Paul Pierce says he was a better wing shooter than Klay Thompson | NBA Countdown

Paul Pierce Says He Was A Better Wing Shooter Than Klay Thompson | NBA Countdown

RSS - Paul Pierce Says He Was A Better Wing Shooter Than Klay Thompson | NBA Countdown Sport News Today

Chauncey Billups of NBA Countdown breaks down game film to compare Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors to Richard "Rip" Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons, then Paul Pierce and Michelle Beadle join in to discuss whether Klay is the best wing shooter in the NBA, with Pierce also saying Stephen Curry will beat out Ray Allen for the best wing shooter of all time. Then they debut a new segment called Truth Serum (4:33), in which Pierce claims he was a better wing shooter than Thompson.

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  1. JuiceGlobal

    Paul was a great player but I need whatever he smokin on.

  2. supremo shaider

    Dear PP,
    You ain’t Kobe! They don’t love you like that.

    • redsoxfan

      KozzieJ such language!!!!! No question who the better player is, but that line was GOLD!!!

    • redsoxfan

      KozzieJ it’s called cameras. Even dude on Pierce’s bench were laughing.

    • +redsoxfan you must have dreamed that happening zen master Buddha cuz that neva happen cuckinator

    • Kelby Depina

      in a few year nobody will be talking draymond and that a fact. O wait no body really taking bout him now lol

    • He the Kobe of the Celtics … period. No questions asked… I mean this era obviously… before people get offended lol

  3. MrShanester117

    Retired players get very romantic about their former abilities…..

    • MrShanester117

      Robert Wisdom
      Thanks for the history lesson I guess, not sure how that has anything to do with Paul Pierce saying he was a better wing shooter then Klay Thompson…🤔

    • Robert Wisdom

      +MrShanester117-Take another look at who my comment was directed to.

    • Yahia ali

      +Jerms he got to just under 27k points and finals mvp in 08 and 10 x all star he was styl a bad man. hes just a little cocky

    • Stephen Jackson is the worst one

    • Ralph Jenkins

      MrShanester117 LMAOO Facts Paul pierce is delusional

  4. first name last name

    stop it paul 😂😂😂… stop it

  5. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    Paul Pierce has arguably the biggest ego of any retired player. But what makes him the worst is he ain’t on (Kobe, MJ, Shaq) level talking this BS.

    • BrianSmith1993

      +Hassan Sikes lol when and in what universe

    • BrianSmith1993

      +Hassan Sikes Kobe definitely WON more and didnt need 2 other all stars to win one chip haha, Kobe is BETTER than the truth in EVERY Aspect overall Offensively and Defensively and this is the most important, he was a better WINNER 💯

    • 3 threezy

      +BrianSmith1993 Odom and Pau? Prime Bynum? Those wasn’t bad players and one of those guys was a all-star I believe so….

    • Stephen Jackson

    • ​+Abel Carrillo They had the big three.

  6. Aw hellllllll nahhhhhhhh… is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this💀

  7. GunsGiftsGalleries

    Next Video: “Paul Pierce says he was a better dunker than Vince Carter”

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Roman Reigns

      He said he had better passing than magic

    • MrShanester117

      Eli Hernandez

      You win man 😂😂😂

    • Dragonspheres

      +Roman Reigns He’s crazy

    • Clifford The Big Red Dawg

      Paul Pierce says he was a better passer than Magic
      Paul Pierce says he had more hang time than Jordan
      Paul Pierce says he was more dominant in the paint than Cousins
      Paul Pierce says he was actually taller than Yao Ming
      Paul Pierce says he was more light skinned than Steph Curry. Making him the best light skinned brother to play the game.

  8. LiveWireRed B.

    Shooting hell no. Dribbling maybe.

  9. Logan Flojack

    *Paul Pierce opens up about his Cocaine addiction*

  10. Just A Random Nigga Passing By

    Chauncey said get this show over with 😂😂

  11. turnup! 3000

    Paul “The Truth” is

  12. Michael Poon

    Shoutout to Chauncey for keeping it real

  13. King Dang

    Why are people disliking the video ? This was hilarious !!! “ No, he’s a wing guy “ 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Willie Greene

    Clicked on to say Paul is an idiot.

  15. Superduper A

    Lmao paul looked to Chauncey for reassurance but he shut him down lol

  16. Cuddle Bear

    This may be one of the worst takes I’ve seen.

  17. KingJamesToLa

    The dislikes on this video 🤣

  18. Paul tripping tripping.. Klay was reaaalll clutch against OKC a few years back..

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