Russell Westbrook doesn’t let criticism bother him like Kevin Durant – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Let Criticism Bother Him Like Kevin Durant – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Let Criticism Bother Him Like Kevin Durant – Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose weighs in on how Russell Westbrook’s indifference to criticism differs from how Kevin Durant handles the critics.

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  1. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Westbrook > Durant

  2. Kevin Durant

    Incoming bandwagon fans

  3. Thats why KD is top 3 in the league and Westbrook not

  4. What’s up with the title? Everybody takes criticism differently idek why Espn tryna shade KD.

    Matter fact, Espn don’t take criticism well. Cause KD criticizes y’alls goofy reporters and now y’all tryna shade him

  5. Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

    Watching the NBA is starting to be like Keeping Up With The Kardashians so much drama

  6. A Friendly Hobo

    The Media once again creating a new toxic environment.

    • CaramelBeauty03

      Media is toxic?! Why? Bc crybaby Durant says so🙄🙄 Are his teammates part of the media? Bc Drammond created a toxic environment by calling him a beyotch to his face 😂😅 #howsway

    • Chirayu Desai

      +Stimulate My Existence stfu Bronsexual

    • Chirayu Desai

      +CaramelBeauty03 lmao KD a real one. You fake.

    • AguywithaYoutubechannel

      +Chirayu Desai Kevin is that you?

  7. No wonder grown men could barely watch the NBA anymore. The drama is aimed teenage girls.

  8. That title is foul. The end

  9. Derrick kennedy

    His shooting is down rn but he’s still doing everything else at an elite level . Leading the league in assists and steals but all they wanna talk about is the shooting % like he was known as some great shooter before this season. He’s still a great scorer and this year he has adjusted his game and is becoming a great Point guard

    • +BIG P my wife caught me wearing her underwear I am so fucked

    • Cory Fessenden

      +Platinum Hercules nobody is jealous of a flopping, ringless bum who takes 40 shots a night and chucks 20 3s up every night. Fucker will be 1/14 from 3 and still shoot it. I would bench a mother fucker for that.

    • shooting is only off because he missed all off season and pre season with injury

    • pinksoldier123

      +Platinum Hercules that’s why pg13 is having himself mvp type of year right? Because russ is ‘statpadding’. The thunder are winning, and as far as i’m concerned the rockets just look like how okc looked the year after kd left, a player having a mvp year, yet still not in the top 4. James harden is just doing what russ was doing in 2016.

    • Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry

      +Platinum Hercules Kill yourself lol

  10. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Jalen takes the number 81 more personal than people who wore the number…

  11. Carolina Howard

    Because Westbrook is BETTER than KD 💋

    • Lesley Taylor

      Yes THANK YOU!! 💯💯

    • Shoutouts&Gaming

      Wtf how is Westbrook better then kd talk to me when he wins a title

    • Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT

      If KD was greedy and a ball hog like Westbrook, KD would make him look like a division 3 high school basketball player with no scholarship offers

    • +Shoutouts&Gaming durant needed to join a loaded team people forget when okc was up 3-1 on gsw it was durant who choked in game 6 and kinda game 7 not russ

  12. Lesley Taylor

    Westbrook the best 💯💙⚡

  13. SwaggyPGames

    ESPN is just looking for drama 🤦‍♂️

  14. Thunder Up

    Cuz westbrook has guts and high self-esteem and metality⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥

  15. define crazy

    What a dumb statement by Jalen Rose. They both get angry by reporters and Curse and they both play hard and great despite that.

    • Elton Francis

      define crazy – FACTS

    • Ike Woods

      Big facts! Jalen likes to throw shade at KD because he’s insecure himself. Still cannot shake 81. This dude tried everything.

  16. Wali Muhammad

    That title is trippin the tryna diss KD on a topic that has nothin to do with him this is about Russ leave KD out of it

  17. Media knows Durant is about to be a free agent so they are trying to create more of a divide between Russ and KD lol they really don’t want him going back to OKC lol

  18. How did Durant’s name get involved in this. That’s the reason he doesn’t like Media.

  19. Jordan Davis

    Idiots like Colin Cowherd are the ones attacking Westbrook

  20. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    Russell Westbrook plays like a Sith lord

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