Paul Pierce calls for NCAA players at big schools to get compensated | The Jump | ESPN

Paul Pierce Calls For NCAA Players At Big Schools To Get Compensated | The Jump | ESPN

RSS - Paul Pierce Calls For NCAA Players At Big Schools To Get Compensated | The Jump | ESPN Sport News Today

The Jump's Paul Pierce calls for NCAA players at big schools to get compensated.

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  1. Raiders Cat

    I always knew their wouldnt be equality when it comes to paying players.

  2. thenimajneb1

    lavar was right

  3. Rio Rogers

    In college 30-40yrs ago…trying to distance himself lol

  4. Mordero 96

    Ramona look like Mrs. Puff

  5. Desmond Johnson

    How bout just let the players make their on money and used their likeness

    • Julio El Chavez

      Desmond Johnson it’s been like that forever but no one ever wanted to fight it. I only hope now kids and the media start bringing more attention to it so the NCAA has to change its rules.

    • Salvador Alvarez

      If they want money they can go to the professional leagues overseas. I also think this will be better for them. They are going to be professionals and at the age of 19-20 they would be better for the NBA than playing college bkb.

    • Marquel Leal

      Julio El Chavez it’s always been discussed, just sports is in its prime in terms of making money with media everywhere. So more money more discussion

    • Zav Dab 2.0

      true division 1 ain’t amauter ball when teams traveling across the country and playing on national tv.

    • Billy Yang

      Your English fucks


    • Cheetah lee

      Damian Presha the services they provide dont equal the amount of money they charge

    • Damian Presha

      Cheetah lee Elaborate.Do you mean the cost of admission? Or something else?

    • Damian Presha NCAA is a fucking scam and you can’t convince people otherwise. Why can’t athletes make money outside of their college from (sponsorships, social media, etc..) ? What a fucking joke.

    • Damian Presha

      McSaggyTits Cause all those functions are copyrighted.You can’t argue against that.And you can make money just not using the logos that’s owned by the university and NCAA that’s a violation.Without the NCAA who pays for them to be on television ? Or help them get exposure?Or who makes its possible to get to college ie credits,you have to go through the clearing house just to make sure you are eligible.One more thing don’t ever forget who you listening to Jalen took money at Michigan.

  7. Lil Dagga

    Y’all made fun of Lavar for bringing this topic up

    Y’all laughed at him when he said he will create a league for these athletes to get paid before going to the league

    Now y’all trying Convince the nba to steal his idea smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Lil Dagga this has been a topic way before lavar talked about it

    • Lil Dagga

      Johan nobody took action but Lavar tho 🙄

    • Justin Y Not.

      Lavar got ppl talking and when he came up with a decent idea with money to back it up now the discussion is happening bc they don’t wanna this billion dollar ncaa business to be hurt

  8. Royal Ray

    Even if you gave them a bigger per diem this would still happen. Someone will always be there waiting to write a bigger check.

  9. Soji SideQuest

    “There is money in college basketball, and not enough of it is getting to players, and too much of it is going elsewhere.”

  10. Julio El Chavez

    More kids will go overseas for a year to make a couple hundreds of thousands before going pro or the nba will just get rid of the one year rule. NCAA is modern slavery for college athletes, tv stations pay BILLIONS to broadcast tournaments yet the kids see none of the money.

    • The Ghost of Lil Peep

      All the ncaa needs to do is get rid of the one year rule

    • Tiago Zimermann

      Ant Fantano after 4 cups of coffee not the NCAA, the NBA

    • Julio El Chavez

      Henry McComments yeah it takes away from kids who want to stay in school. They really need to make major changes in the rules so kids can make money

    • The Ghost of Lil Peep

      Tiago Zimermann youre right; however, it would make no sense why the nba would have that rule in place if the ncaa didnt ask them to do it as a favor. Ncaa seems obviously responsible for that rule to me. People used to nut over high school draft picks. Id think it would increase nba viewership at least a little if you could draft high schoolers again.

  11. Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT

    Why don’t they just pay the college players?

    • Let Me Get Uhhh

      Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT because they make more money by calling them amatuers and not paying. Plus for a vast majority of them the scholarship is worth it. 99% of college players will never touch the league for them the system is fine.

  12. Dylan Gray

    JBL pays you just have to be a BIG BALLER

  13. Tiger Hoods

    Ncaa is modern day slavery.

  14. Mike Waite

    Start by letting NCAA athletes make money from their image and likeness like EVERY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICA!

    • Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive

      Mike Waite no . They get a free education and everything in between . The NBA needs to allow people to go the NBA straight out of h.s. Don’t like it ? Go play overseas . College athletes get plenty.

    • Mike Waite

      Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive No doubt that a free college education is very valuable, but to deny adults from profiting off their name, image, and likeness is un-American. Things like signing autographs, making appearances, doing commercials (i.e. working) would cost nothing to the schools and would allow athletes from low-income families to help those back home and allow them to stay in school without pressuring them into going for the nba before they are ready.

    • Amra Otgon

      Mike Waite You make so much more sense. NCAA profits of their personas…..!?! The hypocrisy.

