Paul George scores 47, Russell Westbrook sets NBA record in Thunder victory | NBA Highlights

Paul George Scores 47, Russell Westbrook Sets NBA Record In Thunder Victory | NBA Highlights

RSS - Paul George Scores 47, Russell Westbrook Sets NBA Record In Thunder Victory | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

Russell Westbrook puts up 21 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds to set an NBA record with his 10th straight triple-double, passing Wilt Chamberlain. Paul George recorded a triple-double of his own with 47 points, leading the Thunder to a 120-111 win over the Trail Blazers.
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  1. jbates005

    Deserves mvp over harden way better defensive stats

    • Herosennin

      +Golden Kingdom Thats cool dude Harden for DPOY because he guards centers and people who disagree just do so because of media.

      Dont trust the media, Harden for DPOY not George. Just check the stats, Harden averages 0,8 blocks. Hes a better defender.

      Everyone vote Harden for DPOY. Golden Kingdom says hes a better defender so it must be true.

      Its hella funny how you said that I was incoherently rambling while I was just trying to sound like you in a sarcastic way. Irony at its finest.

    • Herosennin

      +TheButler DidIT However if you took off Adams and PG like Houston missed CP3 and misses Capela, they also wouldve been a lottery team if Westbrook wouldnt go off like in his MVP year.

      You forgot that they also missed Capela. Not saying this to deminish what Harden is doing. Hes even been above average defensively which was really necessary without the perimeter defense of CP3 and the lack of paint protection of Capela.

    • Golden Kingdom

      Herosennin see the original post by jbeats005. Under any circumstance that I ever said James Harden is a better defensive player than Paul George.
      I was just stating the facts that James Harden is an above-average defensive player. So that whole Paul George deserve MVP over James Harden because his defense is way better stance isn’t going to work. If Paul George defense was way better pictures water he will be averaging at least 4-5 steals & 2-3 blocks. Face it, any stat you can throw out that to prove Paul George should be defensive player of the year, James Harden is right there or better than. While carrying a *way way way!!!* heavier download on the offensive side of the ball.

    • Herosennin

      +Golden Kingdom No one ever averaged 4 steals and only a handfull of the greatest centers ever averaged over 3 blocks. Your reasoning about defense is completely deluded.

      And Paul George is first placed in running for the DPOY. Harden is 26th which is crazy good for his doing(he was 28th of guards last year lol) but between first and 26th are 25 people a complete top 25.

      So no based on stats, Harden is far off from George in defense and I seriously dont know why anyone ever should have to say that to you.

      Players shoot 40,8% when George guards them and players shoot 49.6% when guarded by Harden and dont forget George ALWAYS picks up the best player that is too big for Westbrook and he since Roberson is out is the defensive anchor switching on virtually any player.

      George guards Antetokounpo, Lebron, KD, Simmons and yes also Harden. Who of these players does Harden guard?

      Does Harden guard George? No because he’d get lit up till no tommorow.

      Really this isnt a discussion. Like I said Harden has suprised me with his defense but to even think hes a premier defender hell the BEST defender is just bullshit.

      Thats why my sarcasm. If you say Harden is better than George defensively that means he should get DPOY since George is leading that catagory.

      So is Harden the DPOY?

    • Golden Kingdom

      Herosennin sorry for the delay. Unlike you, some of us actually have a life. What’s a good fact to your pathetic excuses. I don’t know if you’re trolling, being sarcastic, or just lacking any comprehension. This will be my last comment on this topic.


      2) I never said James Harden should win defensive player of the year. *I KNOW PAUL GEORGE IS A BETTER DEFENSIVE PLAYER!!!*

      3) the point wasn’t to prove that James Harden is better defensive player the Paul George. The point was to prove that James Horner is a way better defense player they’re what the media and most fans from around the League portrays him to be. *I KNOW PAUL GEORGE IS A BETTER DEFENSIVE PLAYER!!!*

      4) The point was also to prove that Paul George doesn’t have a way better defense stats than Harden. Both players have better defensive stats then the other one here and there. *I KNOW PAUL GEORGE IS A BETTER DEFENSIVE PLAYER!!!*

      Not bad huh? For the quote: *”A player that doesn’t play on lick of defense”*

      Remember, I can only explain it to you. I can’t understand it for you.

  2. Westbrook making history again. PG having a masterful career year making PERSONAL RECORDS and should be MVP by far. This team overall has a talent level of like 9/10. Golden State probably has a talent level of like 9.5/10. So it’s gonna come down to these two teams in the WCF and I can’t wait.

  3. Mike Tank Brown ll

    Its good to see paul george playing at this elite level again. I know most people thought his career was over because of that injury.

