Rockets clinch No. 1 seed in Western Conference; Can they beat healthy Warriors? | First Take | ESPN

Rockets Clinch No. 1 Seed In Western Conference; Can They Beat Healthy Warriors? | First Take | ESPN

RSS - Rockets Clinch No. 1 Seed In Western Conference; Can They Beat Healthy Warriors? | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

The First Take crew debates if the Houston Rockets can beat the Golden State Warriors after clinching the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.

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  1. Brady Thompson

    we need stephan a smith and max

    • Pumba Timon

      Stephen A, yes. Max, Hell no! Keep Will over Max. Max is absolute trash

  2. Jacob Garza

    The warriors will win it all if they’re healthy.

    • 3-1 Lead

      Suzy you’re crying because your momma didn’t raise u right.. Everything I said was facts

    • 3-1 Lead

      Steve Hall I won our bet bro, I could really use that 100$. Are u a man of your word?

    • 3-1 Lead

      Steve Hall my Venmo acc is kayw410 I would respect you staying true to your word.. I could use this $

    • 3-1 Lead

      Steve Hall come on gsw fan.. be real to your team & the bet

    • 3-1 Lead

      Steve Hall you’re not going to stick to your word??

  3. Danang Dwiatma

    A healthy warriors team will win the playoffs series in 5 games vs. Houston.

    • Dennis Horne

      Warriors are one of the best team in history. If healthy sweep no doubt

    • Biff DingleDoo

      You obviously dont eatch basketball enough to know that an UNHEALTHY rockets beat the HEALTHY warriors in the regular season series.

    • Biff DingleDoo that’s regular season not playoffs

    • Dennis Horne

      Biff DingleDoo the warriors are going to sweep the playoffs or lose a game or two because playoffs and regular season games are different . Like last year cavs lost a lot games to eastern conference teams and then cane playoffs and steamrolled everyone.

    • Andrew Ma

      Biff Dingledoo You’re actually going to use the regular season series as the sample? Do you actually think GSW put in all their effort for any of those games? Cuz as a Warriors fan it looked like they just didn’t want to be there. We were up 14 on Houston and then literally everyone just started standing around on defense and throwing half-assed no-look passes to Rockets players…

  4. xXcamp heroXx

    Can y’all please not let Dominque on here anymore. His arguments make me cringe forreal haha

    • Josh Cargile

      David Lee yes but I’m not the dude who usually ruins sports talk segments with race am I?

    • Josh Cargile

      deharleyva Ok cool listen I work in an office space where I understand systematic racism oh so well but do you think I wanna hear about race when the NBA playoff picture is more interesting than it’s been in years, honest question btw?

    • David Lee

      But you just did, right now.

    • Josh Cargile

      David Lee good job

    • Giffond Hall

      xXcamp heroXx for real and plus i think he’s on the down low if u know what i mean lol

  5. Andy Castaneda

    The discount Max Kellerman and Stephen A are in the house

  6. These two looking like the second coming of Stephen A and Max

  7. Lleone

    I kind of agree what Will is saying, yes they got CP to share the burden of Harden but then again, if MDA over run iso plays cp and Harden will still get tired eventually. Looking back at how Spurs locked Harden up. And what about Rockets not being able to hit open threes and teams doubling Harden after every pick and roll? We have to account for that and MDA will have to draw up some plays for Rockets instead of always relying on iso plays.

    Im also agreeing on what Dom said that we shouldnt always judge the rockets by their previous playoffs failures or Harden and Cp being playoffs chokers as the rockets are obviously a different team this year. We will just have to see how they gonna perform coming playoffs.

  8. Monti Kgengwenyane

    A healthy warriors well no doubt win against the rockets

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden

      Julio Lopez yeah right lololol when did you become a rockets fan? 2 months ago? Bet you weren’t a fan after they lost to the spurs last year

  9. Jeff Watson

    Warriors play defense and play more of a team style game.

  10. Knowledgeispower 90

    I agree with will Cain that iso ball will not work even tho harden and Paul get guys decent looks you can defend the rockets in the playoffs it’s not gonna be hard for a team like golden state, ppl act like the Cavs wasn’t doing the same thing Houston doing now last year. A bunch of 3s and iso ball and the warriors beat them in 5 and that team had Lebron and Kyrie ‼️

  11. AP Videos

    Stephen A and Max on 144p

  12. Stephen Curry

    My Gsw will show Rocket That there are still the champions

  13. If i had to bet my whole life savings im putting it on a healthy warriors team. I can’t bet against curry ,klay or Durant. Them dudes especially curry to lethal.

  14. MicGucci

    unfortunately will is spitting facts lol


      MicGucci he sounds good cuz domonique is so awful smh

  15. Boss of Royalty

    Undisputed > First Take whether Stephen and Max are around or not

  16. austin coyne

    Houston rockets will win the championship

  17. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

    The pressure is all on the Rockets because they always play amazing in the regular season but when the lights are on them they shrink under pressure especially James

  18. Sir Nosy

    Just we all clicked on the wrong video, this title says “First Take” but this is actually “Second Take”.

  19. A Friendly Hobo

    Short answer? No.
    Long answer? Noooooope.

  20. Lord 2wice

    The healthy Warriors are winning it all

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