Rasheed Wallace and Scottie Pippen list regrets from Blazers’ 2000 Game 7 loss vs. Lakers | The Jump

Rasheed Wallace And Scottie Pippen List Regrets From Blazers' 2000 Game 7 Loss Vs. Lakers | The Jump

RSS - Rasheed Wallace And Scottie Pippen List Regrets From Blazers' 2000 Game 7 Loss Vs. Lakers | The Jump Sport News Today

Rasheed Wallace joins Rachel Nichols, Stephen Jackson and Scottie Pippen of The Jump to discuss whether LeBron James regrets joining the Los Angeles Lakers, and reminisce about Sheed and Scottie's time with the Portland Trail Blazers, including their dramatic loss in Blazers vs. Lakers 2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7.

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  1. Robert Emanuel

    Players of Sheed’s breed shall never be seen again. And that’s a great tragedy.

    • beach life

      Joel embid ?

    • Lifted Logic

      *referees blows whistle*
      *other team misses free throw*
      Rasheed: BALL DONT LIE!

    • Americamera_Jay 84

      So dope I remember I had a pair of AF 1 with that Sheed Logo.. shits were dope

    • Obinna Uzondu lmao I mean Westbrook has that same mentality he’s also a much better player than Sheed was

  2. the1kamíkaze

    *Letoxic regrets it now after he tried to trade the team for AD and it backfired.*

  3. riqo steel


    • Nordic Blood84

      Dawei Zhao DUDE I READ THE COURT TRANSCRIPT UR MAKING THINGS UP….. Doneghy admitted as such that he made calls that where not obvious and swung point spread not fix games….. where do you get your jnfo… your bias opinion???


      Kobe missed the playoffs two years in row when Shaq left so

    • Dawei Zhao

      +Nordic Blood84 It’s from Tim Donaghy’s book “Blowing the Whistle”, he specifically mentions game 7 blazers v portland.

      Google the passage, and I also suggest you youtube ‘Game 7 Rockets v Warriors rigged?’ too. Teams don’t just miss 27 3s in a row or in Portland’s case 12 shots, check the footage and decide for yourself.

    • MisterBinx

      lmao no. Brian Shaw and the bench brought them back hitting big threes.

  4. Kenrick Eason

    Sheed!!!! That dude do not get no credit! That dude was a breast in his prime! Edit: (beast * breast) we all make mistake deal with it..

  5. All Team San Diego

    I guess Scottie didn’t have Clutch genes.

    • Forrest Hunter

      +Kevin Smith Oh, no. Don’t get me wrong. I know he was great. It was just that one play, for us that are old enough to have “seen it”, whether in person or on TV (at the time), that kind of play stays with us old timers. It was like,. “Come on, pip. Be the red herring. Win the game, instead of worrying if you are the hero of the series or not.”


      hahaha…In that game Scottie Pippen had a chance to be MJ..Now Scotties defense was great and you saw it in full action..But Scotties offense was real suspect, he didnt drive to the hole and slam it in that 4th quarter…To many jump shots by Scottie and he looked scared..I think Scottie was hoping MJ was hoping to come out of tunnel to save the day..

    • Forrest Hunter

      +MAGOO HOUR Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Didn’t see the uncertainty at the time, AI just saw a little arrogance used in the wrong manner.

    • Fred Washington

      Naw he never had the chance to develop the clutch gene

    • Fred Washington

      No he didn’t have the clutch Gene and he never had a chance to develo it

  6. Hassan Haulcy

    Man sheed is so underrated. He was one of original and 1st Stretch 4s and was a beast on his prime. Easily a HOF

    • Get It! Work A Lot!

      Yung Jay216 at one point you need stats. He doesn’t have HOF stats but he was a great player. If he gets in it’s going to be a long time from now.

    • Get It! Work A Lot!

      Hanz C naw better than Horry.

    • HlddenTalent

      Rasheed was a beast on Portland and here in Detroit the first traditional stretch 4

  7. I am Negan

    Gilbert “agent zero” Arenas joining the BIG3!