  4. Dolla Billz

    Damn this MF PG balling. I like what he’s doing more than Harden

  5. The Real OG

    PG13 is having career year along Russ and Russ is having one of his best seasons yet. Don’t let the shooting struggles fool you. Westbrook is doing everything else incredibly well

  6. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.


    • Brighton Mason

      Fernando Mondlane pg level of play this year is making that comparison closer than you think

    • Fernando Mondlane

      +Brighton Mason nah bro KD is very efficiency and for me PG isn’t reliable come playoffs timr

    • Brighton Mason

      Fernando Mondlane kd is great but it’s not hard for him to be efficient with GS.

    • Tay McCullough

      KD wasn’t clutch in playoffs til he got on a team that got hella all stars on starting 5 kd ain’t better

  7. FreeCable &TV

    He’s deff better then harden . Let’s argue 😑

    Harden looks goofy with the basketball
    Paul George has the finesse and moxy with that rock

  8. King Gabe

    Best duo in the NBA right now

  9. De’Aaron Rose

    PG DESERVES MVP/DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Unbelievable year for him‼️ #ThunderUp

  10. OKC better keep this same energy come playoff time

    • Jason Archambo

      +wuz wuz in the words Russell Westbrook what are you talkin bout bro? Yo your trippin lol. Bro Russ and KD had the warriors up 3-1 with that play style it can be done. Both these guys have proven in their own respect they become big time in the playoffs…PG has taken LeBon to 7 games in the East finals. Westbrook and KD went to the finals together. All I’ll say is you just wait so we can all say we told ya so. This team is different and Russ is growing. Keep on sleepin on us we want it..we love tha haters

    • +Jason Archambo I’m not hating lol, its facts. That’s what people said last year and look what happen.

      Paul George took LeBron to 7 games, it doesnt matter they lost.

      KD took OKC to 3-1 lead over GSW, it doesnt matter, they lost.

      Don’t you get it? It doesn’t matter. You’re either a winner or a loser because no one cares about anything else and it should be that way as an athlete because it’s the ultimate goal.

      In conclusion, okc is not going to make any noise in the playoffs. Probably beat a weak seed team in the first round and be history after that.

  11. Daquan Marshall

    I been a thunder fan since they came to Oklahoma i wish i made it to this game i watch it on tv thunder up baby

    • Hell Queen_x

      I was so lucky to get tickets to this game. It was amazing to wat h this team play!!!

  12. In the summer of 2018, Paul George had 20 ounces of fluid drained from his elbow. These are the results.

    • Golden Squatch

      What is that fluid btw? Is that lactic acid build up??

    • weebhands

      nmj530 this is actually a GREAT point, cause his biggest issue last season was consistency and he’s been absolutely balling this season more consistent than he’s ever been

    • Nigerian Chief

      +Golden Squatch it was blood

  13. LongLive NiN0

    You can easily see he is having fun out there on the court

  14. KamAlwaysGaming

    dang who pissed PG off he’s ultimate on offense and defense it’s gonna be outta him and Giannis for MVP

  15. Punit Modi

    I remember when we all were criticizing Paul George for staying in OKC. He proved everyone wrong and Russell showing others can shine with him.

    • TheMagmafire

      it’s not ‘WE’ maybe it’s only you.. I’ve seen people changing their opinion quick when they start winning. Its a shame.

    • +TheMagmafire It’s not ” YOU” maybe it’s some

  16. Matthew Vernette

    Anybody else picked up on the middle finger? LMAO *CHILDISH MOMENT*

  17. Hardest Snot_rocket

    I remember feeling like Paul made the wrong choice.. boy was I Wrong. Cant wait for post many great teams in BOTH Conferences..

  18. Sherwyn Clarke

    Daam I didn’t wana believe it , but maybe Carmelo was the problem

    • Fuddyduddie1

      Sherwyn Clarke I think he was, they didn’t know how to fit him in without leaving him in the dust. Now they just play their game.

    • Godard delice

      Sherwyn Clarke The problem was Melo, the your turn my turn way they’ve played without fully trusting each other, & now they have better role players

  19. Deng Limjoco

    Just stay healthy PG and Westbrook. I can’t wait the Playoffs to see who’s the BEST in the WEST!

  20. LA Clippers

    *Skip* *Bayless* @RealSkipBayless
    I’ll swear Paul George is making a run at MVP. 45 points in Harden’s House! 15 in the 4th as he led a 26-point comeback. Could be Defensive Player of the Year. OKC has won 10 of 11. Saying no to LeBron was exactly the right choice.

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