Russell Westbrook has two confrontations with fans at Game 6 of Thunder vs. Jazz | ESPN

Russell Westbrook Has Two Confrontations With Fans At Game 6 Of Thunder Vs. Jazz | ESPN

RSS - Russell Westbrook Has Two Confrontations With Fans At Game 6 Of Thunder Vs. Jazz | ESPN Sport News Today

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has two separate confrontations with fans during Game 6 vs. the Utah Jazz.

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  1. RBTheBreakThrough

    DAMN! C’mon, he already lost, the fans shouldn’t be trying to rub it in anymore smh..

    • EaST CoAsT MaCHete

      The lebron coalition lol

    • Miguel Perez

      Roberto Lewis Nah he was recording him probably saying some stupid stuff

    • Dr. Elaine Harper

      I think you are losing your objectivity. The “fans shouldn’t…” and Westbrook shouldn’t…….

  2. Utah fans better watch out. Master Splinter taught Westbrook the art of ninjutsu

  3. Mike Jones

    The biggest winner in all of this is Kevin Durant, we now understand..

    • What Up Gangstaaa

      Goin for his 2nd ring right now

    • kasimk4

      Rico jr that problem comes from hate so the opinion is nullified and he proved he made the right decision. We all know it’s the right decision, y’all just don’t like it or him because of the decision.

      The reason y’all make him out to be sensitive is cuz he wants to be a fan favourite again. He don’t want to be a villain. That ain’t him but you portray him as such. Therefore he will act like that. If you stop, he will stop.

    • kasimk4

      Rico jr furthermore, kd takes another W.

    • adam7mma

      KD might have been right for leaving but he joined a 73-9 team that just beat him. if he picked any other team ..

    • Black Confucius

      adam7mma I agree…to an extent let me explain. Every reason you listed has to do with reasons that we think and we as fans are entitled to our opinions because we are a working cog to the machine we call the NBA but if we take our personal feelings out of it it makes perfect sense basketball wise. KD embodies exactly what you want from the small forward spot when it comes to the scheme they run, hes unselfish and versatile. And GS as an organization and a play style that’s attractive to players. All in all as much as I don’t like it it actually kinda took balls for him to make a move he knew he would be hated for because it made the most sense.

  4. LBJFan 23

    ESPN having a field day

  5. MidWest Ent.

    KD won the trade even tho he didn’t get traded 😂


      BrooklYN You seem to be hurt…


      Yall carry yall emotions like women over a man


      BrooklYN Moms jokes? Really my guy🙁


      TJ STEELER he got hurt lol people really be mad over a grown man making decisions best for his own career.

    • joesakic91

      Jay Drought Do you even know what is an unrestricted free agent?

      KD was where he can sign with any team he wants.

      Sorry about your damn luck.

  6. LMAO ! WestBRICK said the fans were disrespectful lol i bet “his” fans are worst when they host the Warriors, but then it doeesn’t bother him… yeah Keep playing the victim
    Bye bye BRICK3…

  7. Ghostface

    Dont violate someones personal space by shoving a camera in their face and there would be no problem.

    • Tony Yu

      Honestly, looking back that’s way more than 6 inches. He’s actually soft as HELL LMAO. Must suck getting dominated in the first round two years in a row. Soft player.

    • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

      Chiefmiest. Man stfu dumbass

    • a chuparla socio

      Chiefmiest hes a mega famous he has no personal space

    • JR The GOAT Smith

      Braxton Carr I think Westbrook is overrated, but he’s not a thug. The dude went to UCLA, got admitted to Stanford (for his grades). He’s actually a smart and decent guy off the court. The fact that he plays with streetball mentality doesn’t make him a thug. That being said, all other criticisms about the faults of his game are pretty accurate.

  8. Chester H

    Jazz Fan said OKC you later!

  9. Julio El Chavez

    Such a cry baby, take this L and watch KD win another ring proving you’re the problem russ

    • Mrs LeBronJames23

      KD ain’t winning another ring though. He’s getting beat by LeBron

  10. William Levy

    Don’t look bewildered lady. Your man invaded another man’s personal space. There’s a lot of clueless sheople alive and ones who play dumb.

    • jeebuzcrust

      Ryan Reed Most people have class and self control. Russ obviously has some unresolved butthurt he has been dealing with.

    • Johnny The Pencil Slayer

      Mormons. They’re all like this at sporting events. .even if it’s watching their kids play indoor soccer after they’ve graduated high school….

    • igpxmaster

      White bitches love doing that

    • Catherine Williams

      William Levy I personally don’t like Westbrook. I am a Spurs fan. I just don’t think fans should be able to players. Players should feel safe when entering or leaving the court… even if the player is an Immature ball hog who thinks he’s God’s gift to basketball because he can score 35 points on 35 shots.

    • palex6248

      William Levy he was giving high five. Stop being a sore loser period

  11. Tyler Burz

    That first fan was shook af bruh 😂

    • Jett Heinrich

      Tyler Burz he thought he was about to lose those seats glad he didnt you should be able to taunt players thats kind of the point of being a home fan

    • East up Lue

      Tyler Burz 😂 dude was bout to hit the panic button

  12. General Tso's

    These Utah fans are outta pocket. Notice how the fat white boy sat down real quick when Wessy turned around! Lol

    • Dustin J

      General Tso’s You think Westbrook is more pissed at that fan or the fact that Ricky Rubio outplayed him in the series? Never gonna win a ring…

    • Dustin J

      He is good at padding his stats in blowout losses and filming mt dew commercials, so it’s not a complete loss.

    • Dustin J

      General Tso’s I’m not even gonna lie, I’m a Magic fan. Tough times..

    • General Tso's

      Dustin J well maybe when Bron retires u guys will have more of a chance. That center yall got it good tho.

  13. Chris Nguyen

    Freaking white people are the ones who always talk about personal space and privacy yet they tend violate these rules the most

    • iShump

      Chris Nguyen blacks classifying whites as an individual group is the same thing as whites classifying blacks as an individual group, yet one is considered racist and the other isn’t

  14. knwlege inc

    Camera wasn’t even that close… TMZ gets closer but no one trying to hit them🤫🤫🤫

  15. Jay Money

    Jazz fans should enjoy this small success cause y’all about to get swept by Houston 😂

  16. Sean Rector

    Wait, wait, wait, I’m confused. That fan only looked like he had 1 wife. Where are the other 4? This is Utah right??

  17. Did you see that schmuck cower? He backed off quick when Westbrook shot back at him. Now he’s all over the internet, famous for cowering down.
    Cowardly fans who interrupt or go out of their way to agitate need their attendance rights revoked.

  18. LeBron James

    Who’s ready for Houston to sweep Utah?

    • palex6248

      LeBron James I’m not a Utah fan at all but I think it will go to a game 6

    • CyberIce2000

      I bet you thought they were going to sweep Minnesota

  19. East up Lue

    Damn them fans look scared to death 😂 how bout the dude in the booty shorts up top 😂 oooo Utah

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