  15. Amari Smith

    All NCAA athletes should be compensated, not just basketball players

    • Just A Black Atheist

      grand theft audio Tell the athletes they need to start fighting for other Students too. Especially when it comes to unpaid internship programs. Colleges are scams in general. Maybe NCAAB just needs to go in general. It doesn’t retain the same fan base as college football does. At least those athletes don’t walk out of University’s with student debt which is $28,000 or greater. A college degree doesn’t equal a job.

    • grand theft audio

      lol unpaid intership programs arent bringing said school hundreds of millions of dollars and the ncaa billions of dollars. also it was an EX nba/ncaa basketball player who made the argument that these young men should be paid while playing college ball.

    • Cole Lutz

      That’s not how capitalism works

    • Cole Lutz

      Why do you think the USA women’s soccer team makes less money than the men’s team? (Hint: it’s not because of sexism)

    • Just A Black Atheist

      +grand theft auto Bottom line is college in general is a scam. Colleges make money through donations to the government, research studies, psychological tests, local/state projects, partnerships with corporations, and my favorite, through charging ridiculous tuition, school and board fees. They should give those athletes money to accommodate basic living expenses and needs (food shelter, transportation, technology) but nothing else. I remember reading about how you could go to college in the 1950’s and leave without having student debt. Honestly, I think the kids should be allowed to make money off shoe deals and jersey sales but there are so much more important things to worry about when it comes to college. Making college affordable for ALL students should be a priority. At least if the athlete isn’t good enough to make it in the pros, they can have an opportunity to become a lawyer, doctor, or a engineer and come out DEBT-FREE. Life’s so much more then just sports. At the end of the day their just throwing and catching a ball.

  16. Brian Abisdid

    Paul Pierce made sure the first thing he had to do is exonerate himself, like bro, you’re out of the league & they can’t touch you, screw the NCAA.

    • raider nation

      Well you never know, NCAA has shown that they have no problem going back decades and punishing petty stuff

    • raider nation

      I mean look what they did to reggie bush

    • Dean Webster

      quit giving out scholarships…and pay the players with all the money the schools are saving…pay them only while their season is going because why would you pay them during off season…I’m sure that would be lot less money than do something wrong committ some kinda crime you get fired…like a payed employee would get…you lose your job if you don’t perform up to standard…if better player comes in he takes your job an your pay an you move to end of bench with a cut in pay cause you ain’t getting no playing time so nobody seeing you on tv or at the game itself…so you ain’t making school a dime…but you can be free to get hired by another team….

    • Robert Jones

      Dean Webster Scholarships are small potatoes.That’s why the schools give it to them.Paying the players will cut into the money coaches, athletic directors etc get.The money schools make off the athletes is way more than the small amount of money offered in scholarships.Furthermore,student athletes don’t reall need scholarships becuase they can be covered by grants or get a sponsor. The NCAA knows this, but they treat scholarships as a golden goose to make it seem like they’re doing something for those athletes but they’re not.NCAA athletics is a multi billion dollar sport league on par with the NFL and NBA and they don’t want to share any of those profits with the people( student athletes) that generate that income.

    • Dean Webster

      I hear ya money bags…some schools it’s about 15 to 20 thousand dollars a semester…you think that’s not a lot of money…almost every coach played ball went to school didn’t get payed…look at em now…they got thru all right…little bit of luck little bit of grace and a lot of hard work…..the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow….not the beginning….

  17. Open The Mind

    Smh, this ridiculous “they already get paid by scholarship” argument only comes from people who are either jealous or racist.

    2) That scholarship is worth what, $120K at most? yet my presence on the court is making the school MILLIONS/BILLIONS, how the hell is that compensation or even close to being right? I’m making you millions but only getting a year of school in return!
    3) It’s wrong ethically and morally. How do you seriously blame poor kids who make you so much money for accepting a couple thousand dollars for night out, spending money, food, needs, maybe a date, etc.… just life

    • rich carter

      the fact is there is only one or two guy on top 20 teams that people actually care to see. they are the only ones who are actually generating revenue for the school and deserve a cut of the pie. the rest of the guys the team are role players who are easily replaceable. they are probably just grateful that they have the scholarship. i remember the kansas team that paul pierce was on and the only guys that people cared about on that team who went on to the nba were him and raef lafrenz.

    • Turner Johnson

      You make it sound so easy. Yes they should be allowed to be sponsored because when you’re that good then that should be allowed. What about the bench players? What about OTHER school sports outside of football and basketball? A full ride is a full ride. 100-200 thousand dollars for rooms and board and tuition is A LOT OF MONEY. And it’s not being racist or jealous…that’s facts. You know how many kids go to college and have to pay off 100 k in debt for the rest of their lives….? Come on now. Let’s be smarter than this.

    • Arthur Lo

      Billions is reaching.

    • Zechariah Cameron

      +Open The Mind, I’m black and you’re wrong. The scholarship argument is valid, just look at the students who work just as hard and don’t have a scholarship. They are not paying a dime. If you want them to get paid, then tell them to find a work study. They are the ones using money the school gave and then leave after a year with never paying the school back.

    • Bryon Greene

      Zechariah Cameron not a valid argument.


  19. Emmanuel M

    NCAA Never Care About Athletes

  20. Delano Hart

    Lavar ball was right about the NCAA

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