    • Ronald Mack

      I am Negan I hope so. I wanna see him. Maybe Chris Bosh , maybe Pippin , Monta Ellis , Josh Smith , Jared Sullinger , O.J Mayo , Deron Williams , Kevin Garnett , Andrei Kirilenko, Jason Richardson , Caron Butler , Willie Green , Danny Granger , Tayshaun Prince , Shawn Marion

    • KingCo Anderson

      For real?

    • KingCo Anderson

      +Ronald Mack Bosh said he’s not joining big3

    • Kris Wit it

      Is he? I heard him say he can’t even run w/o hurting his knee. He can run but he can’t run stop run stop.

    • akeem Brown

      Ronald Mack Jared sulinger is like 25 and monta is like 32. They would kinda be outa place. I think mayo is only 30 also

  8. Sheed doubling Ginobli and leaving Horry wide open should be a bigger regret than this 2000 WCF

    • thaxcutioner#1

      BH O Gm 7 vs Gm 5

    • Manu-Camus

      BH O Ginobili is better than horry! She’d way smarter than you!

    • wuhanclan

      ​+Manu-Camus Ginobili is better than Horry but that’s not the point. Any NBA player, coach, analyst, or fan at that time would tell you that leaving Horry open in the clutch is about as stupid as it gets. It’s ok man, you aren’t old enough to have watched that series, let alone Horry’s heroics with Lakers or Rockets. You’re not dumb. Just really ignorant.

    • Melanated God

      +wuhanclan tell him again. Horry was one of the most clutch players of all time.

    • ermocrate

      In the year 2000 Ginobili was playing in Reggio Calabria, Italy… I think it was an heck of a double team…

  9. Lazy Fingers


    • +Brian Hunt Music – Exactly. To me, Kevin Garnett was a punk, not because he was local around here. Tim Duncan had “favortism”. But Rasheed had the Allen Iverson syndrome – too much heart and passion for the game and you couldn’t tell him no different. Imagine a “ghetto team”. Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, Latrell Sprewell, Anthony Mason and Zach Randolph *LMFAO* Them at their peak talent, not getting high before games.

    • Lifted Logic

      +Jcole23 yall didnt see him play

    • Lifted Logic I seen him play in his prime you nostalgic bastard

    • Hellno Hellno

      bee boo that team prob loses to GS in 4.

    • Frankie Gorritz


  10. Edwin Sanchez

    Sheed looking like uncle wallace

  11. TenThumbs Productions

    Jax makes that Portland team a title team.

    • You sure you don’t mean San Antonio ????????? I didn’t even know of the guy and I’m like WHO is this Jackson guy. He kept hitting 3’s and was quiet. Goes to the Pacers, he get’s Hood in Detroit LMFAO

    • Kisembe Namusyule

      +bee boo yea, some players need a strong infrastructure. Like Dennis Rodman in Detroit vs Dennis Rodman everywhere else.

    • Portland was already stacked one of the deepest teams ever…. far as Blazers vs Lakers I just remember celebrating a lttle too early and losing a bet smh

  12. SuperPunch76

    Sheed has looked about 45 years old since he was 18.

  13. Berry Farms Chiropractic

    2:24 haha adamant that ball doesn’t lie

  14. vito smith

    rasheed look like a retired gym teacher

  15. Whoa. Let’s not compare this to MJ’s Wizards years. He was 39-40 years old. Not 34. When Jordan was 34 he was winning MVP’s, 69 games and championships.

  16. Nolay Austin


  17. James Wainaina

    Bring back Stephen Jackson to The Jump instead of Paul Pierce

  18. Jesse Hill

    Pippen so laid back and chill, just looking at his personality on these shows, it’s no wonder he could play next to Jordan and never feel like he needed to be the man to…

  19. Somebody please add Sheed as a game commentator, would be so entertaining. His facial expressions are too good too!

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