TH in the west and like 9th overall!! Only 10 games above 500. What is he MVP of? mediocrity?? Yall want to give him MVP because he’s specifically on a scoring run when George and the Greek Freak play both ends and impact on both ends!! Stop it ESPN you are losing your credibility!

    • Stephen Hackett

      Houston is 4 loses behind okc. Cp3 and gordon have been banged up and in and out of the lineup all year. Capela has been out over a month now. Harden is the definition of mvp. Paul George has been hot lately but, not all year. They wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if russ, schroder, and adams had the same issues. Okc went 4-3 with russ out of the lineup. They beat the rockets at the beginning of the year when they were awful. Phx, ny, and cle. Be realistic.

    • Weaknee Rose

      Rockets were 11-14 before harden went nuts

    • Stephen Hackett

      @ Weaknee Rose Exactly! Now there 33-23. 22-9 isn’t winning to these guys? I think they just like to hear themselves talk.

    • Sahil Randhawa

      Harden is above PG in almost every stat including blocks per game, you are a dumbass

  18. Long Pham

    PAUL GEORGE MVP!!! … HE BEAT BOTH HARDEN AND GREEKFREAK. and that net efficiency differential is insane.

  19. Under The Influence Nate

    Give it to the best two way player in the league. Paul dunked on Giannis and outperformed Harden. Its close though PG or Freak. #MVPG13

  20. Nine Three

    PG13 beat BOTH Giannis AND Harden. How TF isn’t he first?

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